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  1. sarahj


    Elegba in imp: waxy coconut rum wet: coconut and butterscotch dry: dries a lot less sweet...coconut with a faint whiff of tobacco verdict: nice, but I don't need a bottle...the two imps I have will do
  2. sarahj

    Blood Pearl

    Blood Pearl frimp from the Lab in imp: orris wet: orris and musk dry: mainly orris...why no coconut???...very dry scent verdict: not for me, but I may try this on my husband and see how it smells on him...he tends to have better luck with orris
  3. sarahj

    The Masque

    The Masque in bottle: rose, carnation, and sandalwood...a lot drier than I expected it would be wet: same, but a little sweeter and warmer...I can start to smell the honey and clove dry: a wonderful blend of honey, carnation, rose, clove, and sandalwood verdict:
  4. sarahj


    Hearth 2005 Thoroughly revisited. This year’s Hearth is warmer, sweeter, and more traditionally comforting. This is the scent of candied chestnuts, buttered, covered in brown sugar and honey, alongside the scent of cedar smoke and soft pine. in imp: BUTTER and smoke wet: BUTTER and pine dry: buttery caramel corn verdict: a bit too foody for me...I may swap
  5. sarahj

    Red Phoenix

    Red Phoenix in bottle: plum, tonka, and cassia wet: the patchouli begins to take over dry: plum, patchouli, and musk verdict: goes on my favorites list
  6. sarahj

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest in imp: vanilla, lavendar, and sage...very aromatherapy-y wet: same, with the vanilla most predominant dry: mainly cedar and vanilla, a surprisingly nice combination verdict: nice, but I don't need a big bottle
  7. sarahj


    Thaleia in imp: sweet honey and orange wet: starting to smell the apricot, gardenia, and tonka...still very sweet dry: pure baby powder verdict: not for me...I will probably swap
  8. sarahj

    Dragon's Hide

    Dragon's Hide frimp from the lab in imp: dragon's blood, soap, and a hint of leather wet: strong dragon's blood dry: dragon's blood and leather verdict: a nice blend, but I don't need a bottle
  9. sarahj

    Marquise de Merteuil

    Marquise de Merteuil received in a swap in imp: very soapy wet: peach soap dry: peach has disappeared, now all I smell is dusty amber soap verdict: too much soap...will probably swap
  10. sarahj

    Sed Non Satiata

    Sed Non Satiata in imp: myrrh and honey wet: nuts, myrrh, honey, and cognac...smells slightly medicinal dry: gone!! well, almost, just a faint whiff of myrrh and honey left verdict: fades too quickly (in less than 2 hours)
  11. sarahj

    Love in the Asylum

    Love in the Asylum received in a swap in imp: soapy rose and carnation wet: smells sweeter...vanilla and rose dry: a lovely blend of rose, carnation, and vanilla verdict: this goes on my list of favorites...why, oh why didn't I buy a bottle??
  12. sarahj


    Persephone received in a swap in imp: tart, fruity rose wet: mainly rose; the fruitiness is fading dry: a nice rose scent, but I can barely smell the pomegranate verdict: nice, but not a favorite
  13. sarahj


    Lurid in imp: medicinal lavender and currant wet: the currant becomes more predominant dry: a nice blend of currant, lavender, and musk verdict: nice, but I don't need a bottle
  14. sarahj


    Aglaea in imp: PEACH wet: peach and a hint of amber dry: powdery peaches verdict: not for me...I will pass this on
  15. sarahj

    Harvest Moon 2005

    Harvest Moon 2005 received in a swap in imp: apple-y goodness with a hint of plum wet: sage, verbena, and florals start to take over dry: apples and florals verdict: nice...I'm glad that I tried an imp of this, but not upset that I missed out on a bottle