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    Punkie Night

    PUNKIE NIGHT Once upon a time, on a wild October night many years ago, a fair took place at Chiselborough. The men of the village of Hinton St. George made their way to the fair, and spent the night in revelry, drinking and carrying on, far into the darkest hours. Their wives grew concerned, and went looking for their unruly husbands. In order to see their way through the autumn gloom, they hollowed out mangel-wurzels and crafted them into makeshift lanterns. The drunken men, in their sloshy haze, saw the ghostly lights approaching, and believed them to be goolies -- the furious spirits of unbaptized children. In terror, they fled in panic from their bemused, bewildered wives. To this day, that night of foolishness is still celebrated! This is a light-hearted scent: apple orchards, bright cranberries, and a touch of warm cider. APPLES APPLES APPLES! This is such a yummy scent...I want to take a bite out of my arm! When this was wet it was all apple on my skin. As it dried I got a little bit of fruit, cherries? (Nope once I looked it up I realized it was cranberries) and just the tiniest hint of spice. When dry it smells just like my house when I put a pot of cider on to simmer. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!! I'm so happy with my choices for the Haloweenie scents! Thanks Beth for such great fall scents...it's my favorite time of year and now I can smell like it!
  2. Kimocean

    Lucy Westenra

    LUCY WESTENRA When Lucy, I call the thing that was before us Lucy because it bore her shape, saw us she drew back with an angry snarl, such as a cat gives when taken unawares, then her eyes ranged over us. Lucy's eyes in form and color, but Lucy's eyes unclean and full of hell fire, instead of the pure, gentle orbs we knew. At that moment the remnant of my love passed into hate and loathing. Had she then to be killed, I could have done it with savage delight. As she looked, her eyes blazed with unholy light, and the face became wreathed with a voluptuous smile. Oh, God, how it made me shudder to see it! With a careless motion, she flung to the ground, callous as a devil, the child that up to now she had clutched strenuously to her breast, growling over it as a dog growls over a bone. The child gave a sharp cry, and lay there moaning. There was a cold-bloodedness in the act which wrung a groan from Arthur. When she advanced to him with outstretched arms and a wanton smile he fell back and hid his face in his hands. She still advanced, however, and with a languorous, voluptuous grace, said, "Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come to me. My arms are hungry for you. Come, and we can rest together. Come, my husband, come!" A wanton beauty, corrupt, hypnotic, seductive, and feral: magnolia, iris, Moroccan rose, frankincense, crushed jasmine blossom, blood orange, tobacco flower and white musk. So this is my fourth scent review today...yes I just got my order and I figured I could try on four...both hands and upper arms. All have been gorgeous so far and L.W. is no exception. Wet this was a sharp floral. My skin always amplifies orange and the blood orange in this holds true to form. It gives the floral a really nice citrus bite. As it dries down the orange softened up a bit and the frankincense made itself known which gave this a lovely exotic feel. As far as the flowers go, it's a very nice blend and I am struggling to pick the notes apart. I get a little jasmine and a touch of rose. This scent stays pretty close to my skin but it is one I'd love to have somebody discover close to my skin . This is a very sexy scent.
  3. Kimocean

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    On the 14th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Gates of Hell burst open, and ghosts pour forth from the Nine Darknesses into the sunlit world. To placate the dead, Hell Money is burned, offerings are made, and paper boats and floating lanterns are set out to give comfort and direction to wayward spirits. Though many spirits simply seek out the comforts of their former homes and the company of their loved ones, rancorous spirits also roam the streets, seeking revenge on those who have wronged them, before and after their deaths. Offerings of ginger candy, sugar cane, smoky vanilla and rice wine mingle with a ghost's perfume of white sandalwood, ho wood, ti, white grapefruit, crystalline musk and aloe. This scent is tapered by the presence of seven herbs, woods and resins used in the purification of the spirit and the purging of earthly concerns from the soul. Wow, I think I'm the first to review this...and of course it's my first review at all so I hope I am getting it right! My first thought was grapefruit and lime. I got a very strong fruit feeling from this initially. As it settled down into my skin I got more of the sweetness...a little sugar and a hint of sandlewood. The grapefruit is still very present for me though and after a while I got just the tiniest hint of ginger. Later still I got a greener feel to it, a little bit herby and I think I can smell the aloe...but that may be cheating because I looked at the description ;-). Overall I am in LOVE with this scent. It's my first Lunacy here at BPAL and I bought it based purely on that...and the T-shirt, but I am certain it is going to be a scent that I will wear again and again.
  4. Kimocean

