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  1. EphemeralFey

    Haunted Bonbon

    I have yet to try the original haunted, so I'm not quite sure exactly how much of this is skin chemistry, just the combo of notes or both, but Haunted Bonbon turned into a toned down, more chocolate sweet forward, Boomslang on my skin. I may need 5 bottles of this...
  2. EphemeralFey

    Touched Twice

    In the bottle: I get a sweet floral blend that is heavier on the rose and coconut with a hint of sandalwood and frankincense at the end. I can also pick out a little bit of the vanilla musk. A very pretty feminine scent, but I am slightly scared of the sweetness (I don't do foodie/very sweet scents) and the noticeable coconut note. So far all other blends that I have tried with coconut in it become single note suntan lotion coconut on me, unless there is some vetiver in it to knock the coconut down a couple of notches. On me: For the first 5 seconds I have the coconut and rose battling for top note, with the coconut winning to my disappointment. However, the sandalwood and frankincense are keeping the coconut in check and preventing it from going super sweet single note on me! Sadly I am not getting any florals at this stage. After a while: This settled into a sweet coconut with hints of rose, sandalwood vanilla musk and florals blend on me. Low throw and sticks very close to the skin. It's a very pretty, soft and gentle scent. Thought: This is the first coconut minus vetiver scent that I have been able to wear!! Though this blend has proven that I amp coconut. I would have preferred to get closer to the other reviewers with the rose note being more prominent, but hopefully layering this with either Rose Red, Peacock Queen or The Rose will help with that.
  3. EphemeralFey

    This World, Where Death Reigns

    In the bottle: Beautiful rose and myrrh, with something a little spicy at the end. On me: A spicy scent that is very reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread, though it is not going foody sweet. After a little bit the rose peaks out. Has an average throw. After a while: Goes between being heavy on the rose or being heavy on the myrrh. On me it never really settles on one, just keeps switching. The gingerbread vibe continues, though not as heavy as when the blend was freshly applied Thoughts: Not sure if it is a skin chemistry thing, a blend thing or a mixture of both but the gingerbread scent never really left. I'll keep the bottle for now and hopefully some aging will tone down or remove the gingerbread bit.
  4. EphemeralFey

    The Radiance of an Opium-Dream

    In the bottle: Beautiful sweet heavenly jasmine heavy florals!! Can't really pick out the other floral notes at this point. On me: Still jasmine heavy, but I am picking up the lily and a hint of the vanilla orchid. So far no jagged edge to be found (yay!), just smooth sweet florals. Very nice throw. After a while: The scent remained jasmine heavy with the lily trading places with the Vanilla orchid. Sadly didn't really pick up on any tuberose or opium, though I think they were playing supporting roles instead of main characters. Thoughts: If you love jasmine and heavy florals this is a blend you need to sniff! It is an amazing, heady, floral blend that refused to let my nose get away from my arm. It reminded me a bit of Mrs. Emma Marsh from NYCC 2014, except more heavy and heady. Like an older, more elegant sister that flirts with Emma's husband a little to much and totally get's away with it.
  5. EphemeralFey

    A Tremor Upon the Lips

    In the Imp: Minty coolness and faint eucalyptus with a light airy green smell. This reminded me more of living green plants then an herbal green scent, very pleasant. On me: Faint eucalyptus and now a stronger herb green smell. Good throw, but it is faint. Can't really pick out any other individual notes. After a while: Goes to a sweetish green herb scent. The eucalyptus has toned down a lot. Thoughts: A very nice scent that would be great to use during the hot AZ summers, but I don't think I will need a bottle of this.
  6. EphemeralFey

    The Tumultuous Vultures of Stern Passion

    In the imp: Musk, patchouli and a hint of floral sweetness. Very pretty! On me: Initially patch and the vetiver tar. After a moment they tone down and the lilly comes to the forefront with the musk playing a nice backup. I think I am getting some of the sweetness from the plum, but thankfully it hasn't gone fruity sweet. After a while: This has settled on a light lily musk scent with a very faint earthy note at the end. Thoughts: Typically there is only one scent out of all the update decants that I order that really works on me, and this is the winner! Absolutely lovely blend and I am going to need to hunt out a bottle of this!
  7. EphemeralFey

    A Shining Beak of Pure Horn

    In the bottle: A green, crisp, clean and slightly sweet scent. Can't pick out any individual notes, but this is smelling like a great spring/summer scent! On me: Still green, crisp and clean. Can finally smell the sandalwood and musk. Has a very good throw and is very calming. After a while: Settled on a green floral sweetened scent with a nice hint of sandalwood at the end. Thoughts: I was secretly hoping that this would be in the same family as Mr. Ibis considering that they have similar notes, but I am not at all disappointed by how this blend turned out! It is very pretty and light, but not faint. So glad I got a blind bottle of this!!!
  8. EphemeralFey

    Bewildered in a Dream

    In the bottle: Lavender, tea and those inky resins are the first notes my nose registers. Smells a little strange, but in a good way. Like a cup of lavender tea next to a strongly scented bottle of open black ink. On me: Lavender is center stage, with the tea notes taking a break in the back. I can kind of smell the orange blossom if I hold the scent in my nose. The inky resin notes seem to have disappeared. After a while: Lavender calms down and blends with the tea notes to become a nice fragrant floral tea with hints of the resins in the background. Thoughts: A very pretty scent that works as a year around blend. So happy that this worked on me since I don't have a lot of lavender scents in my stash.
  9. EphemeralFey

