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    Embalming Fluid, Johnathan Harker, Lucy Westerna, Lucy's Kiss, The Carpathian Mountains, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Blood Countess, London.


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  1. Druby

    Jolly Roger

    Very nice aquatic scent. The rum and wood are there slightly but the aquatic notes are overpowering to start with. I'm definately going to try this again and on my boy.
  2. Druby

    Wolf's Heart

    First sniff I can smell insence. On me it smells spicy but florally. I'm not sure what I think of it. It's interesting.
  3. Druby


    Smells sweet in bottle, maybe can smell coconut. On me leather and coconut come together and smell good togther, can lightly smell tobacco, not sure if I can smell tonka. I don't think this is my type of scent.
  4. Druby


    Not very strong smelling on me. Can smell vanilla maybe the musk and patchouli, the neroli makes it sweeter, not sure whether or not it's a scent for me so I might give it a second shot.
  5. Druby


    in the imp the tea rose is very overpowering, but when on skin the violet and tea rose work well together, nice floraly blend. They don't seem to try to out do each other, they are on the same level. I like this scent.
  6. Druby

    Melisande, The Puppet Mistress

    In the imp all I can smell is the jasmine then once on me, again the jasmine, but also the violet and vanilla are overpowering but seem to work togther well with the jasmine. After a while the flowers move into the background and it smells very spicy.
  7. Druby

    What I Own/Have tried: Imps

    Bewitching Brews Absinthe Arcana Belle Epoque Bewitched Black Pearl Blood Blood Kiss Chimera (sniffie) Dee Jack Jolly Roger Lurid Penny Dreadful The Coiled Serpent The Raven Funeral Oils Embalming Fluid x2 Les Fleurs Du Mal Nocturne Dark Elements Inferno Sin & Salvation Anathema Black Dahlia Cathedral De Sade Dirty Dorian Envy Les Infortunes De La Vertu Lust Pride Sloth Vice Love Potions Desire Harlot La Petit Mort Lucy's Kiss x2 Muse x 2 Nefertiti Perversion Satyr Snake Oil Succubus Whip Diabolus Blood countess Bloodlust Bluebeard Djinn Dracul Lycaon Maenad Marie Medea Nosferatu Pain Wolf Moon 2006 Mad Tea Party Alice The Caterpillar King of Hearts Illyria Goneril Titania Wanderlust Eden Hollywood Babylon London Paris R'lyeh Ars Draconis none Rappaccini's Garden Black Rose Opium Poppy Wolfsbane The Salon none A Picnic in Arkham none Excolo Eris Hades Polyhymnia Voodoo Blends #20 Love Oil Black cat Fire of Love x2 Queen Red Devil Wolf's Heart Tarot Oils none Sephiroth none The Chakras none Panacea none Somnium Baku Carnival Diabolique Carnaval Diabolique Melisande, The puppet mistress Limited Edition Rose Red Smut Trick or Treat Creepy Schwarzer Mond Strawberry Moon Black moon Ace of Hearts Order of the Dragon Lucy Westerna x2 + 5ml The Carpathian Mountains Johnathan harker + 5ml Carfax Abbey Brides of Dracula + 5ml Wilhelmina Murray +5ml Dr John Seward + 5ml Bloody Sword Count Dracula +5ml The Castle R.M. Renfield +5ml Quincey Morris
  8. Druby


    My first sniff, all I get is lavender. On me the lavender and lotus work well together, doesn't really have much spice at all. After a little while the spice slowly works it was up and combines well with the lavender and lotus. Not bad, definately be trying again as I love lavender.
  9. Druby

    Rose Red

    This is so wonderful. Fresh roses all around, it's like standing in a rose garden and just breathing in all the deliciously gorgeous roses. I love rose smells, so this was perfect. I'm definately in love with it and will have to try and find myself a bottle.
  10. Druby

    Blood Kiss

    Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk. In bottle, smells like poppy, wine and musk with maybe a hint of cherry making it smell medicinal. On me definitely smells medicinal, musk, vetiver and clove are very overpowering. Not my type of smell.
  11. Druby


    The first sniff in the imo I get rosewood, leather, incence and a tinge of wood. On me smells rosey, maybe even the incense I can smell. I feel that it still smells masculine on me, but I like masculine smells so it's good. I can also smell the leather and parchement lightly just sitting in the background. I'm really loving this smell, might get a bottle.
  12. Druby


    In the bottle all I can smell is the berrys. When on me it's still very berry but the green tea and musk come out. It's a nice berry smell, I don't think it's overpowering, but light and nice, like smelling fresh berries maybe a berry tea?
  13. Druby

    The King of Hearts

    In the bottle it smells like medicine and maybe a little bit flowery, the cherry is very overpowering. On me, the cherry calms down and I can smell lavender and white musk, maybe some rosewood. Seems to smell nice on me, might give this a second chance. I was initially put off when I smelt it in the bottle because of the medicinal smell.
  14. Druby


    In the bottle the lemon is the first thing I smell. On me smells a like licorice which I'm not fond of, I can also smell lemon, those two are both dominating so far. After a while it kind of smells like soap on me, a strong licorice soap. Not sure whether it's nice on me or not.
  15. Druby


    In the bottle it smells fresh, very minty/herby and can slighty smell the lavender. On me it smells more herby, maybe a bit cleaner-ish, or even like a room spray. Can't smell the lime really and I can barely smell the lavender. I'm not liking this one much, I might give it a second go and hope that it doesn't smell like a cleaner.