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  1. fullforcegalesburg

    'Pink' scents

    Just what it says in the title! Looking for scents that smell pink, whatever your interpretation is! I'm in the process of hunting down all of the various Pink-Named scents from the Lab, but I'd like some recommendations of other scents that smell pink to you!
  2. fullforcegalesburg

    Sticky Eyeballs and Floppy Entrails

    First sniff: Thick, gluggy strawberry. It’s like strawberry frosting almost. Not the best strawberry I’ve ever smelled, but I like it. Wet on skin: I’m getting a little bit of licorice in here, and there’s a fluffy whipped cream note too. The strawberry is hidden underneath the licorice and whipped cream. I’m not sure if I like how the licorice is playing with the other notes. It’s not bad, but not really how I like my licorice scents. Drydown: Strawberry cream and just a little bit of licorice. I don’t really know how I feel about this. The licorice is making the strawberry smell kind of fakey, but there’s cream and possibly a marshmallow note that are sweet and nice. After about half an hour, the licorice note fades away and I’m left with a soft strawberry mallow scent that’s a lot less sweet than I expected. I expect to get a lot of wear out of this in the spring. Final thoughts: The strawberry licorice is really weird on me at first, but I love the rest of the notes in this. I really like scents like this, this isn’t extremely complex, but I love a good marshmallow note, and this is great!
  3. fullforcegalesburg


    First sniff: Banana! Like banana laffy taffy. I don’t know what’s supposed to be tranquil about this. Wet on skin: There’s that candy banana, and then underneath that I’m getting something nutty and crunchy, like a toffee nut latte with a banana whipped cream. It’s coffee, watered down with a lot of milk and something just a tiny bit of something chocolatey? I like this a lot more than I expected from that first sniff, getting hit in the face with banana didn’t inspire confidence in me, but it fades right away upon application for me and other notes come out to play. Drydown: This reminds me a lot of cocoa krispies somehow? It definitely has a wheaty, crunchy smell to it, and I’m still getting hints of milky coffee. This is weird. I like it, but it’s really weird, because it smells almost too realistic for a perfume. It’s like cocoa krispies with milk and a splash of coffee, no trace of banana left at this point. I like it but I genuinely don’t know how often I’d wear it, so I’m thinking a decant will be enough. Final thoughts: Yep, it’s all there! The cocoa krispie unhealthy cereal, the candy banana, the latte foam, it’s all wonderfully blended! I’m glad I picked up a decant of this, it’s nice! Weirdly enough, I wish the banana stuck around just a bit longer on me, it would go so nicely with the cocoa note here! I’m not usually one for banana, but I prefer the banana candy note to a real true banana, and this is the best banana scent I’ve tried! Tasty but weird, pick it up while you can!
  4. fullforcegalesburg

    The Worst Pillow

    First sniff: Almost spicy? With caramel underneath, like cinnamon or clove. Wet on skin: I’m really having to huff at my wrist to catch anything from this, there’s a soft caramel and these light spices, like spiced vanilla sugar or something. It’s not what I was expecting from this, that’s for sure. Drydown: It smells like spiced caramel. almost like sandalwood. I’m not really impressed. I like spice, but this isn’t my favorite. The caramel is more thin smelling than I like and the sandalwood but is kind of dusty. It’s alright, but not something I’d get more of, or wear again. It’s okay, but nothing special. Final thoughts: This is more spice than coffee; no coffee to be smelled, on my skin anyhow. I imagine this would smell different during different times of the month, but as of right now I’m not a huge fan. It’s an okay enough caramel scent but I was hoping for coffee and caramel, not heaps of spice. I’ll hang onto this and test it again in a couple weeks, but I don’t have very high hopes for this one being anything but spice.
  5. fullforcegalesburg

    Key Lime Pie

    First sniff: Oh, man, this is good. It smells just like the pie. Creamy lime zest and juice, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream. I can smell everything and it is gorgeous. Wet on skin: The scent of the crust is more prominent than the lime filling, almost dusty even, but in the way that graham crackers are crumbly, not like attic dust. The lime isn’t as sharp or zesty as I would expect from a lime, though key limes are less tart than a regular lime, which could be it. Drydown: It’s as described, pie, pie, pie. It reminds me of the Chobani Key Lime Crumble yogurts in perfume form. I wish the lime was just a bit more prominent, but I do have a lime layering note if I want to punch this up when I wear it again. It reminds me of a state fair scent from Violette Market from a couple of years back, though I couldn’t tell you which one. Final thoughts: Although I don’t like creamy citrus scents as much as I did when I first started out in the indie perfume world, this is still a lovely and delicious scent, and I’ll be keeping my sample around for when the weather heats up a bit more!
  6. fullforcegalesburg

