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    Good books. Smelling pretty. Indian curry. Clean living. Leylines. Culinary Anthropology. Mail art. Cats. Trying to be a better person. Photobooths. Distant lands. Cozy nooks. Postcards from friends. Material history. Baking. Taking pictures and looking at pictures taken. Aprons. Old clothes. Antique stores. Foxes. Making things better.
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    Some favourites: Torture King, Embalming Fluid, House of Mirrors, The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Severin, The Dormouse, Sudha Segara, Arcana, Whippoorwill, Dorian, Mercury, Mars, Virgo (original version), Antique Lace, King of Spades, Peony Moon, Snow White, The Lion. Apart from BPAL, I like the smell of old books, oranges, Indian curry, chocolate, lavender, oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, rosemary, clean linens and Earl Grey tea.


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  1. feline.by.design

    The Grave-Pig

    This is an interesting scent, probably not one I would have picked out for myself. On wet, The Grave-Pig smells of patchouli-dirt. The fig makes a sweetness to the dirt smell, like a sort of honeyed dirt or a wet earth smell mixed with juice or fruit. As it dries on my skin, the patchouli becomes less dominant, allowing for the sweetness of the fig to assert itself, but the undertone of earth still remains--perhaps that's the mushrooms. It's a very dark scent for me, and I could see this being actually quite a sexy fragrance, especially for someone who really wants to smell as if they've fallen asleep in a forest overnight. It has quite an allure to it. In the end, though, I'm not really sure if it's my thing. I don't really wear patchouli-based scents often enough for me to want a bottle of this instantly, but I can see this really working for someone else who would like a dark scent that maybe isn't so spicy. I may try and test it once more, because it does smell quite nice on me and it has potential to be one of those fragrances that sort of grow on you. It could be a scent that I didn't know I needed, especially since my box is so vanilla, leather and amber heavy. Hmmm. Again, this one, really interesting. It'll probably take me a while to make up my mind. Edited to add: I could see this scent being sort of unisex. This would probably smell amaaazing on a fella, especially if somehow he has my identical skin chemistry to make it smell like it does on me. Because, it smells pretty damn good on me.
  2. feline.by.design

    Copulating Mice

    Hunh. Copulating Mice at first swipey-swab was a roaring nutfest. The pecans were having a little pecan-party, but then the party was crashed by the lavender, making it smell as if the florals were taking over. It came across as a very 'generic perfume' scent for a hot minute, which was really perplexing! Within five minutes, however, it morphs into a creamy-spicy fragrance that reminiscent of a very bold chai tea with milk, and then my skin kicks up the cloves like it's going out of style. Copulating Mice eases back into the feisty chai tea territory, or maybe 'punk-ass gingerbread man' territory. It's sweet without being cloying; instead, it's a cosy scent--like if Sudha Segara had a baby with Three Witches. Ah, I smell edible! Nomnomnomnomnom!
  3. feline.by.design

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    It's an older thread, but this might be helpful for you: Cinnamon girl: Cinnamon discussion from A-Z. I was going to recommend trying Hamadryad, but I didn't realise it was discontinued! Oh, the things I miss from being out of the BPAL loop for a while...
  4. feline.by.design