    Kindly Moon

    KINDLY MOON Hide this one night thy crescent, kindly Moon; So shall Endymion faithful prove, and rest Loving and unawakened on the breast; So shall no foul enchanter importune Thy quiet course; for now the night is boon, And through the friendly night unseen I fare, Who dread the face of foemen unaware, And watch of hostile spies in the bright noon. Thou knowest, Moon, the bitter power of Love; 'Tis told how shepherd Pan found ways to move, For little price, thy heart; and of your grace, Sweet stars, be kind to this not alien fire, Because on earth ye did not scorn desire, Bethink ye, now ye hold your heavenly place. Utterly ethereal, an exquisite expression of love: moonflower, lotus root, white gardenia, beeswax, peach blossom, blue musk, stargazer lily, golden osmanthus, ti, sandalwood, hyacinth, ylang ylang, and a touch of vanilla bean. So I got to smell this one at Will-Call tonight and it is another LOVELY scent. It is very floral and when wet struck me as very "perfumey". It has settled down into a soft complex scent. Dry it has lots of cool floral with just a hint of a muskiness and I can smell a touch of the vanilla beneath it. Overall it's a very cool gentle scent and definitely one I will wear.
  5. Kimocean

    Benevolent Triple Conjunction

    I revisited this bottle this morning because I've been feeling a bit stuck the last few weeks. I'm coming up on a major life change that is all kinds of good, but it's a bit scary as well and I just can't seem to get motivated to do the things that need to be done to get ready. I couldn't even make myself go through the ritual that I'd planned for this this morning but I figured I'd at least put some on above my heart and see how things went. Well the day has been better than the last few though I still feel a little stuck in the muck. I'm going to try again to do the ritual this evening and meditate on what I am headed towards. As far as the scent goes, I actually very much enjoy this blend. Like all the reviewers before me have pointed out, It's a bright, fruity, floral scent with a hint of herbal undertones. It's different from what I would normally choose to wear, but it's pretty and if it can help me overcome some of the barriers I erect for myself, I'm willing to smell like almost anything!
  6. Kimocean

    The Peacock Queen

    In dramatic contrast to the soft innocence of Snow White and the dew-kissed freshness of her sister, Rose Red, this is a blood red, voluptuous rose, velvet-petaled, at the height of bloom. Haughty and imperious, vain, yet incomparably lovely to the eye, but thick with thorns of jealousy, pride and hatred. This year I've fallen in love with the Peacock Queen. She's wooed me with her lush rosey ways and her tiny hint of spice that comes out to play across my skin. She is bold but not loud, she brushes up against the noses of others without shouting "Off with their heads!" like some of her red cousins do. She is rich but doesn't make you think of old ladies and their little rose shaped soaps. She is dark but never vulgar. She whispers to you about the mysteries of the world but doesn't revel in blood or death.
  7. Kimocean

    Snake Oil Bath Oil

    This makes me think of the "Oh Yeah" song by Yello that was used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you know the one that just goes "Oh yeah" over and over? That's what this bath oil makes me want to do. I looked the lyrics up and they are actually something like: Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah The moon... beautiful The sun... even more beautiful Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah Beautiful Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah... Good time and that's basically my review. Just throw in a few deep breathy sighs and some "chicka chicka's" and you basically have my whole thought process when I smell this big bottle of gorgeousness. Used a little as an after shower moisturizer last night and it's still strong on my skin 16 hours later (and that's with a night and morning of extra-curricular activities thrown in if you know what I mean...chicka, chickahhh!)
  8. Kimocean

    Snake Oil Soap

    I just used my bar of Snake Oil Soap by Villianess for the first time this afternoon. It is a firm bar with a light brown top and dark brown bottom. When I sliced into it I noticed that the dark brown was wrapped around a core of light brown for the bottom half. The scent is that of aged Snake Oil as it smells on my friend's skin (not the same scent as in the bottle.) My skin doesn't like the perfume oil for some reason and turns it into baby powder but on her it smells absolutely fantastic. I could get away with the previous incarnation of the soap creating a gorgeous scent without going to powdery route so I've had my fingers crossed for this! So far, so good. This too seems to be staying true to the dark rich spicy vanilla scent that I want from it. I'd classify the lather level as on the low side of normal for soap but there was plenty to use to get clean. The dark layer did seem to be staining the lather which looked a bit strange-almost like I was washing off after being VERY dirty. The scent is clinging gently to my skin. I didn't use any other products and my skin is feeling a bit dry after getting out of the shower. My skin tends to not need regular moisturizer but this may need a bit added to the routine. Luckily there's the bath-oil to maybe give a little moisturizing boost.
  9. Kimocean