    Pecan Pie

    First sniff: Spicy! This smells like cinnamon cake, or the perfume version of cake at least, the kind I don’t really like. Wet on skin: More spicy cinnamon cake batter, no pecans or brown sugary goodness here, unfortunately. I’m really bummed that this doesn’t smell anything like pie after how good Key Lime was on me. A lot of spicy scents go kind of one-note on me, and just smell like slightly molasses-y spiced cake. It’s not offensive in any way, but it’s not something I really like or that impresses me. Drydown: The same kind of mushy spice cake scent, with no pecan or sugar notes to be smelled. I wish this had more pecan, or any detectable pecan at all, as that’s why I got this. This one looks like it’s destined for the destash pile. Final thoughts: Not pecan pie, but spiced cake. It’s not bad or anything, it just doesn’t smell like I wanted it to. Gonna be getting rid of this one.
  7. fullforcegalesburg

    Blueberry Cream Pie

    First sniff: Heavy, innky, syrupy blueberry. It reminds me of a blueberry lollipop, kind of artificial, with just a hint of buttery crust. Wet on skin: There we go! The artificial edge of this is gone, replaced with cooked blueberries and syrup. The sillage is pure blueberry, but sniffing closer to my wrist gives off a whiff of crust as well. It reminds me of the tinned blueberries that come with muffin mixes, syrupy and purple. Drydown: Blueberry syrup and buttery crumbs. There’s not a whole lot of crust in this, but it’s more noticeable now than it was on wet application. I love the juicy berry, and blueberry is a scent I don’t have very much of, so this fills a nice spot in my collection! Final thoughts: I don’t get very much cream from this supposedly cream pie, but I’m not heartbroken that I don’t. Good blueberry scents are rare and this one is very good, not artificial at all.
  8. fullforcegalesburg

    Banana Cream Pie

    First sniff: Whoof! Banana runts or laffy taffy, wrapped around a base of generic vanilla wafer cookies. I say generic because the wafer part of this scent is buttery, almost salty even. Wet on skin: Buttered popcorn and banana taffy. It’s a fakey smelling banana coupled with the popcorn smell I don’t like that some creamy vanillas threaten to turn into on me all the time. This one is popcorn right out of the gate, which inspires absolutely no confidence in me that I’ll end up liking this. Drydown: Banana candy, a little bit plastic, and buttery movie theater popcorn and the faint whiff of my discontent. I can’t win them all, I guess. My skin is determined to ruin nearly every dessert-y gourmand for me instead. Final thoughts: Skin chemistry strikes again! I liked this alright out of the bottle but that salty, buttery scent underneath the banana ruins this for me. I will keep buying vanilla cream scents because when they’re good, they’re really good. Other times they’re like this. Bummer.
  9. fullforcegalesburg

    Marshmallow Cookie Pie

    First sniff: Fake chocolate, smells like a Tootsie Roll scented pen I had when I was younger. Wet on skin: More fake chocolate, almost powdery smelling almost? It’s like someone made a hot chocolate powder that had only ever had chocolate described to them over a long distance phone call. Drydown: Chocolate soap. Like someone dumped the aforementioned chocolate powder onto a bar of Ivory soap. Not good. I am very picky about my chocolate scents and this one just does not hit the mark. Final thoughts: I didn’t know this was supposed to be a chocolate pie when I ordered my decant of this, if I had I don’t think I would have tried it. Chocolate works on me rarely, and this is about as far from working on my skin as it gets. Not a fan.
  10. fullforcegalesburg

    First Time BPAL-er looking for recs!

    Thank you everyone for the recommendations, everything sounds so good! I'm only wary of things with rose because even the most subtle rose can make my stomach turn, but after so many glowing recommendations for Alice and a love of carnation I may have to try it out, it could be the rose to change my mind! I'm currently hunting the sales list for these others on you folks' recommendation: 21, Dana O'Shee, Black Pearl, Snake Oil (how could I not?), Against Idleness and Mischief, Blood Kiss, O, Goblin, Faith, Beaver Moon '10, Detestable Putrescence, Eat Me, Womb Furie (this sounds especially good!), Hollywood Babylon (I love the combo of cherry and strawberry together!), Bon Vivant, Good, Crib Girls, Kill-Devil, Light of Men's Lives, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Juke Joint, Morocco, Wings of Azrael, Miskatonic University, Bengal, Bard, Thieves Rosin, Ivory Vulva (I told my grandma I was looking at getting a bottle of this and she laughed and laughed, plus I love coconut so this is perfect for me!), Herr Drosselmeyer, and Bien Loin D'ici! I'm really excited to try these out, time to start shopping!
  11. fullforcegalesburg

    First Time BPAL-er looking for recs!

    Hello Folks! I'm an old hand at indie scents, but new to BPAL! The catalog always seemed so overwhelming but I'm ready to dive in and I want your help picking out some things to try. I love scouring forums for sales so as long as a scent is reasonably priced I'm open to pretty much anything from seasons passed. My favorite notes are: Vanilla, Caramel, Violet, Honey, Marshmallow, Coconut, Booze, Maple, Carnation, Spices(not nutmeg) Strawberry and Mint! Death Notes: Rose, Black Tea, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Neroli/Orange Blossom, and Woodsmoke(I don't hate it but my skin amps it like no other) My favorite scents from other companies are NAVA Crystalline, Solstice Scents Violet Mallow, Arcana Estella and Twirling the Pearl, Violette Market After Dark, Possets Halloween and Conjure Oils Vortex Tunnel. Hit me with whatever recs you've got!