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    Samhain, Snow White, Ultraviolet, and dear GOD, Gingerbread Poppet!!!! and introducing: Cathode, Swank and Kumiho. Also Frost Moon. Do I hear Tombstone? Dunwich? I thought I did. Also I am way digging on Tamora and this Nocnitsa hag...


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  1. SyringaVulgaris

    Cloister Graveyard in the Snow

    Really, words are superfluous. Except to say that yes, I smell a similarity to my all-time favorite, Ice Queen. Cloister is sharper (ozone) but goddamn it's close enough for me! White musk is the key. Lots of it. Hints of mint. I am very ignorant about art, and bought this for the notes -- but the painting is gorgeous, as is the scent -- cold, yet beckoning. I actually gasped when I opened the bottle. See also:
  2. SyringaVulgaris

    Springtime scents

    How about sexy AND Springy? All the scents I think of as sexy are too heavy for hot weather (you know, the standard O, Red Lantern, etc.) I like my Spring/Summer greens and florals, but I can find no rowr hot weather scnent. Evening Star is close, but more sophisticated than h-h-hot.
  3. SyringaVulgaris

    The Lion

    For me, this kicks Brisingamen, Haunted, O, and yes, House of Mirrors to the curb in terms of amber scents. It soars. I literally can't get enough of it on me. I kept going back to apply more...doesn't stay as strong as I'd like, and I'd like it to be STRONG! (ROAR!) It's glorious.
  4. SyringaVulgaris


    Oh yes. Green and bright -- though it states tea and ginger, there's DEFINITELY a citrus lurker -- in a good way. I wore this last night -- applied it on my neck around my hairline, and when my head moved I could smell it...and wished I had more on. It's invigorating and joyous, and it screams "SPRING!" to me. And to me there was some similarity to Embalming Fluid... I believe this will be gone by the end of the summer, just in time for autumn scents to take over....
  5. SyringaVulgaris

    Rose Red

    I think it's not Rose Red, but Rose Green This stays green on me -- and the rose is behind the green. It never comes to the forefront, and the green is sharp! A thorny green. And this thorn, she'll prick you. Though I seem to be getting a different reaction from most people, I do really like this. It's so different from anything else I have, anything else I have smelled. It seems to me (maybe along with sister Snow White) to be one of the few Yule scents I could wear through the summer.... PS: My husband says it smells like a Sharpie, as in "oh, you're wearing the pen perfume today." Too bad for him.
  6. SyringaVulgaris


    As yesterday was the official last day of winter, I doused myself with this before I tucked it away for the season (yes, I am anal about using scents in specific seasons... ) So I had it in my lotion, my hair, on my neck, etc. God, it's SO. GOOD. YuleMistleQueen? IceToeTide? The best from all 3 of these, I think, and I love them individually. First the Pine, then the Berries, then the Slush. The LE blends seem to be my favorites. And Yule blends the best of those.
  7. SyringaVulgaris

    Storm Moon

    I hate to do this, but.... If anyone remembers this scent, I can give it to you in 2 words: Aqua Velva Certainly clear, certainly crisp, but, oh yes, cheap men's aftershave on me...
  8. SyringaVulgaris


    Sad...whenever there's a huge buildup things just don't live up to the hype for me. Anyway, this smells GREAT in the bottle....chocolate mint...but on me it quickly turns into what? A very cheap margarine? Greasy, waxy plastic? Dare I say...rancid? The mint is OUTTA there fast, that's for sure. I'm really glad many people love this, as now someone will be able to get another bottle!
  9. SyringaVulgaris

    Moon Rose

    A crisp, pale, almost translucent rose dusted by moonflower and midnight dew. Wow. This is what I thought Rose Red would smell like...on me RR is VERY green, and I can barely catch a glimpse of the rose behind SHARP greenery...this is ROSE. To me, fresh cut rose. I know there is more going on it here...something to keep it clean and stop it from going powdery, but I'm not sure what.... And I find it to be confident and womanly, vs. girly. One word: true. If I ever get another rose perfume, this will be it.
  10. SyringaVulgaris

    Gingerbread Poppet

    I've decided, after over a year, that this is my FAVORITE blend. (I have 2003, mind.) Though I don't think I can wear it spring or summer....it's amazing. I'll miss it until it gets colder again, but hey -- spring scents gotta have their day as well. I was anti "food scent" until this one. Wet: It is cookie sweet and spicy...mainly...nutmeg? It really DOES smell exactly like gingerbread....maybe a little more "peppery." Drydown: The sweetness fades and the spices remain...mind-blowingly rich, and spicy without being "sexy" (which I don't want to be when going to school!) Cinnamon peeks out more...and yes, definitely less sweet...it "grows up" if that makes sense... I literally curl up in bed and smell myself after I've doused myself with this...and I've used it as a room scent, car scent, etc! I am re-amazed by it EVERY time I put it on...it's always better than I remember -- even a day later. I wish flavored coffee could taste like this, instead of tasting as if the beans had soaked in perfume themselves. Now I've got me a 2004 which I'll have to compare...
  11. SyringaVulgaris

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Yep. And Cathode + Lunar Oils = Frost Moon I think Cathode is VERY close to Frost Moon. So then, Ultraviolet - Violet + Lunar Oils = Frost Moon sorry
  12. SyringaVulgaris


    This is bright emerald green neon to Ultraviolet's purple neon. It is an herby, grassy green (bamboo) and though it wisps out to florals on me in a short time, it seems it would be a great keep-you-cool-in-the-summer scent. It is very clean and very bright and very, very green. I do agree it is better in its wet state, but I dig it much.
  13. SyringaVulgaris

    Sugar Cookie

    Boy HOWDY do I love this.... ...like one of those yellow bears that used to hold cinnamon sugar? The cinnamon in inferno burned me until I howled...but this is GORGEOUS! Definitely more of a cinnamon edge than a normal sugar cookie would have, but still sweet, still foody. On me, it's very much the same from the bottle to the wrist/neck...today I put it in my hair and could smell the cloud of it all around me -- and it was divine. Wouldn't want it in the summer (winter is the key, really) but twelve thumbs up!
  14. SyringaVulgaris

    Frost Moon

    Ok, first, I heart mint! (Cathode and Ultraviolet!) Things that have been said of Frost Moon that are true: Yes, Blue Moon with frost on it, and YES! it is a candy cane kind of mint.... This didn't move me until I got enough of it...I got an aromatherapy diffuser locket today, and dumped a bunch of FM on cotton, and it's been wafting directly into my nose ever since...and the mint to floral drydown thing (which is also nice) hasn't happened because it hasn't dried! So, if I put this on my skin, AND wear the locket, I get both wet and dry...mint and floral and whatever the lunar oils are ...(whatever all the Moon scents share.) ..I love it. I just got Cold Moon, and Frost Moon is far colder, I think.... Ice Blue, right?
  15. SyringaVulgaris

    Anne Bonny

    This ship is OLD, and the wood creaks... I smell WOOD more than anything else...but not forest wood nor firewood. Seasoned wood that has seen much, much over the years. Nothing delicate nor feminine here...no woman wearing it would consent to be called a girl... Though it could be a pirate ship, it seems it could be empty, like the Mary Celeste. Completely ballsy and dusky at the same time, it's a Fall scent for me... (I did not notice a big change from wet to dry...)