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  1. AgriaTheWild


    It started out really nice- almost all lily of the valley on me and then some rose, although it was a paler rose than I'm used to. Unfortunately it went powdery on me once it dried :/
  2. AgriaTheWild


    When I smelled this in the bottle, it kind of made me nervous. But when I put it on it just grew on me. I'm really digging it. I wasn't sure exactly what it smells like- kind of like warm, spicy woods.
  3. AgriaTheWild


    bottle: a little like sunscreen and the pool but in a good way. definitely watery. some florals. wet: starts as sunscreen but turns into florals and water. drydown: bright white floral that i SHOULD know. maybe gardenia or magnolia. dry: the same but a touch less sweet. citrus?
  4. AgriaTheWild


    in the bottle, it's a kind of weird jasmine. spicy. probably the myrrh. reminds me of an oil concoction I would make with one of my aunts. it doesn't change much on my skin, which would be better if i was in love with how it smells in the bottle :/ i'm not sure if i actually smell the faintest bit of rose or if it's wishful thinking. is jasmine always this sharp and spicy? or is that the myrrh? either way, i'm not sure if i'm going to keep this or give it to the aforementioned aunt.
  5. AgriaTheWild

    Mommy Fortuna

    i have no idea what this smells like to me- i can't pick out any notes. i used to work at a gun range, so i'm very familiar with the smell of gunpowder, and i can't really smell it. which is disappointing, because that's the primary reason i got this. i do still like it, however. i would say that it smells like magic. maybe a little bit woodsy. also probably a little bit of dragons blood and/or musk. i just wish i would get the metallic or gunpowder that everyone else seems to have gotten :/
  6. AgriaTheWild


    the first time I tried this it smelled like cooking spices and then baby powder. then last night I decided to give it another shot- and it smelled almost entirely like chocolate. not really sure what happened there, or how i feel about it. can't speak to its magical qualities because I wasn't in a position where turning female sexual energy into power would happen.
  7. AgriaTheWild


    The rich scent of wild blackberry breezing over gentle rosy heather. In the bottle and wet, this worried me. It smelled too sweet. The closest thing I can describe it as is those white hard lifesaver candies. Drying down it was still mostly the really sweet berry, but with some of the heather coming through. Heather smells like light green to me, which is nice. Definitely better than sickly sweet berry. Dry it's actually mostly heather with the berry calming down and taking a back seat. This is definitely what I was looking for when I ordered. I don't think I'll order a big bottle, but I'll definitely enjoy my imp. The first time my girlfriend smelled it on me she said I smelled like Scotland. At the time she didn't know I was wearing Glasgow. Goes to show the magic the lab can do
  8. AgriaTheWild


    This was mostly just wet, dark red rose on me. There was some black leather coming through the more it dried, though.
  9. AgriaTheWild

    Jolly Roger

    This is SO pirate. I love it. Another one I need a big bottle of. Mingles pretty well with the smell of sex, if I do say so myself wet: brown leather, salty sea breeze, and dry salty wood. somewhat burnt and smoky. drying down: the burnt smoky smell is coming out more, definitely in a good way. dry: salty wood, smoke, and a hint of rum.
  10. AgriaTheWild


    I LOVE THIS. It smells like a magic forest. I definitely need a bottle. wet: mostly pine. a bit of sweetness, maybe a citrus. definitely some amber. dry down: the pine stays strong, the amber backs off, and there are some flowers coming through that i can't identify. dry: still mostly pine, the other notes are just supporting. overall just really, really lovely.
  11. AgriaTheWild

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    This was a frimp from the lab and I'm REALLY glad I got it! At first I just liked it, now I love it. wet: mostly just violet, honestly. drying down: a bit of the vanilla is coming through. dry: violet with vanilla twists and possibly gardenia. Very light.
  12. AgriaTheWild


    This one was a frimp from the lab. Overall, it wasn't my favorite because I'm not a huge fan of lavender as a main note, especially this kind of sharp, aggressive lavender. I can't speak for whether or not it helps with nightmares because I don't have them. wet: just really sharp lavender dry down: lavender is easing up and a bit of the eucalyptus is coming through. dry: more anise than either lavender or eucalyptus, but all three are present.