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    I was drawn to this hoping it would be reminiscent of something Ellen from Supernatural would wear (like so many others ), but that's definitely not what I smell. Imp: almost like lilies, very white/yellow floral Wet: dandelions and hops, a touch of sweet booziness - fresh beer? Dry: it's almost completely gone after just a few minutes - no tobacco, hemp, or weediness on my skin I'll toss this in a box for a while and see how it ages.
  2. glitteringoracle

    Visions of Autumn VII

    I got this on a whim after seeing all the talk about it selling out at Will Call. I'm so glad I did! I tested it on my right wrist and I keep stopping to sniff again as I type. I think the pepper sharpens the blend just enough to keep it interesting. Wet: resinous sandalwood with some tobacco starting to assert itself. Dry: Definitely trying this one out on my love. I think it will work perfectly on his skin. The tobacco is beautiful and rich. You know the mouth-feel of honey that's been stored just a little too cool? That's the way this smells without any of the actual honey. It would be a perfect cuddling/naptime scent. Like the reviewers above, I think this is going to age into something incredible. It's tempting to buy a bottle to hide from myself for a couple years just to see what happens.
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    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    My thought-stream after dabbing it on my wrist: "Ohhh warm. Wha- how's this smell like wool? Wool itchiness in my nose? Hmm and something sweet, must be the currant. OH HI AMBERGRIS THERE YOU ARE." It was doing really well, but my skin obliterated everything but the ambergris as soon as it dried. I'll let this one age and try again. It starts out cozy and probably turns into something lovely on other skin chemistry.
  4. glitteringoracle

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    I was blown away when I sniffed this today. ITB, it's the scent experience of a graveyard service. The ivy and maple leaves blend with the honeyed fig and bring the arrangements and grave coverings to life, with the cypress looming overhead and the dirt in a pile nearby. I'm not sure I'll ever skin test this because it's evocative of one service in particular for me, but I'll definitely hang on to it.