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  1. Lilah Ladybug

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt

    I picked up a half bottle of this as a ‘why not?’ with a recent purchase and wow... how I wish it were a full bottle 🤤 it seems that 7 years of aging has agreed with this 🤩 This one is absolutely glorious. At first it’s ‘very nice’ but after around half an hour it has become one with my skin in such a sensual, musky, mysterious way 💕 as zankoku_zen said ‘like a skin scent... on sex’ Im not a huge fan of florals so I didn’t know how the hothouse orchid would come out... let’s just say it already has a warmth to it that would otherwise come from certain pheromones 😉 it’s freakin delicious and if I had more than half a bottle I may just have let this become my signature scent.... as for now it will have to be kept for special occasions 😏
  2. Lilah Ladybug

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    2019 Version. hmmm at first aquatic type herbal green followed by sweetened slightly salty musk that seemed to have some kind of berry thing going on in the back ground. There is an incensey type note but it’s more perfumey than ‘witchy’.... so for me (for now) it misses the description. No forest, no fir, no smoke or bon fire... definitely doesn’t conjure up the idea of Witches dancing naked in the forest ☹️ I’ll be putting it away for aging in the hopes that it will bring out the notes that should have formed the base of this. Pretty disappointed... fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  3. Lilah Ladybug

    Great Basin Woodnymph

    I was so looking forward to this one... on wet: there was the cacao and Tonka over something a little grassy and lemony (representing the hay I guess)... fast forward 5 mins and it smells like lemon scented toilet cleaner... what the?! I just... it’s so... 😭 This bottle will be going to the back of my drawer until it thinks about what it’s done and is ready to be good again 🥺 will be be coming back to update in a few months! Hoping this isn’t the end for us 🤞🏼
  4. Lilah Ladybug

    Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab

    Ive been reading sooo many reviews lately, I thought it was time that I gave it a shot 🙌🏼 Since SGAL only has a couple of reviews it seems like the perfect place to start. Woof! Wet it’s like ripping open a sticky juicy bud and having a deep whiff 😵 amazing that the lab has captured that scent... legally 😉 once things mellow down a bit it’s rounded out with with the earthy touch of patchouli, myrrh and musk. The patch definitely doesn’t overpower - always letting that sweet maryjane waft around, kind of like the smell of that certain someone’s wallet, it’s close and suspicious, but once warmed up the resins start to seep. It’s also perfectly blended with the myrrh which gives it more depth and this definitely comes out the more it dries down and perfectly compliments. The musk is definitely black - no soft ethereal musk lollies but deep and shadowy. every now and again I get a fresh waft of the straight kush, and it does make me wonder what would happen should I be wearing this and pulled over by the cops. “It’s my perfume oil officer I swear!’ 😂 very much enjoying this one. I don’t smoke anymore but have always enjoyed the smell of the plant and now appreciate it more for it’s medicinal properties. It kind of feels like I should be getting a little spaced by sniffing at it so much 🤭 also very much loving the deep and murky tone. Mysterious and it’s definitely going to get people asking ‘what is that smell?!’ Added: the more it dries the more the dark musk sweetens things up - always staying balanced by the myyrh. And still the wafting every now again of someone opening up that wallet 😏