    Burning Vulva

    While wet, Burning Vulva smells very lush and fruity. It reminded me of peach cobbler, although it didn't spell really peach. Just sweet and bright, like a sunny day. I suspect the peru balsam and orange blossom had something to do with that, coupled with the vanilla to accentuate the sweetness of these notes. After it dries down, the scent loses its initial wetness and moves from being something quite nice and very lushly flowery/fruity to something less bright, nearly powdery. After thirty minutes, ah, the vanilla asserts itself. It isn't particularly creamy--more like vanilla dust or powder. After around forty minutes, it's vanilla-beeswax I mostly smell. Although slightly powdered on my skin, the fragrance still retains a bit of warmth, though not anywhere near the level it initially was at. More like sunset peeking through translucent curtains as you're eating honey off a spoon before sipping a vanilla chai latte, with most of the chai bit covered up by the vanilla, but it peeks out periodically in a gingery form after an hour's wear, keeping the scent warm and cheeky. Such a difference trying BPAL on the skin makes! It's as if the fragrance and my skin have been discussing on how to mutually express the scent. Burning Vulva: "I'm going to be sensual and bright and sweet and fruity! There's no fruit note listed, but I wanna do fruity!" My Skin: "Okay, sure, that's great... but I'm gonna need some vanilla." Burning Vulva: "Oh, okay, well, here's some vanilla then." My Skin: "That's good... but I'm gonna need more vanilla." Burning Vulva: "Oh, oh sure. But I'm gonna have to lose a bit of the lushness I've got going on. Is that okay?" My Skin: "Fine, fine. Just give me more vanilla." It's like the Saturday Night Live Cowbell skit with Christopher Walken. Just replace "cowbell" with vanilla. But STOP PRESS!! After an hour's wearing it on my skin, the amber seems to wake up and shoves aside the cowbell... I mean vanilla! I now have a fragrance that seems more like The Lion from Mad Tea Party than The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale. In this case, The Lion is drenched in beeswax, but it's still a bright and warm scent. Whoa. How'd it do that? Burning Vulva is an interesting one to try, as my skin seems to take notes like vanilla, leather and amber and push them up to the forefront. In this three-for-all note match, it seems that vanilla, along with beeswax, wins the Prominent Note of the Scent award for the first hour, but then in the second the amber sort of yanks back the vanilla and comes into the forefront. It is a nice skin scent, and as I am quite the connoisseur of BPAL vanilla and amber fragrances, Burning Vulva has earnt a place in my collection as a vanilla/amber fragrance that's fairly distinct from my usual selections from the general collection. Quite happy with it!
  5. feline.by.design

    A Golden Idol

    In the bottle, A Golden Idol is very prominently a lush vetiver scent. I actually happen to like the note, so I was interested in trying it. On my skin, however, the most prominent note is the amber, with the rose overlaying it in an interesting embrace. It almost smells leathery on me--sort of smoky, yet sweet and glitteringly earthy. If the vetiver is present, it's adding a certain amount of dampness to the amber and rose. The lavender doesn't come through at all on my skin, but I'm not fussed either way. The rose adds a bit of modesty to the amber/vetiver mingling, which I find quite a sexy, saucy combination. It's a very golden bright scent on me, more suited to hot summers than cold winters. It's so amazing the difference one's skin chemistry and what one's nose tends to pick up more. I happen to like how A Golden Idol is interpreted on my skin. It's a good rose scent for me, especially since my bottle of Bearded Lady is on the other side of the Atlantic.
  6. feline.by.design

    The Soldier

    The Soldier was something I worried might smell too foodie/gourmand, as I've had previous experiences in the past with some scents that were just a bit too buttery for my tastes. I bought a bottle of The Soldier during Yule 2010, and hadn't tested it until just now. When I read the description of it, I knew I had to try it, being a general fan of leather scents (Torture King, Severin), tea scents (The Dormouse, Dorian) and vanilla scents (Antique Lace, The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale). On first application to my skin, The Soldier smells like a man who went AWOL in a cookie factory--butterscotch, powdered sugar, a slight hint of a buttery rum? I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist, trying to decide whether it was a pleasant sweetness or if it was something that was a bit too much. About five minutes on, the butterscotch smell faded, leaving a nice vanilla smell grounded by a more solid note or group of notes in the background. Ah, the leather becomes more prominent now on my skin, and The Soldier has become more stern, standing at attention... but there's still a slight sweetness to the fragrance still that tempers The Soldier's stern manner, as if he's still got a few cookie crumbles clinging to his uniform. This is a reminder for me to never judge a scent by the bottle. As it was in the bottle, The Soldier seemed a bit borderline as far as wearability for me goes, but once I applied it and let it settle for about five to ten minutes--leather cookies! Or a sugar-coated whip. Whatever you wanna go with.
  7. feline.by.design

