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  1. phaedrine

    Desert scents, including Southwestern scents

    Living in the desert in the Southwest.... I'm gonna echo the rec for Coyote. It's a beautiful scent. The musk in it is soft and gentle, and makes me think of the furry skin-scent of curling up to sleep with a cat or dog. It also has the scent of hot, dry grasses and dust. Mm. If you can get your hands on some Dia De Los Muertos, it's a scent that makes me think of home (New Mexico). It's perfect. Seven African Powers, the Twilight Alchemy Lab oil, makes me think of the desert once it drys down. It reminds me of both the scrubby African desert I've been to, and the scrubby New Mexican desert that I live in. Cathedral makes me think of Santa Fe at Christmastime. Ra is another hot, dry desert scent that I love. New Orleans actually makes me think of New Mexico in the early summer, because to me it smells like Honeysuckle and Spanish Broom when they're fresh in bloom, like they are right now.
  2. phaedrine

    Seven African Powers

    I agree with the above reviews! In the bottle, it's very wet, green, herbal. On my skin, it gets almost a bit soapy, but that vanishes as it dries. After a couple of hours, it's still a green scent, but now it's a dry, dusty, woodsy green. It makes me think of the desert here in New Mexico, and it also makes me think of the desert in South Africa, both high, dry, dusty places. Whenever I wear things, THINGS HAPPEN, so it's voodoo/hoodoo aspect is wonderful, as well as it's smell. Thank you, African Powers, for bringing the rain today, I needed that...
  3. phaedrine

    The Living Flame

    After reading the eager reviews from QS and the other locals, I really thought I'd love this one. Sniffing from the bottle, I got a definite redpink floral, but smelled a lot of O in it, so I was very excited. Sadly...it was not to be. It stayed mainly the redpink floral the entire time, getting very sweet and almost sickly on me. After several hours, it did calm down and I got the warm notes I had hoped for, but still with an...almost an aftertaste of the sickly red/pinkness. Ah well. Maybe next time!
  4. phaedrine


    Oh, so wonderful... I adore honey scents. My all-time favorite is O, of course. When I read this description, the thought that crossed my mind was "this sounds exactly like ME"...though for some reason I didn't order a bottle, just an imp. Silly me. In the bottle and wet on the skin, it smells an awfully lot like Jezebel does once it's dry. Luscious wet honey and sweet flowers. Yum. After it dries, the warmer notes of the fig, clove and bit of patchouli come out, though all they do is make the honey deeper, I never have any of them take more than a supporting role. After 10 hours, it's still warm, sweet honey. Perfect. NEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed bottle!
  5. For me, Wolf's Heart is the surpreme confidence enhancer. I've taken to using it anytime I have to go to work, as there are a few people I work with that are really good at poking holes in any confidence I do have. Tho for all three, I might bust out the Black Cat. Meow!
  6. phaedrine

    Springtime scents

    I'm more on the dark scent side, but the ones I see myself wearing lots this spring are Eos and Villain.....need to pick up a bottle of Eos. Oh, and New Orleans. I'm trying Dirty right now as I type, and as long as it lasts on me, I think it'll be lovely for spring, as well!
  7. phaedrine


    Ooooh, have we a new addition to the top ten?? I don't get cherries out of this, at all, at any stage. In the bottle it's exactly as it is dry on my skin, just more intense. I get the warmth of myrrh, spiciness of clove, and then OOMPH and RED of dragon's blood. A couple of hours later, it's softer, but the same lovely mishmash blend. Going on the bottle list, for sure.
  8. phaedrine


    Florals and I don't often get along, but I picked this one up because I love white roses, so I thought I would try a white rose blend. Sometimes lotus turns sickenly bubblegum on me, but not in this blend, thankfully. It was ... nice. Pretty, white floral. That's about it...I didn't have too long to sample it, because it was mostly gone within a half hour. An hour later, I smell nothing on my skin at all. *adds another to the list of white florals eaten by the skin*
  9. phaedrine


