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    Anime and manga are really my only consistent hobbies. Everything else comes and goes. Yes, I like yaoi. <br /><br />I write. Most of what I write is of the fantastical sort, and often, though not always, it's also of the erotic sort. A little of my writing can be found at:<br />http://liminalhorizons.livejournal.net<br /><br />I write for a homoerotic webzine called Shousetsu Bang Bang under the pen name Kagamino Kage. My stories for SSBB can be found at:<br />http://s2b2.livejournal.com/tag/kagamino+kage
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  1. Vampy

    Recs for those who can't do sweet perfumes?

    Actually I love Aureus! It's one of the few that isn't very sweet on me, but the resins still give it a light drizzled sweetness. Cathedral is the same way, and a similar scent.
  2. Vampy

    Recs for those who can't do sweet perfumes?

    Okay, so most bpals are very sweet on me. This isn't actually a bad thing - I don't have a problem with sweet scents, I like them just fine. But lately I've been kind of tiring of everything smelling so sweet. I want some things that are only mildly sweet, or not sweet at all. Currently the only thing I think I have that fits the not-sweet-at-all bill is Burial, which I like, but isn't one of my faves. (Even Brimstone is a little sweet on me - yeah, it's pure gritty smoke, but it's a sweet gritty smoke.) Any recommendations?
  3. Vampy

    The Hierophant

    Sweet, bright lotus and CINNAMON, with a light dusting of churchy resins. And did I mention cinnamon? Because, you know, there's cinnamon in this. Like, a lot of cinnamon. I don't get the resins as strongly as everyone else seems to be, it's just a subtle mellowness rounding out the lotus and CINNAMON. It's quite pretty, bright and soothing. I get the impression of bright golden light with little tendrils of traditional incense smoke rising up. By the way, in case I forgot to mention, there's a pretty strong cinnamon note in this.
  4. Vampy

    The Tower

    What the hell, honey? Am I seriously the only one getting honey from this? Because I'm getting a seriously whopping dose of honey. In the vial it smelled rather like Bloodlust without the clove; then when I put it on it smelled like the lovechild of Bloodlust and Bloodkiss. There is clove, but much lighter than in Bloodlust, and a strong base of vetiver covered in dragon's blood, and a mysteriously elusive floral in there somewhere that keeps peeking out and going back into hiding. (Maybe the lotus that I've theorized is in all the Tarot blends.) And, of course, a sticky film of honey dripping over everything. Am I crazy? Am I imagining things? I swear it's there! I... I actually really like this. I am not sure how to feel about the fact that I really like this, considering the thought of wearing it as perfume disturbs me slightly. It's earthy and fiery and spicy, and has that luscious dragon's blood I love so much without the sickly floral sweetness that all the Ars Draconis blends have on me. It's a bit heavy for the warm weather, but I'm sure it'll be great for the fall and winter... if I'm not too unnerved by the concept behind it to wear it, ahaha.
  5. Vampy


    Justice smells like a little bit of everything. There's a touch of woodiness and spice, a dusting of floral, a light tartness of fruit, and a crush of herbs. I smell a base of lotus - I'm beginning to think there must be lotus in all the tarot blends, because while I didn't pick the note out in all of them I've picked it out in most of them. I smell a bit of spicy lavender, and while I don't specifically smell violets, there's a powderiness that violets usually give me, so that might be what it is. I really can't pinpoint any other specific notes, just the impression of fruits, herbs, florals and woods. It's very androgynous - rather than simply unisex, it smells feminine and masculine at once. I'm surprised that there seem to be a lot of complaints about the florals giving people headaches - florals have a tendency to amp on me and make my sinuses swell shut and my head pound, but this blend remains quiet and understated and non-invasive. I like it, but I don't love it. It's... interesting, and rather calming. I get an impression of very clear bright light.
  6. Vampy


    OMG. I had some sort of fit of temporary insanity and compulsively swapped for and bought three imps of this right around the same time, before I'd even smelled a single one; I was petrified after I did it that I'd end up not liking it, but fortunately my fears were dispelled. This is WONDERFUL. Just the sort of dark and incensey thing I always adore. Nag champa, patchouli, and plum - I don't really get the narcissus itself, but it's probably sweetening the plum. It's a soft brown cloud of incense powder dribbling with sticky plum - it's luscious! I'm glad I have three imps of it.
  7. Vampy

    Allison Gross

    Oh dear. I didn't really have high hopes for this one to begin with, considering the floral-heavy listed notes; florals are always iffy on me. But as soon as I opened the vial, I smelled rose, and I knew it wasn't going to work. Not that it smelled bad in the vial, mind - it smelled quite pretty, green and glittering, but when I smell rose I know my skin's not going to like it. I tried it anyway. And within 10 or 15 minutes, yep, there's the old lady rose soap. At least it wasn't amped up to suffocating levels, which rose usually does on my skin - it stayed fairly light and non-invasive, so I remained blessedly headache free. The Curse of the Rose was merciful, this time.
  8. Vampy


    Whoa, way too much myrrh. Or maybe it's that the particular kind of myrrh disagrees with me. Whatever it is, it's that same magenta myrrh scent that there was too much of in Priala, and it's nose-wrinkling and sneeze inducing, and kind of soapy. It smelled good for the first few minutes - the musk was stronger, and it had a really dark, sexy and smoky thing going on, but that myrrh kept amping until I couldn't take it. I like myrrh, but not when it's this strong. In the swap pile with ye!
  9. Vampy