    Octopus and Abalone Diver

    I am totally in love with this oil. On my skin it develops into a slightly salty musky sea scent with a hint of stone (I assume that's the shell accord) and some flowers thrown in to make it more feminine. It stays close to the skin but when I catch a whiff of it I want to close my eyes and breathe deeply. This is what I've been dreaming of in an aquatic scent. It's sexy in a way that is deeply personal, a sensualness I associate with sea glass. It's the scent of making love after a long day at the beach and it's very, very good.
  10. Kimocean

    Ho Ho Ho

    I pulled this out today to see how it has aged and because I was feeling in the mood for a holiday scent. It has darkened up a bit since last year and is less aggressively fruity to my nose. As many of the reviews have noted, it's a spicy mulled cider scent with definite presence of pear and a hint of pine. I also get a good dose of ginger that seems a little stronger than I remember it from last year. It's super yummy but is a little reminiscent of a Christmas Candle so I hesitate to wear it too often on my skin. It's great in the oil burner though!
  11. Kimocean

    Orange Phoenix v6

    Got my hands on a bottle of this from a generous friend and I am absolutely in love! I've been craving something with a strong citrus quality and this is perfect. It hits hard with the orange peel scent at first and then settles down into a musky skin loving orange with a hint of neroli. It's also amazing layered with something a little bit spicy.
  12. Kimocean


    This is primarily a lovely tropical floral on me. It has just a hint of a smoky scent when it's wet and then the flowers come forward with the plumeria being most prominent. The sandalwood is gently present keeping the flowers from getting too high-pitched. This is a great scent for summer days.
  13. Kimocean


    Ah this one is pretty. I wore a deep magenta sweater today and my roommate told me my perfume matched it. When wet this is a strong jasmine with just a hint of rosehips and maybe a peek of the ginger adding interest. The initial drydown brings out more of rosehips creating a tangy/floral blend that reminds me of Vassakassajja in feel. Full drydown brings this closer to the skin and the honey and ginger are more noticeable. It makes me think of hard ginger candy at this point. The blend is sweet now and soft with the jasmine still present but very mildly. Overall this scent is a total winner for me. I'm certain it will go into regular rotation. The only question is how many bottles will I need?
  14. Kimocean


    I'm finally getting around to reviewing this but I've been wearing it like crazy. Wet this is strong pine and a blast of musk. Dry it gets gorgeous. The pine falls to the background but never fully disappears and the musk calms down though it stays prominent. Interestingly I get a hint of vanilla in this one along with that classic cold scent that always gives me the impression that there might be a little mint dripped into this blend. My primary impression isn't floral at any stage though there are certainly flowers here. On the very late dry-down I get a gentle vanilla wafting over a soft musk with just a hint of pine far back behind. I love how this smells when I wake up the next morning, soft and sexy with just a hint of the outdoors. ETA: Reading through the other reviews, I see Jeanette solved the vanilla mystery for me--Nigritella lithopolitani. I've always loved orchids so perhaps this is becoming a favorite because this note floats to the front.
  15. Kimocean

    Hellhound on My Trail

    Oh this is good on me. Hot, heavy sex good. Rip your clothes off and get down to business good. I turned down getting a bottle of this at the will-call it was available at because I thought it was too masculine and I've kicked myself ever since. I finally got a decant and yes, it's got a masculine edge to it, but I just don't care. I want to bathe in this. I want to make everything in my bedroom smell like this. I want to put it in some massage oil and give my lover a back-rub with this. There aren't many of Beth's vanilla scents that I can wear because I can't wear anything with amber or red musk in it without smelling like I haven't showered in weeks. This smells how I wish Snake Oil would stay on me. Sexxxxy!
  16. Kimocean

