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  1. familiarpatterns

    Single Note: Bonfire

    I was so excited for this but it was the first one I've ever had to wash off On my skin was just extremely soapy burnt meat D: stupid skin chemistry
  2. familiarpatterns


    In the imp on my skin it is the same: a layer of warm, dry hazelnut with a layer of dark cocoa powder in the background. It does meld a little more as time goes on but stays fairly true. Not what I was expecting but I like it - and maybe it will mature into the more chocolate-y scent as it ages.
  3. familiarpatterns

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    YES, my favorites things matched with BPAL! Hahaha, I particularly like Moffat’s Mind - the blind, idiot god who sits on a black throne at the center of Chaos Perfect. That one just seemed to fit!
  4. familiarpatterns

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I think this might be the right place to put this... I matched up a whole bunch of fandom things with BPAL scents recently. It's on my tumblr and is mostly Dr. Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter etc.
  5. familiarpatterns


    On me this is very, very soapy too
  6. familiarpatterns

    Frost Moon

    This is a very soft and gently mint/eucalyptus scent with just a bit of sweetness that disappears from my skin within about fifteen minutes! It's a shame because it is such a lovely scent, but I think perhaps it hasn't aged very well.
  7. familiarpatterns

    Absent Of Thee I Languish Still

    On me this is a smokey beeswax candle with just a hint of resins behind it.
  8. familiarpatterns

    Dragon's Milk

    I got this as a frimp and was really excited to try it but... In the bottle: fake, plastic-y cherry Wet on skin: cough syrup quality fake cherry Dry on skin: Super strong fake cherry/plastic After 3 hours: finally dries down to this wonderful sweet spicy vanilla blend that definitely has a milky feel to it. It smells beyond amazing but has barely any throw. Whyyy can't it start off at the 3 hour mark! The final smell is AMAZING but I don't know if it's worth spending three hours blasting cough-syrup from my skin I will keep the imp and see if it ages to a softer scent.
  9. familiarpatterns

    For Mother's Day

    I am desperately trying to get mother to share my BPAL obsession, and I was hoping to get her something for mother's day. Yesterday she picked a Boronia flower and said if I could find something that smells that amazing she would understand my obsession. To the best of my knowledge there aren't any BPAL with boronia notes but does anyone (Australians are probably the only ones who know what boronia smells like anyway) know any that smell like boronia? Even just in essence - boronia is a woody floral maybe similar to violet with a tart berry edge?