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    Japanese anime and manga, mythology, paranormal romance, bpal, scents, vampires and werewolves, handmade jewelry, aromatherapy & tinkering with photoshop


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    Apple, orange, pear, vanilla, amber, tea and musk, especially red musk. I like light floral blends too. Least favorite notes: Rose, cherry, Patchouli, vetivert and dragon blood. I dislike the smell of cherry very much! The others are still tolerable when they are not dominant in the scent.


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  1. aiko

    Snake Charmer

    My nose is overwhelmed at the moment by Smut, Midnight Kiss and snake charmer. They are similar in my horrible memory, but comparing them side by side, they are so different. heh I have not tried snake oil before, so I can't compare with it. Snake Charmer is a beautiful sexy blend of coconut, vanilla, spice and something sweet, most probably plum. Like a player, it is smooth, dark and appealing. I am glad I have an imp of this. Thank you for the decant, stellans!
  2. aiko


    My nose is overwhelmed at the moment by Smut, Midnight Kiss and snake charmer. They are similar in my horrible memory, but comparing them side by side, they are so different. I have Smut 08 and on my skin, I get sugar/sweet vanilla, musk and the booze in a harmonious blend. It is a sweet lovely scent that is mainly sugar and booze on me. The musk note is still lurking around but compared to snake charmer, it isn't that obvious. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long (~2 hour) on me. Smut is stunningly sexy and it is not a subtle scent. Wear, the Smut, with caution.
  3. aiko


    In the bottle, it is sweet sugar and a hint of rose. On my rose loving skin, the rose blossoms and I smell vanilla amidst the rose. This reminds me of London, except that the rose is greener and sharper in Hope. It is not as soft and subtle as I expect Hope to be, but the sugar note is making this scent and the rose note tolerable. This is a floral scent for special occasions when you just want to be feminine and subtle. Thanks to the lovely Dark Alice, I have a bottle of Hope. I wonder if her sister, Faith, will play better on my skin.
  4. aiko

    Psychological Horror

    Psychological Horror is so well blended that I'm unable to identify any note. It is a light, sweet scent that makes me feel warm and homely. However, there is a sharp floral note in the background that makes one feel that something isn't right, but you can't place your finger on what it is. I find this scent beautifully ethereal and comforting. The sharp floral note is so well blended that it just gives the scent an edgier side. I love it!
  5. aiko

    Lawn Gnome

    Thanks to my summer witchy, Natcatz, I got a bottle of this. In the bottle: I smell berry and vanilla cream. This reminds me of the chupa chups' strawberry and cream lollipop. On skin, the molasses and patchouli came out to play and I could barely smell the berry. At this stage, the earthly scents and vanilla were equally strong, but not overwhelming. However this stage didn't last long. An hour later, I could smell mainly the molasses and patchouli. I wish the vanilla remains around longer. I think I will keep this to see how it ages and hopefully, it will be better
  6. aiko

    Random SW questions

    Random Questions: - What things do you consider a necessary part of your "comfort" ritual? A warm bath, a good book, a comfortable bed and sweet smelling room - Who’s your favorite celebrity? Which one annoys you the most? Hmmm, it should be Akanishi Jin for the former and Kamenashi Kazuya for the latter. - Do you know how the Gilligan’s Island theme song starts? Did you start singing it just now to try to remember? Nope - What would be the title of your autobiography? Why would anyone want to read about me? Hah. I think my life is mundane, but if I do write one, it will be one where I will not hide what I want to say and bare all. “The REAL Juliana” or “Who I really am” - In high school, I should have been voted Most Likely To… be Ms Nice - If you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal? Potato and cheese. - What did you want to be when you grew up? astronaut - Is there a hobby you always wanted to take up but never did? There were many I wanted to take up, but I can’t remember any specific one now. My Gemini personality likes to try new things, but my attention span is short, so I only get to try those I remember or make an effort to do so. But if I had really to try something, I would have done so. - Have you ever met anyone famous? I don’t think so - What’s your favorite “timesuck?” Surfing the net and reading books - Your motto: I live in the “now”/present and for the future. No point harping on the past. Just live as you want to and have fun while doing so. - What have you read recently that was so good you want to enable everyone you know with it? A book on Karma, but I can’t remember the exact title. - Do you know what direction your oven faces? Is it going to bug you until you figure it out? Yes, the North West. That is because I know my window faces and no, it won’t bug me. - Who is your best friend? Is there a story behind that? I have close friends. I can’t and won’t choose a best friend from the group. Notes (Here's where you can add additional information you'd like your Switch Witch to know!): I am easily satisfied. I like to try different things and I have a short attention span, so it is not surprising to see my favorites changing frequently. ^_- My current craze is in Japanese stuffs, dramas, music, Johnny entertainment groups (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa & Kinki Kids), animes and manga. Other RANDOM questions I have done before that may be useful Favorite colors: I like these colors: purple in darker shades, silver, green, black and dark blue. The combination of colors that reminds of (1) midnight, (2) the sea, (3) autumn and (4) winter. What are your travel imps? Ladon, house of night, Possets’ high tea and Cadmium Orange Do you like audio books? No. How do you feel about bands you may not have heard before? Or, how do you feel about mixed cds of classic stuff that you probably have heard? I don’t mind listening to bands/music I have not heard before. What was your favorite childhood toy? Books How would you describe yourself--do you feel that you're shy or outgoing, laidback, high-strung... and in what ways? Laidback, shy and I prefer to keep out of the limelight when I am with strangers. To family and friends, I can be eccentric, talkative and always having wacky/ ideas. What’s a talent you are most proud of? Is high stress tolerance a talent? Religious preferences and patron saints/goddesses/spiritual mentors: Spirits in nature (Trees, sea, wind) What's your favorite flower? Tree? Sunflower Do you like homemade gifts? Like foodstuffs or crafts? Love!!! I appreciate the effort that someone has to put in to do something for me. What's your guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate, shoujo manga and romance books If handmade stuff is okay, and it all goes horribly wrong, would you want it anyway? Of course, it is the thoughts and efforts that count. Are you an indoor person or outdoor person? Indoor Lip balm, yay or nay? Yay 5 things that get you through the day: Chocolate, food, my laptop, music and books/manga Favorite Halloween Costume? I want to try cosplaying as an anime character one day
  7. aiko


