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  1. CelestialNM


    My first thought when this was wet was "berry." It was just tart and very, very sweet. I was rather surprised. As it dried it grew deeper-- greener, if you would. I could smell a hint of lime and more of the musk. It seemed to get more "masculine" as it dried down. At first it reminded me of Yerevan but when dry is rather unique. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I don't think I like it enough to get a bottle, but I'll definitely wear it from time to time. This would definitely be scrumptious on a guy. I would give it a 3.5/5.
  2. CelestialNM

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Thanks everyone! Now I will have to try and hunt some of these down before the interview..
  3. CelestialNM

    Lunar Eclipse

    This was a scent I was very excited about, but when I opened the bottle to sniff-- I was attacked by the evil vetiver and myrrh! GAH! It smelled like rancid peanut butter. I was so sacred to try it on my skin. But I was so glad I did! It lightened in a currant, fruity, smoky tea and it's just wonderful. Now I am glad I have a bottle-- I just don't like the smell of it wet! This will teach me to always skin test.
  4. CelestialNM


    This scent pleasantly didn't change much from the bottle to my skin, and it had good throw and stayed on for almost 24 hours!! It smells just like the description, and I found that the sakura, ume, and wisteria all balanced each other out. It was like a perfect flower trinity that wafted about me all day. Very delicate, but fresh, feminine... Evocative. This is a new favorite, I will hoard this. Very very wonderful. I am so glad I bought a bottle.
  5. CelestialNM

    Job Interview Recommendations

    I have an interview (or a series of interviews) coming up for my absolute dream job. I wear BPAL to exams and things to relax me and help me feel more confident... however you don't want to be too smelly for an interview! I'm looking for something comforting, and discreet... And since it's a conservative environment I would ask for no patchouli, too... Basically I just want something that I will get a little whiff of but no one else has to know unless they're getting very close. What scents would you wear? I don't want anything citrusy or lemony or too green but I don't want anything super-heavy or cloying, either...something very warm and zen.
  6. CelestialNM

    Port Royal

    It's taken me a long time to post a review on Port Royal because I wasn't sure what to make of it. To me it is more sweet than woody, perhaps that is the "perfume" note coming out, boozy rum and spices... almost cinnamon? With a watery, dark undertone. A very dark scent, subtly bawdy (if that oxymoron makes any sense)... It's a wonderful, wonderful, a sophisticated pirates scent and is definitely one of my favorites. But I love the boozy stuff. It ages quite nicely, too. But, I got more sweet and boozy than woody... to this day I can't smell much woods. Oh, well, I love it like it is.
  7. CelestialNM

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    Swank was also very punchy to me.. And seeing that Hawaiian Red Punch makes me thirsty! I want some now! *goes off to hunt for imp of Swank*
  8. Maybe I'm crazy, but last year's Snow Maiden was the perfect winter scent for me. I like Old Moon, I like Mistletoe, but Snow Maiden just smelled like winter and Christmas to me. Of course, it's not easy to find, and even if you could I would try to hoard it, LOL. Just had to go on record saying that. But Old Moon is pretty good too, and so is the Snow Storm.
  9. CelestialNM

    Salty scents?

    I will also say Jolly Roger. Definitely no leather for me, just salt water. Very evocative of the sea...
  10. CelestialNM

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    So... Rose Red and Peacock Queen are back, and I want to get myself a rose scent. Because I like roses. Buttt London seemed a very astringent rose to me (if that makes any sense). Too sharp, almost acidic. o_O I loved the rose in All Saints and Midnight Mass (I could swear there's rose in Midnight Mass). But London doesn't like me as much as I try to reconcile myself to it. Is the Mirror Mirror pack for me? How is Rose Red compared to London?
  11. CelestialNM

    The secret Old Spice lovers club!

    I second Pirate Moon for Old Spice Lime.
  12. CelestialNM


    I pulled out all my Halloweenie decants from last year, all the ones I never really tried properly or reviewed. Creepy being one of them. To me, this smells like taking Jack and pouring rum all over it. My imp had trouble opening this morning so I had to pull and pull until it popped open and I got tons of oil all over myself... First thought was: GROG! RUM!!! Smells like a apple rum! YUM! Then the caramel hit. Now I get this trade-off between coconut rum, the butterscotch, and the caramel, with the apple lingering in the background. This is the first blend I've really been able to pick out all the individual notes in, but it's wonderful. Very light-hearted, playful almost blend... At least that's what I get from it. It cheers me up like giving a kid some candy... It's a very nice scent.
  13. CelestialNM


    Samhain '06... When I got this last year I was eh on it, but decided to give it another year... Now, I'm still not impressed. I don't get much of the foodiness others have mentioned... To me it smells like wet leaves... Wet leaves that were on fire and then burnt? I can sense notes between the surface. It WANTS to work on me, I can tell... It just doesn't. Eventually it just smells to me like wet leaves and burnt maple syrup... I so wanted to like this one. It does remind me of autumn, but it isn't something that works on me, or that I'd wear. Even in the bottle it isn't appealing. :| I'm afraid I'll have to swap/sell this one... Too bad.
  14. CelestialNM

    Pumpkin Queen

    I got a decant of this last Halloween, and for some reason set it aside for about a year. Going through my stash now that it's fall I decided it was time to start wearing (and thus reviewing ) these Halloween scents. Yay for fall! Anyway, this is a gorgeous scent. The pumpkin is very light, and it's well blended. Other than pumpkin, it's hard for me to pick out a single note. It's very smooth. Others have said buttery, but for me it smells creamy. Absolutely wonderful. I have to keep huffing my wrist. Now I'm sad that I didn't take a chance on this and order a bottle of it! So far it has good wear-length... I will be wearing this a lot now.
  15. CelestialNM

    Chaste Moon 2005

    Every since reading the description I knew I really wanted to try this one. Was finally able to purchase about a third of an imp! I definitely know I'll need to find more! It's creamy, a little bit spicy on me, yet there is a floral side that's present too. Very smooth. Chaste Moon it may be, but there's some... how do I say it? Wisdom here. Innocent and naive don't have to mean the same thing! But that's just me reading into it, what the smell did for me. I put this one when I went to the gym tonight and promptly ran 5.5 miles and was sweating up a storm-- it had great throw! I could smell it wafting all around my head and yummmmmm! Still could smell it after an hour of running. Oh, this is divine. 4.75/5