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  1. Miggins

    My problem(s) with Heaven & Earth Essentials

    Or anyone else's, really. You would have thought that a perfumer with 20 years' experience would have far more fun creating their own scents rather than duping other people's. If you really want to recreate other people's perfumes, why not pick ones that are long discontinued, like Serena at Ava Luxe? FilShad, we've spoken at length about this previously, but I wanted to give you my support. This is an excellent blog entry which has opened up a fascinating debate relatively untainted by drah-ma and emotion.
  2. Miggins

    Thirteen (13)

    I was lucky enough to get an imp of 13 from that lovely ole AlectoNox. In the imp, I smell a Bliss-y sort of smell - as magikfanfic said way back at the beginning, chocolate digestives. Hmm. Wet on my skin, I get a lovely buttery note. Just like the buttery note in Jack, but without the *ahem* "rotting fruit" as someone told me. I love the buttery note! But it fades way too quickly. Bah. To be replaced by - noooo! - powder. Poo. But I stuck with it. You have to give it at least an hour, right? Within about 20 minutes, I'm thinking "Black Pearl" and I don't know why. Aha! Iris. The iris has elbowed its way right to the front. But wait, the fruits are fighting back! For an hour, I get a lovely fruity smell, but not a falling in love type smell. And it's fading. Oh well. Then whilst I was queueing at the Post Office, I was surreptitiously smelling my hand (I know it looks weird so I was trying not to do it too much!), I started to smell a more foody smell. And it's getting stronger. This isn't good. I can smell the Gingerbread Poppet/Sugar Cookie smell that turns my stomach. But I stick with it because this one seems to be changing about every 30 minutes. At the end of around 3 hours, I'm left with a vaguely buttery, chocolatey, curranty deeper smell that's bounced back after I thought it was fading. Really quite lovely. I'm not sure if I'll get a bottle in January, but I've got a few months to decide. But I'm glad I got to try it - it's a helluva complex blend.
  3. Miggins

    Scents for late summer into autumn

    Cairo, because it's so rich and lovely and warm - red wine, honey, vine fruits.
  4. Miggins

    I need more Cherry!

    Kabuki was *very* almond/cherry on me.
  5. I think it would go really nicely with potion - but I think it would be complimentary, not really really similar, because potion does not have the plum. I though bathsheba was only 'ok' because of the plum, which is not really me, but I love potion... I tried ahathoor the other day & I think it will go REALLY well with potion - there must be carnation in it! I'm so happy I've got the solar collection on order <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think Desdemona would go pretty well with Potion as well.
  6. Cairo, although not overly complex, has that evolving gourmand feel to it (for me, at least).
  7. Miggins

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Leapy, it comes with the usual mail. And very helpfully, the box is a perfect size to slip through your letterbox if you aren't there!
  8. Miggins

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I e-mailed Kenedy two days ago about my 5 Jan order, and he replied saying the storms had delayed international orders (presumably because they couldn't actually safely get to the post office). I don't think it would hurt to drop them a quick e-mail. You might be lucky (like me!) and get a "shipped" notice as well as a reply.
  9. I have the problem that my skin amps up musk over everything else and it seems to be more "red" musks that do that. I love Black Pearl - it's a lovely soft "blue-tinged" musk under the coconut notes.
  10. Miggins


    I was so lucky to get a couple of imps of this from babykitty after she spotted it on my wishlist... A beautiful scent, strong but not overpowering, and sweet, spicy and sexy. I'm gutted that the single note of this had to be discontinued, but on the other hand, it's so concentrated that you only need a dab or two, so my imps will last me a while!
  11. Miggins

    'red' scents

    Morocco is *very* red to me.
  12. Miggins

    Black Pearl

    I am still wondering how I managed to overlook Black Pearl for so long... Black Pearl, on me, is the summer partner of Snow White. I get a lovely a nutty vanillary coconut that smells like coconut biscuits, with a hint of a blue-tinged musk (as opposed to the red-tinge of Morocco or Dorian), which balances it nicely. Definitely a keeper. Definitely hankering after a big bottle. Simply gorgeous.
  13. Miggins

    Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga was a gift in a swap. I spent ages scanning my "BPAL Catalogue" until I realised it wasn't a permanent scent! I don't get any pineapple with Baba Yaga, but definitely pomegranate. Dry and juicy. Smells like Swank but without the martini note. Into the drydown, I get jasmine. On my skin, they both have an almost soapy note, but it works well here. As the drydown goes on, the soapiness recedes and I'm left with a pomegranate/jasmine blend. Which is very lovely. It seemed to dry quite fizzy and fruity, but that was in middle of the night when I woke up briefly, seemingly just to sniff my hand! I'm not sure it was really the right time of the year for it - a chilly February night - but if it makes it to the permanent collection, it'll be perfect for a balmy summer's eve. Fruity but not zingy, calming but not soporific.
  14. Miggins

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I've now got a vision of Ctrlfreak and Tugs in uniform on a parade ground with all the group order people awaiting inspection and imps! I'm really glad that the orders are trickling through - I have a vested interest in the Yule one.
  15. Miggins

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I wouldn't start "worrying" until at least 14 February. My 27 October order reached me on 23 December in the UK. Have a look at this thread to give you an idea of what's being shipped when. When you placed your order, did you get an automated response from the Lab saying your order was now in a queue to be processed? If not, you might want to e-mail them, but probably wait until February when the Customer Services Demon is back in place.