    Amber works well on me, as does lavendar, and I like sage and mangos. Red musk, on the other hand, can go either way. Some blends that have it I adore (Scherezade), others make me go "eww, stinky!" (Fenris Wolf). As tempted as I was to buy a bottle of this, I knew I needed to try an imp first, so I bought one off the swap board. I'm glad I did, as this sort of falls in to the second catagory. While it wasn't stinky in the bottle or while drying, just smelled like warm ambered mangos, after a little while all the lovely notes faded and I was left with just plain old red musk. Stinky. I threw the imp in with a package for someone that I know that loved Fenris Wolf. Here's hoping she enjoys the poor little donkeys more than I did.
  10. phaedrine

    Queen of Spades

    I got an imp of this from the lovely Theravada. I really, really like what it does on my skin, all blackberry and myrrh. I've not been too keen on any fruity blends before trying this one, but now I want to gobble up anything with blackberry in it. The only said part is that it doesn't last too long, maybe an hour or two, so it'll go in my "imps that I use for a pick me up but probably won't buy in a bottle" pile.
  11. phaedrine


    I bought this without thought, it was Spooky, so how could I not? Later, I worried about about the foody nature of it, as I'm not usually a foody scent type of person. Now that I've got it in my grubby little hands....I'm still not sure. In the bottle, I get wet, boozy mint. Verrra interesting... On my skin, while it's drying, I get all of the description. Rum, mint, cocoa, coconut, it's all there in a really silly, crazy blend. After it's dry, for the next half hour or so, I get....minty suntan oil. Ew. Not so good. That was almost enough for me to wash it off and put it on the swap board...but I decided to hang in there for a little while longer... At about an hour, I get deep, dark minty cocoa. As if you'd dipped a thin mint into an extra coat of really dark chocolate. Well, that's ok... This goes through YET ANOTHER mutation, though I'm not sure when it happened. After a while, the mint faded, and the booze came back. Hasn't changed since I noticed that, so for the last several hours I've had a nice chocolate liquer thing going on. I'm still undecided. It will take a few more tries to figure out. I'm definitely not a fan of the coconut stage, though. (edited for spelling)
  12. phaedrine


    I wanted this one for the clove, as clove blends tend to work really well with my skin. NOT this one. Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean. In the bottle, it was so sickly-sweet that I almost didn't try it at all. I had to remind myself of the sometimes violent ways that bpal changes on the skin, and tried it anyway. VIOLET. VIOLET violet violetvioletviolet. No clove. No incense, no tonka. Just violet. Blech. And I can't get it off, either, I've scrubbed twice and I still reek of violets.
  13. phaedrine


    Just received a bottle of this in a swap....and BOY, am I glad I did. I had read the reviews and knew that it was a cherry blend, so I was a bit wary, but curiousity won out.... In the bottle, it is VERY cherry. The comment about cherry cider above is dead on. It's not a cherry cough syrup type, like some other blends I've had with cherry, but just a perfect, natural cherry. As it dries, it slowly shifts. It starts with the natural cherry, then becomes cherry with a background of deep, sweet spices. After about 20-30 minutes, the two trade places, and it's spices with a background of yummy black cherries. As the day wore on, I got less cherry, but the sweet spices stayed with me for quite some time afterwards. Overall, very plesant and I'm so happy I have a bottle of this all to myself!
  14. phaedrine

    'Second Skin' Scents

    I'll second the recs for Coyote and Sudha Segara, and add my own for Phantom...to me, it's like a me-scented dryer sheet.
  15. phaedrine


    This is a lovely, warm, sweet blend, but dark and rich at the same time. Both in the vial and on my skin, I mainly get fig fig fig, with perhaps a dash of walnut, a dash of dark chocolate and the sweetness of the rum. It gets sweeter as it dries down, but stays warm and very comforting.