    An Introduction to the Stash Manager

    The OCD listmaker in me has been loving the last hour and a half I've been puttering with this new feature. Whoa. And, um, if you're looking for scents to add... couldn't find Hakkotsu on the drop-down list, and I actually have a bottle I'd like to add to my list o'stash. This is a wonderful feature, and especially liked that we could import our reviews. That saved me so much time trying to hunt down all the reviews I had.
  8. feline.by.design

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    It's not just skin chemistry. I have a tendency to recommend scents that are in the same "mood" as other scents, thinking that they smell alike, when in reality there are some differences. Red Phoenix smelled very similar to Blood Moon to me. When thinking of non-LEs though, my mind is sort of drawing a blank. We need a spicier Scherezade with cinnamon, perhaps. -doreen
  9. feline.by.design

    Nag Champa scent in a BPAL blend?

    Scherezade is my pick, with Silk Road on the sidelines. Scherezade is actually what I wear with a head shop vibe in mind. I'll put it on the plug-in oil heater and my boyfriend will think I'm burning incense. Anne Bonny is also a good pick if you like patchouli with personality. -doreen
  10. feline.by.design


    Twilight smells nice. It smells similar to some blends in the Somnus collection. Perhaps that may be why it isn't particularly remarkable to me. The fragrance is nice, but it doesn't make me go "Hey, Martha!" or have me bowled over. It's a nice scent, and I could see why someone would like it, but I have enough scents that are similar in mood and feel to hold onto this imp. Definitely good for those of you into clean floral scents, though. -doreen
  11. feline.by.design


    I received this as a free imp from the Lab, and I'll be buggered if I can find it anywhere, so I guess it's something that's unreleased. Because it's a three-letter word, I was unable to do a search on the forum's search engine. I looked through about half of the likely candidates of the categories that might have something called Tum, and, well, no luck. Hence, with some trepidation, I bring you... Tum. Tum goes through seemingly eight or nine different scent notes before settling on some sort of "burnt wood" smell. I sniff again, and the intense smokiness has lightened up significantly. I smell woods and sap interwoven together to create a crisp autumn majesty. The scent is getting sweeter, almost honeyed, and this is all happening within the course of a mere couple of minutes. Do I smell fruit? Oranges? I'm not so sure. The hint goes away when I try to pin it down. Then I get the scent of an extinguished candle. It's faintly, faintly sweet, like sugar water, and a touch smokey. I think there was a little bit of a berry fragrance in the mix as well. Maybe raspberries? It smells like a fantastic autumn fragrance that I would likely wear at any and every time. -doreen
  12. feline.by.design


    I smelled the almond note before I was knocked away by the cinnamon. Whoa! This scent is the closest one I've found to resemble fireball candies! The cinnamon is sweet, almost syrupy, which could be the influence of the almond. Inferno isn't something I think I'd wear, but it makes me have a craving for some Red Hots right about now. I think it would irritate my skin too much, as I've been noticing some cinnamon scents have been doing lately. Definitely something for the bold! -doreen
  13. feline.by.design

    Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily is a beautiful, light floral. The sweetness is barely there, and the flowery element isn't pounding you over the head. Excellent for the summer heat. I really don't get the soapy quality mentioned in other posts. Just light flowers with a twinge of green and sweetness. I'm quite fickle with florals, so I don't know if I would get a bottle of Tiger Lily in the future, but for now, I will keep my imp. The florals I am normally attracted to are the lighter blends, so this one is definitely worth considering. -doreen
  14. feline.by.design


    This one came out too fruity and sweet to me. A friend of mine and I both came to the consensus that I smelled like a candle store. I couldn't tell that there was a green tea note in this one; it was cloying on my skin. Another analogy was that of a melted piece of candy. Not for me. -doreen
  15. feline.by.design

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale is more like a powdery vanilla. Are you familiar with Dorian? Think of it as its lighter, dustier cousin. That being said, I wear Dorian and Mouse's Long and Sad Tale on a very regular basis. I wear at least one, if not both, once a week, if not more. -doreen