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  1. ceej

    The Lurid Library

    A touch harsh when wet, but definitely light parchment. Fades nicely down to faint incense over paper and musk. Definitely exactly what the description says. I don't have the urge to slather, but this one is a subtle scent. It never slaps me in the face, but it persists quietly. I could still detect it on my wrists twelve hours after application.
  2. ceej

    Hunter Moon 2007

    There’s a softness here underneath the leaves and wine—the “feral” notes are likely musks of some kind. Woodsy, dry, like warm furs laid out before the fire. Definitely a fall scent. Thumbs up, wish I'd gotten a second bottle.
  3. ceej

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I'm another one of those crazy write a web app to track scents people. Downside is I have to add new scents by hand, so at times I miss the one-offs.
  4. ceej


    Dark, soft, rich, deep, a little sweet-spicy, thick like a velvet throw under your hand. Dark brown velvet, almost black. Of the earth without being a dirt scent, chthonic in the mythic sense. Definitely reminds me of Schwarzer Mond, which is another all-time favorite. I am so happy I ordered two bottles. I will use them.
  5. ceej

    Mr. Jacquel

    Not sweet; amber + warm spice. It reminds me a bit of the Lion in his golden warmth, though this isn't milky in any way. There's an herbal undertone, of crushed dried leaves. Warm and soft and dry. Grounded. I'd also call it gender-neutral.
  6. When I read your list of liked scents, I thought Western Diamondback for you, for the mellow woody vanilla/tonka thing. But if you've already eliminated it for other reasons, then Boomslang all the way. Amazing scent.
  7. ceej

    Coral Snake (2006)

    This one is the first of the Snake Pit scents not to work on me. Or agree with my nose. My reaction to the scent in the bottle was "cough syrup". As it dries, it eases down into more of a floral scent, but alas, one that makes me want to sneeze. I think that's the gardenia. And the apple is not blending well for me: it feels all unsettled and astringent. I love apple scents enough to hang onto this a bit and try it again.
  8. ceej

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    I like this, but I'm having a hard time articulating why. Green, it's definitely green. I recognize the olive leaf from Lycaon and other blends I've liked recently. I don't get aquatic from this, but I think I do sense that whiff of salt other reviewers have mentioned. Green, mossy, and soft, with the snake oil sugared oils far below.
  9. ceej


    Woody, sweet, green, and grassy, all with the spice of Snake Oil lurking below. The musk softens the spiky bamboo as it dries, and it becomes more musky and less grassy. It doesn't have a wham! in yo face! effect. It just softly insinuates itself around me. Love.
  10. ceej


    I wasn't sure I was going to like a chocolate/cocoa scent. I'm not entirely into the foody thing. Boomslang converted me. Milky chocolate over a warm spicy base. Maybe a glass of chocolate chai? Dusty dusky chocolate. Not too sweet, more rich & warm. Guh! My skin ate this up, so I have to slather it.
  11. ceej

    Asp Viper (2006)

    Cake. Almond cake. Spicy almond cake. Not too sweet, not the kind with gloppy icing. Or maybe a drink with orange and amaretto. It fades down a bit to a more recognizable Snake Oil after the first burst of almond, but it's remaining cake-y on my wrists. Definitely a scent for the foody scent fans. I'm not normally foody, but man, I'll make an exception here. Cake!
  12. ceej

    King Cobra (2006)

    Dark, mysterious, dry. Incense-y, definitely, with the spice far underneath. The orris pops to the foreground. Aged-blackened benches, bound with dark metal, creaking as you sit. The vaulted ceiling arches up into darkness over your head. Men in robes file past, utterly silent.
  13. ceej

    Western Diamondback

    Warm and spicy vanilla, smooth, with dusty leather and the sage lending it a bit of interest on top. Mellow and laid back: this cowboy is dozing in the sun. My husband will be smelling like this until further notice. I think I'm going to have to get a second bottle so I can make him a dry oil spray. This was the first of the Snake Pit blends I tried, and I went nuts over it.
  14. ceej

    Wolf Moon 2007

    This is another scent that evokes vivid imagery for me. A big wolfy, Spitzy dog, come to meet you from his run in the forest. Night, wintertime. His coat is covered with snow and pine needles. Cold tree-scent. Refreshing. Could be worn by a man as easily as a woman; I'll have to get my husband to stop putting on the Dee long enough to try this.
  15. ceej


    Mmmmmm. This is wonderful. Do I like it better than Schwarzer Mond? I'm not sure. I need to compare them more directly. They are similar to each other, with that slightly sweet incense-y thing, all dark and mysterious and soft. This is a little sharper, maybe, and less resinous overall. An instant favorite, that's for sure.