    The Hanged Man

    Wow. This smells so much like tears it's startling. There's lotus and some very soft, mellow fruits and florals, I think, but the really striking thing is that saline smell of tears. It's bizarre. Pretty, but bizarre. (In the imp, I'll note, it just smelled like fruity bubblegum. I was a bit taken aback, as I was expecting something solemn, so I was rather relieved when it changed on my skin. ) It's a lovely and appropriate scent, but not very me. I'll be keeping the imp though, and wearing it when I want to evoke the relevant concepts.
  10. Vampy


    Well this was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't feeling too sure about it from the reviews, and then when I received an imp, the scent on the outside of the cap was strongly unpleasant - dusty and sneezy and headachey-floral, somewhat like the drydown of the Hermit was on me. I was a little afraid to try it. But when I opened it, it smelled really different - there was a powerful fresh blast of sweet orange and dandelion - and something tangy which resembled that awful smell on the outside of the cap, only, y'know, not awful. Maybe it was the dandelion, I'm not sure. I was still a bit nervous of it, considering the possibility that it might dry down to that unpleasant scent, but it didn't. On, it smelled bright and sweet, something a bit earthy emerging beneath the orange and dandelion that I can't identify, but as others have said, is very green. I think there's also a hint of lemon, and a smooth mellow note that might be amber. For a few minutes it passes through a stage reminiscent of orange scented cleaner fluid, which is kind of disconcerting but not outright unpleasant. The scent has an almost narcotic, soothing effect on me, similar to White Light (though thankfully I like the scent far more than White Light - not fond of that one.) It's bright orange surrounded by a halo of yellow lying in a bed of green - the colors I usually associate with the card. It's very appropriate.
  11. Vampy

    Ace of Cups

    I'm surprised I don't see more reviews complaining (or just mentioning) this going to powder on them, because it went straight to cherry powder on both me and the boy. In the vial, it smelled like cherry cough syrup. (This didn't worry me though, as anything with a cherry note tends to smell like cough syrup in the bottle to me.) On, it immediately took on a soft powdery note that was discordant with my idea of the water element (though there was a juiciness underneath that made me suspect it wasn't meant to go powdery like that.) Cherry was dominant, and though I smelled other things, I couldn't really pick them out and name them. It had a mysterious and unexpected "hot" quality - like Ace of Wands, but not quite as extreme. The heat made my heart beat faster. Overall: smells rather like cherry scented carpet refresher powder. Eh. :\ I'm a little disappointed with this one.
  12. Vampy

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    If you have a respiratory allergy to pine, probably you should avoid scents with pine in the description, and the same with the other woods. You'd have to ask your doctor to be sure, but if you're allergic to the actual proteins - like say, if you waved a bunch of pine needles in your face, it would make you sneeze - then those same proteins would definately be in the scents with pine resin in them. I don't claim to have medical knowledge on this one, but if it is a food allergy - like he has to ingest it - I can't imagine that it would cause him a problem unless he drank the oil (which, I mean, would be a pretty bad idea even if he wasn't allergic. )
  13. Vampy


    In the imp: Burial meets The Coiled Serpent On skin: Instantly turns to something very similar to Ace of Pentacles, but with a charred, burnt note, and instead of a mix of evergreens it's pine alone. Very pungent and long-lasting. It does sprout a few sweet flowers after a couple of hours or so - an interesting and appropriate effect. Notes: Vetiver, probably also patchouli, burned wood (I think cedar?), pine resin, light florals. It's pleasant, but like Ace of Pentacles, a bit too OMG WOODS AND DIRT for my tastes. Will probably just use on occasion for purposes of focusing on the card's concepts.
  14. Vampy

    Ace of Swords

    Oooh, I like this one. Lots of lavender, as others noted - though it was so startlingly different smelling when I first sniffed the imp that it took me a bit to realize that was what I was smelling. A very spicy lavender, plus a touch of something cold in my nose, but subtle enough that it's hard to pin down - I think anise or fennel, but I'm not sure. There's a sweetness suffusing it - lotus, I think. The boy said it smelled like a pleasant men's cologne - I disagreed. But then, after about 20 or 30 minutes, a woody note surfaced (couldn't determine what - sandalwood? cedar? both?), and then it did have a men's cologne sort of feel. It starts out cold and light purplish blue, and moves toward a darker purple, with that faint golden sweetness glowing through it the entire time. Like sunlight through a rain cloud. It's very soothing and head-clearing, in such a way that it would be good for both work/study or as a sleep aid.
  15. Vampy

    The Wheel of Fortune

    This... is... bizarre. In the vial: Listerine breath freshening strips. On: Pepto and chalky toothpaste. After a minute or two: Not quite as bad, a touch of something fruity coming out of the mint, maaaaybe touch of lotus? Still has a pepto edge though. Between 5-10 minutes: Something... woody? Uh. That seriously was totally not there before. And I think those that noted sasparilla are probably right. Still a hint of pepto in there. It's grown very light already. 10+ minutes: Light undefinable florals, chalky mint. 20+ minutes: Barely there anymore, faint sweet chalkiness. I think there's definately some camphor in here, and some kind of mint - wintergreen is probably right - and I'm pretty sure there's lotus. I think there's some kind of woody note and some other florals and sarsaparilla. It changes every couple of minutes, the only connecting factor that chalky pepto smell. It is head clearing, but also somewhat nauseating. Er. This one is just odd. Really odd.