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  1. jeniviolet

    Under the Harvest Moon

    A year later, I plucked this off the shelf and found it had not been opened since I put a reducer cap on it LAST AUGUST. Or whenever. A loooong time ago! I smell lavender and vanilla, in softer tones than TKO. There's a bit of rose tampering the sweet, and something DUSTY. It's really nice. I want to compare it to Chrysanthemum Moon, but more floral and youthful, an early evening compared to Mum Moon's wee hours. It's that nice mix of flower/sweet/sharp. In comparison to Dorian, as another poster said, it's like that but sometimes I get a soapy masculine after-smell from Dorian. This seems very feminine. I think that there is something here that commercial perfumers really try to replicate but end up with that chemical alcohol smell - it's soft, and light, and not TOO sweet. Just a smish sensuous. It sounds very generalized in comparison with other BPALs I wear faithfully, but those seem to be the words that describe it most accurately. Very, very lovely. I'm grateful I've gotten lazy about selling bottles or I would not have hung onto this after last year, when it smelled like nothing and faded on me after 10 minutes. I forsee this getting a lot of wear this month! I've always questioned the validity of aging bottles until now, but I think I'll be hanging on to them a lot more frequently now.
  2. jeniviolet

    L'Estate Atmospheric Spray

    This is fantastic! I do not get the orange/citrus so much, but spicy resin and warm amber. It's similar to the Lab's Scherezade, one of my all-time faves. I sprayed a little on my bedroom curtains last night, and this morning was wondering if I had been transported to the Middle Eastern bazaar pre-caffeine. Lurvely!
  3. jeniviolet

    Hellhound on My Trail

    This is lovely in the bottle, a smoky boozy vanilla. On, it is all spicy spice. I take it that's the bay rum? It's not as overpowering as clove, but similar. This could be unisex, but it's a bit more masculine than I'd like to wear. Drydown is a soft spice, and mostly faded and gone within an hour. If I stick my nose right on my wrist and inhale deeply, I can barely smell that smoky vanilla from the bottle. I would like that to be MOAR! So sad. I loooooove this in the bottle but it does not love me so much. This will be one for the scent locket and oil burner, I think.
  4. jeniviolet

    Mead Moon

    Mmm, honey! It's soft, slightly sweet, a little bit creamy, barely spicy, and has just an smidge of booze. This is the foodiest summer in a bottle I've ever sniffed, and I'm quite enamoured of it. Throw is not-so-much but the wear length is long. This is one of the ones that's still barely there on my arm the next morning.
  5. jeniviolet


    This is doing the unfortunate amber powder thing on me, combined with lily's overly perfumey floral. Hiding underneath is a soft hint of the honey and musk. I'm gonna age this one and try it again in six months, because I do think it has a lot of potential.
  6. jeniviolet

    Gainful Employment

    I've been unemployed for about six weeks, and kind of at my wits end regarding my chosen career and all that jazz. On Sunday, I broke down and ordered a bottle of this. On Thursday, it arrived after I got home from from a promising interview. I anointed myself and a thank you card with it, and mailed the card. When I got back from the post office, I had a voicemail from them asking if I wanted the job. Unbelievably awesome. Thank you, Lab!!! Yeah, I'd say it WORKS. As for the smell, it's pretty strong. Lots of clove like in the perfumes Blockbuster and Voodoo. The dab I put on my chest burned a little, but other areas were not bothered by it.
  7. jeniviolet

    The Buggre Alle This Bible

    Since I'm the person Edenssixthday passed this off to who absolutely loved it, I figured I could try to eke out a review here. In the bottle, it's sharp woods—maybe sandalwood—and a subtle leather. On my wrists, it alternates between a dusty incense, warm woods and leather, and sweet soft tobacco. A lot of reviewers say this is too masculine for their preferences, but to me it feels perfectly gender neutral. Another reviewer's comparison to a freshly unwrapped pack of Benson & Hedges is spot on. After 10 minutes, it melds into a perfect composite of paper or books warmed by the sun, a little leather, and fresh tobacco. A+, I'm ordering a bottle today as this half decant is not long for this world!
  8. jeniviolet

    Quincey Morris

    Ok, remember that episode of Ally McBeal where she was shopping and put the lube in her pocket because she was too embarassed to be seen with it in the cart and then forgot to pay for it and was arrested for shoplifting and when all was cleared up, Billy asked "why lube?" and Ally said "have you ever bought a lotto ticket? even though you know you're not gonna win, you can at least hold the ticket in your hand and say 'maybe.' that was my lotto ticket." Incredibly soft leather, leather throughout. After about ten minutes, the vanilla and pear start peeking thru a bit, but still mostly expensive, supple leather. Within the hour, the vanilla matches the leather. It's soft and dusty and very rich-smelling. It has little to no throw, and is very light. Sadly, I think this is too masculine for what I like to smell on my own skin. And yet, I have to keep it. Maybe, someday, I can slather this on some lucky sweet cowboy guy. Quincey Morris is my lotto ticket.