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  1. Catcircus


    I'm not a huge vanilla fan but this is pure magic. I mainly bought it because someone mentioned they noticed similarities to Ava and they are absolutely spot on this is very much like Ava but without the fruit note. It has this beautiful soft cool clay type note way down.
  2. Catcircus

    Cacao Pod

    I was lucky enough to get a fairy to grab this for me. At first all I smelled was chocolate so I gave it a few days to settle. Sooo, first give it a good shake or roll. Then at first it's all chocolate, not bitter but also not super sweet. As this was drying I kept getting hints of sweet musk, and something else. Very faint. Some got on the sleeve on my shirt and as I'm smelling it now it's a soft cocoa surrounded by a beautiful musk and a soft dark sandalwood. I don't get any coconut. I'm hoping as this ages the musk and sandalwood will develop more to take down some of the intensity of the chocolate. The drydkwn where you can smell the other notes is glorious!
  3. Catcircus

    Plush Viscera

    This is also a surprise hit for me too! All the notes are well blended enough that nothing is overwhelming. I get strawberry the strongest but it's not super sweet. I get the lavender but it's not super strong. This is nothing like round dance. It ends up smelling like sweet resins, it's wonderful!!
  4. Catcircus

    My Little Grotesque

    This is amazing! Just right, not to sweet cupcake with a delightful cardamom topping. The cake part doesn't last forever on me. It ends up smelling like the rice pudding at my favorite Indian restaurant. Yummy sweet cardamom!!
  5. Catcircus

    Reapers Gonna Reap

    This is definitely a dry sandalwood more then anything to me. It's not sweet and I don't get any musk. My chemistry is wonky apparently. This smells very grown up but sadly turns to dry dusty plastic on me.
  6. Catcircus


    I feel like I get something really different from this then other reviews I've read. I smell the sugar cane, but I smell the green fibrous parts along with the sugar. Giving it just a hint of sweet green plant. I also get the molasses, while it adds a dark burnt sugar type smell it's not over powering at all. And then I get the oak, which works as a perfect subtle woody base for all of this. So while I can smell all the notes apart they work beautifully together. It reminds me walking outside in Louisiana in the late spring. It's sugary sweet but deep and woody and green all at the same time.
  7. Catcircus

    The Instructional Manual

    To me and granted I apparently have weird chemistry, this is syrupy sweet cherry blossoms and tart strawberries with a dollop of vanilla. I don't get any red musk. I'm hoping with aging it will bring out more of the musk. It's very pretty and girly/feminine and beautifully blended. Just a little to cloyingly sweet for me currently.
  8. Catcircus


    I get all the notes in small doses. I smell the goats milk warmed and sweetened with honey. I smell the rose (which gives me this weird impression of burning hair for just a minute haha), I get the coconut very mildly. Dry down is mainly the amber to me. I'm guessing the coco is giving it a little depth or more resinous feel.
  9. Catcircus

    Blood Popsicle

    I have no idea whats in this nor do I have anything else that smells like it. I really like it though! It morphs a lot. I occasionally get a whiff of something akin to actual blood..it's not overwhelming and seems to be short lived. But it's creamy and sweet. I swear I smell nutmeg at times. It's fairly strong and seems to last a long time changing as it goes.
  10. Catcircus


    This smells so good to me. It smells jammy and fresh with warm buttery bread under it all. The fruit is really bright at first but after awhile all the notes blend together really well. It last 3-4 hours, and isn't an overwhelming scent.
  11. Catcircus

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    So this immediately reminded me of something but I just now figured it out...tattoo goo! In the early 00's there was this lavender/herbal salve for healing tattoos and that's what this smells like....but way less harsh and perfectly blended smooth with amber...which smells kinda vanilla-like. I think this perfume is definitely unisex and soo lovely. It doesn't have much throw on me. It's a skin scent. But apparently my skin eats fougere types (same thing with venustas and dorian). It fits the character of Thomas Sharpe well. It's sort of melancholy scent to me. One of my top 10 for sure!
  12. Catcircus

    Edith Cushing

    This smells like sugary buttery vanilla. As it dries down I swear I get a hint of some kind of creamy floral.
  13. Catcircus

    The Snow at Dusk

    This starts out smelling like very well made soap. My grandmother worked craft shows and fresh handmade soap has this beautiful smell and it's very reminiscent of that at first. As it dries down it becomes sooo lovely and just really morphs. The plum comes out and brightens everything. It's still soft and sort of dry. But it's subtly sweet and very pretty. Edited to add a solid amount of time later it smells more resinous and I LOVE IT.
  14. Catcircus

    Streets of Detroit

    Black musk accord, Ethiopian myrrh, and motor oil. For me this is start to finish beautiful. It's almost soapy on me but not quite. I just gets tons of black musk and sweet myrrh. The motor oil I really only smell for the first few minutes and it's not something harsh and gross it's just a light almost plastic smell (I mean it smells like oil but that's the best way I can describe it in this scent) which goes away really quickly. This scent lasts all day and has glorious throw. I wore it to work and had several of my coworkers ask what I was wearing because they wanted it!
  15. Catcircus


    I got to dab this on from a friend's bottle. Let me preface this by saying I'm not a huge vanilla/sweet/foody scent person. I LOVE this! It doesn't really morph on me. It's just a really really beautiful and fancy smelling vanilla musk with gorgeous florals and an air of brightness, which I'm assuming is the manadrin. It lasts forever on me and it's a really good *everyday* type scent. I've received several compliments and my partner loves it.