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  1. kawaiiferreto

    Autumn Lace

    I wanted to love this, but alas, this just didn't do much on my skin. I have to remember that my skin does best with a scent that has some brightness/ kick to it from somewhere, and this just doesn't have that zing like Tattered Lace did for me (although it was much more throw and lasted longer.) This is dark, sweet, a little perfumey, creamy, musky and a little smokey. Lovely, just not very me! I have not tried any version of Black Lace so I can't compare.
  2. kawaiiferreto

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I haven't tried Creature Feature but, a good thing to keep in mine is all perfume has "possible allergens" in it, since everyone has different allergies to and different reactions to different things. You can also develop new allergies and lose old ones as you age, so it could even be something that didn't bother you before. Also, did you possibly apply it when your skin was damp/ just out of a bath or shower etc.? Sometimes things that would normally not bother your skin suddenly cause a contact allergy if you try them when your skin is wet. (I try not to try anything new just after a shower etc. for precisely this reason.) Hopefully they will get back to you with a list of what's in it/ if there's any rare oil in it that you wouldn't have encountered before so you'll have an idea of what to avoid!
  3. kawaiiferreto

    Hunter Moon 2007

    Oddly the only note I am getting is the feral animalistic notes. This really smells very hunter-y! But likewise, where the heck are the other notes hiding? Weird. It's a soft, approachable animalistic tho. I like it!
  4. kawaiiferreto

    Pet Magah Bird

    Fruity and a little almost buttery/ creamy (coconut maybe?) when wet. As it dries down the creamy component is less dominant and this becomes bright fruits! I can definitely catch the pineapple in there, but I'm having a hard time picking out much individual otherwise. Lovely, cheerful, bright fruityness. It's sweet, but not too sweet. I like it, but I tend to like more fruit AND something (musk, plants, resins, spices, flowers, etc.) scents that feel less edible.
  5. kawaiiferreto

    Kiyohime Changes From a Serpent

    This is lightly sweet and fruity and salty, with a hint of floraly goodness and musk, but not too strong. It's quite soft and pretty! It's very balanced, so it doesn't go too foody, or too floral, or too musk, or too OCEAAAN OMG etc. It has light throw. It is lovely, but not AMAZEBALLS enough for me to keep it!
  6. kawaiiferreto

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    Oh. My. God. (I could really end it at just that, but I'll try!) I've had 1 or 2 imps of this laying around for quite a while, and for some reason was in no rush to test this. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! This is definitely related to Snake Oil on my skin, but if you take the stuff (I think patchouli and red musk?? maybe?) that sometimes goes funky on me in SN (especially fresh SN) and replaced it with delicious delicious wood and tobacco. This is RICH but so so so so good. I can't see me wearing this until it the weather cools down, because it is also POWERFUL, but OMG!!!! I think this also would be delicious slathered on a sexy sexy man. (Although sadly I don't see this being something MY sexy sexy man would be into. DAMMIT!!) Sooo gooooood!!!
  7. Have you tried Xiuhtecuhtli? It's my favorite orange scent by far. Notes: Copal, plumeria and sweet orange and the smoke of South American incense and crushed jungle blooms. The orange is definitely most prominent on me. ETA: It's in the Excolo section.
  8. kawaiiferreto

    The Girl

    I got a testable sniffie of this in a swap and I am SO glad I've had the chance to at least try this. This was sooooo lovely. This was a warm, sweet, floral, and a little creamy? almost. It's so balanced. It was light-ish throw, which I like. Both amber and jasmine usually go evil on me, but here they don't! (although I'm not sure I've tried white amber, and star jasmine specifically.) I LOVE star jasmine in person and I'm so happy I actually got some of that and not bitter sharp YECH like jasmine seems to go on my skin. I think this has convinced me to not entirely give up on amber and jasmine notes!
  9. kawaiiferreto

    Singing Moon

    This was pretty, but uninteresting on me. I'm not super familiar with many of these notes, so I can't describe the specific aspects of the scent too well. I agree this this has a silver/ moonlight feel to it.
  10. kawaiiferreto

    Spanish Red Carnation

    I love carnation. LOVE! And this really is a true, perfect, non morphing, long lasting carnation. For all that this is a perfect carnation, and it is beaaaautiful, I really don't think I would wear this. I LOVE carnation in a blend, but the single note is too simple for me alone, and I am not really a layering person!
  11. kawaiiferreto

    The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair

    Gilded amber, tiare, golden sandalwood, vanilla, cardamom, and tagetes. I've been wanting to try this for quite some time. Finally! Sadly though, this just does not do much for me. I am not a big fan of amber and this is VERY amber dominant (duh!) I get a bit of a dry woodsy feel from this too, especially wet, which I think much be the sandalwood. Overall: Sweet. Dry. Slightly wood. Ambery. It has a very golden feel to it. (I like to think I LOVE golden scents, but, honestly, I rarely actually like them. Maybe I need to give up on this? )
  12. kawaiiferreto


    This worked the best on me out of all of the Fraggles, but I still wasn't in love with it. It really does pretty much smell exactly like it is described, gentle, maybe a little mysterious. It's gentle, sweet, ethereal flowers. The throw on this was very light.
  13. kawaiiferreto


    This was very very odd, especially when wet. Immediately it reminded me of -- pina colada chapstick? As a small child I once stubbornly locked myself in the bathroom in protest and ate a pina colada chapstick for sustenance. This smells like that tasted - pina colada-y but with a non-edible/ fake element (or in this case smell) to it. This had really crazy throw when wet (especially the white musk). It was nearly headache inducing for me. When this dried out it became more reasonable throw, but still very very weird, and more foody than I would like.
  14. kawaiiferreto


    This was a combo of LOVE notes (pink musk, pink pepper), and not sure notes (currant, cranberry) so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. The verdict is this is cute, and spunky, but not for me. The red fruits were pretty predominant. It was a too sweet, red fruity juicy candy for me. I wish the pepper and musk were more dominant
  15. kawaiiferreto


    I was hoping the citrus notes would be the most prominent on me, but this was predominantly vanilla cream. It was very sweet and creamy and dessert-y. I could smell the citrus notes in this but it really got bowled over by the sweet creaminess. I was hoping for TART smoothed out a bit by cream, so this was disappointing. If you are fond of creamy/ vanilla foodyness this would be worth a try! It smells like something I would love to eat, but it's not something I want to smell like sadly.