    In the bottle: Like a bouquet of violets that is just beginning to bloom, it is a subtle scent, one that is sweet and innocent. Yet, that is not all. Hidden within the bouquet, there is another floral scent that is lurking around softly in the background and keeping the violets in check. On my skin: Oh no, this sweet scent is turning sharp and medicinal on me! Violet is in full bloom and making her presence known. Oh, and what is this emerging from the bouquet? Gardenia! Heavy and overwhelmingly loud gardenia! Gardenia has decided not to stay in the background and is competing with violet. Both gardenia and violet are not backing down at all and are giving me a headache. This scent is fresh, sharp and not subtle. Unfortunately, both do not blend together in this scent, but are two individual notes just jostling for the prominent position.
  8. aiko

    Silk Road

    Silk Road is yummy spicy florals on me. It is well blended and I don't recognise individual notes. It smells great, but there is something in this blend that is making my skin red. I am still going to keep the imp and use it in my locket
  9. aiko


    A green apple infused with herbs with something musky sweet (the black amber?) lurking in the background. That is how Verdani smells like during wet stage. On drydown, the black amber note surfaces and the apple note isn't obvious, making the scent herbal musky sweet. The throw is stronger too. While I like the scent during the wet stage, I love the drydown stage.
  10. aiko

    Midnight Kiss

    In the imp, this is sweet wine and musk with an underlying cocoa and patchouli note. On my skin, it smells of mainly sweet berry wine and blood. The patchouli and cocoa notes that were gounding the scent? GONE! It still smell lovely but it could have been better.
  11. aiko


    In the imp: It reminds me of green apples surrounded with the right amount of crushed herbs and something dark lurking in the background On skin, the apple scent disaappears and all that is left is an overwhelming dark herbal scent.
  12. aiko


    Queen smells good. Hmmm, amazing, since it contains rose and bpal rose note normally amps on me. In queen, there is a sweet floral/rose scent with the honey note ensuring the rose note behaves on my skin. It is nice, but it is not me. I will just be keeping my imp for special occasions
  13. aiko

    Hell's Belle

    In the imp, it is a sharp sweet, dark floral scent. On skin, it becomes spicy creamy magnolia that gets overwhelming. The sweetness of the scent decreases and the floral note amplify. Upon drydown, the floral note tones down a little, but it doesn't morph much from the wet stage. While, it is still tolerable at this stage, the wet stage almost made me wash it off.
  14. aiko

    Al Azif

    In the imp: It is a dark, sweet scent with the incense lurking around too. On skin and dry down: the maplesyrup note remains and the incense note disappear. It smells exactly like O on me upon drydown. I wish the incense note has stayed around
  15. aiko

    Kindly Moon

    I get to try this thanks to a PIF from ForeverLastcXs! In the bottle: It is a bright, sweet refreshing floral that reminds me of classic commercial perfume. On drydown: The scent remains very soft, but the floral has faded leaving this earthly/muddy scent that I think is the lotus. It is similar to Shattered's drydown on me and both have lotus in it. I really dislike the lotus note and wish it is more fruity/floral, but I am glad I have the chance to try this.