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

    In the imp: I get vanilla, patchouli and the faint scent of black licorice jelly beans (not in your face black jellybeans, more like walking into a room that has been gently fragranced by an open bowl of black jellybeans). If I linger on my imp sniff I get hints of sandalwood at the end. While a sweet scent, it does not verge into the territory of foody saccharine sweet. On me: Not super sweet black licorice jellybeans. When I asked the BF to smell this, he said it smelled like spicy floral potpourri that you find at Christmas time. After a while: No morphing, just continued on with the black jellybean smell. Never became overwhelming or super sweet. I got decent throw from my test patch. Thoughts: Not sure how I feel about this. I like the smell, and taste, of black jellybeans and it doesn't smell bad on me. Just not sure if I want to smell like black jellybeans. This imp may get turned into an emulsified sugar scrub scent or whipped body butter scent.
  10. EphemeralFey

    Montes Harbinger

    In the imp: I could pick out the grapefruit, tangerine and something green, probably the green cognac. It's a very light, citrusy, green scent. On me: light sweet citrus with something green lingering in the background. If I take a deep sniff I get hints of rose. Very pretty and with a good throw! After a while: Remained a light sweet citrus green scent that occasionally went toned down Fruit Loops on me according to the BF. Thoughts: This is a really pretty scent, and great for summer. Not sure how much I will reach for this though, so for the best that I got a decant of this.
  11. EphemeralFey

    Pumpkin IV (2014)

    In the imp and wet on my skin this is straight up pumpkin cupcakes, with the baker being heavy handed on the cinnamon. After a little bit this has mellowed out to smell exactly like the gingersnap cookies I got from the store to make some pumpkin cheesecake bars. I'm starting to give sketchy side eyes to arm with thoughts of nomming on it. Beth, many kudos for making a perfume that smells exactly like some of the autumn baked goods that I adore! Sadly though, I am not a foodie perfume person. However, I think this will smell absolutely amazing in an emulsified sugar scrub or a whipped cocoa butter. Into the scents for B&B products box you go!
  12. EphemeralFey

    Magnificent Autumn

    In the imp I get green stems, freshly turned leaves, a little bit of dirt and woods all wrapped up in a cold wind. This reminds me of taking autumn hikes in New England with my father, good times. On my skin I only get the green leafyness for a moment before it shifts to something warm, spicy and slightly smoky. Like someone threw some spices into an outdoor fire. Occasionally I do get whiffs of apple and can pick out some cinnamon with it. Now I am reminded of doing 18th century camp reenactments with my father for the local fall festival, also good times (unless you got volunteered to be the stick gatherer, or it was really cold). I'll definitely be keeping the imp, and not just for the wonderful memories. I have a handful of scents that go warm and spicy, but they're a creamy warmth and incense spicy, where as this is a dry warmth and spice spicy. I'll have to do a full day test to decide if I want to get a bottle of this or not.
  13. EphemeralFey

    Single Note: Fog Machine Juice

    In the imp I'm getting something cool, misty, slightly sweet and a very faint citrus note, I'm thinking lime as well. It's a clean scent, nothing sharp and nothing overpowering. If only it could have stayed like that on my skin. I either amp something in this to high heaven, or my sniffer is broken, cause I am getting foggy oatmeal cookies on the dry down. Sorry imp, off to the swap/sale pile.
  14. EphemeralFey

    Hearts for Ghost Friends

    Purchase: Directly from the Lab In the bottle: Absolutely wonderful floral blend!! Light, airy with a smidge of sweet and spicy. The only notes I can’t really pick out any individual florals, the only note I can pick out is the frankincense. Test Area: Inside crook of elbow Wet: Instant sweet beautiful magnolia! The frankincense quickly follows and seems to be taking over. No other floral notes at this point, but I’m hoping they appear soon. Dry down: Still primarily frankincense, but the other florals are peaking through! 1 hour later: The frankincense calmed down enough for the florals to emerge! This is a wonderfully warm, spicy, incensy floral smell. It’s not super heavy scent; I think the white musk is keeping this lighter, and a little airy. I can’t stop smelling my arm! Thoughts: I really love this scent and see myself getting a lot of use out it in the coming colder months. I didn’t get the white flower heaviness that other people reviewing got, which is a little saddening cause I love white florals, but I have other scents that fill that need.
  15. EphemeralFey

    All Saints'

    2014 Version: Purchase: Directly from the Lab In the bottle: I have finally found you, my beautiful rose floral incense blend! The perfect blend of dark smoky incense gently sweetened with flowers. Test Area: Inside crook of elbow Wet: Mostly rose with some of the other florals in the background. I’m really hoping the incense comes back soon. Dry down: The rose has blended in with the other florals and the incense is coming out again! This is going a little powdery on me, but the nice throw makes up for it. 1 hour later: This flip flopped between having stronger floral or incense notes during the hour, but ended up settling on a very slightly powdery version of what I got in the bottle. I continued to get a wonderful throw with this! Thoughts: I think I found one of my HG scents! The BF thinks this smells like potpourri, and I do see how he gets that, but I still love this dearly. I’m tempted to hunt out an earlier year and see how it compares to this year.