    Champagne and Cigars

    This is such an interesting scent. I've really come to like it much more than I thought I would. The champagne scent is very fresh and bubbly. It has a zing that rides up in your nose. It's a sweet champagne and actually smells like 7-up to me more than the ginger ale mentioned in the other reviews. The cigar scent is the sweet incense like smell of a cigar shop. It's not smokey at all. It adds a great grounding note to the scent and keeps the champagne note in line once it dries down. When wet the champagne dominates but when dry it balances out. This has quite a bit of throw and I have gotten multiple compliments every time I wear it. Random people in stores have even stopped me to tell me how good I smell. I'm a slather-er and this one probably doesn't need to be slathered! Overall, very evocative and pretty. So different from anything else I own. I'm really glad I was lucky enough to get a bottle.
  17. Kimocean

    All They Had Seen, and All They Had Lost

    This scent is a totally unexpected winner for me. Jrk1857 summed it up perfectly with the image of "golden autumn light in a bottle; the sun shining through yellow leaves, interpreted perfectly into perfume." This is warm and feminine without being an in your face floral. It feels elegant yet accessible. I was afraid that the mist note would feel aquatic but it just adds a touch of depth, like breathing in moist air. The rose is present but not at all dominant. I don't get any soapiness from this. Overall I'm quite enamored with this blend!
  18. Kimocean


    In my most recent organizational attempt I discovered that I have two imps of this so I figured it's time to test it out! One I got as a frimp from the lab at the last will-call and the other has been aging in my box for at least two years. Both are smokey, sweet, incense. Definitely got a woody tone to it and my skin tends to amp wood notes especially in the younger one. The older stays a little bit richer and deeper. Not a favorite but strong throw and if you like resinny incense this just might work for you.
  19. Kimocean

    Baobhan Sith

    This is an old imp, probably about 2 years but I'm just getting around to testing it! The grapefruit is very faint at this point both in the imp and on my skin. It's more of the bitter quality of grapefruit than the tart citrusy note but that's probably the due to the age. The tea is very dominant in this when wet and then the apple blossom and a soft sweet ginger come out as it dries down. It's actually very pretty aged but lacks the citrusy feel that many of the reviews note.
  20. Kimocean

    Huesos De Santo

    Oh my...I'm not a foody scent person. I hate the butter note of many of the foody blends but for some strange reason I impulse bought this at Will-call the other night, wore if for the first time yesterday, and I'm totally in love. I have always liked citrus scents and the orange in this is gorgeous. It's a sugared orange for certain--more like an orange glaze or an orange liqueur than the scent you get as you peel an orange and it is the orange that starts this scent off. A blast of that slightly boozey orange followed by creamy moist cake. At that point I waffle...is this too foody for me? I always think foody scents are too young. And really should the fat girl go around smelling like cake? I don't want people to think it's all I eat! But then soon after the anise comes out to play soothing all my worries away. A warm hint of spice that rounds the sweetness out and adds complexity that thrills my nose and wait, is that a hint of something floral? Maybe a little bit of rose? This is smelling more grown up, dare I even say a little bit elegant? It's citrusy, creamy, sweet, spicy and lightly floral all at once. At it's extreme dry-down 12 hours later, I still got a gorgeous creamy complex scent. It was fainter, but it was stil there and still really pleasing to my nose. The most amazing part? I put this scent on again today. I never wear the same perfume two days in a row so this must be really special. I woke up this morning and could still smell a hint of it on my wrist. I was planning on wearing L'inverno today but I just couldn't resist reaching back for Huesos de Santo. It's just too good.
  21. Kimocean

    Lady Lilith

    Reading the notes I had no idea what to expect from this scent. I love citrusy florals and opoponax but usually can't handle anything with red musk as it tends to amp like crazy on my skin and get very "dirty" smelling. Wet on me this is a strong blast of mandarin and tea with a hint of soft musk behind it. Not scary yet but no sign of the florals. As it dries the mandarin fades almost completely on me but the remaining scent is still very pretty. The vanilla has come out to play but is not cloyingly sweet as many vanilla blends are on me. I've also found the violet but it's very gentle. The tea stays present throughout and the musk hasn't amped out of control. Overall it ends up being a very gentle pretty scent.
  22. Kimocean

    Lover's Parodies of Sumo Holds

    I can't quite believe I've never reviewed this one as it is definitely one of my favorite scents. It has mellowed a bit with age from a strong initial blast of tangerine to a softer citrusy floral (the jasmine is gentle in this, definitely not a brain attacking jasmine!) with that wonderful hint of opoponax underneath. This is an elegant sexy scent that I love wearing out on a date. It sticks pretty close to my skin but if someone gets close enough to smell it they always love it.
  23. Kimocean

    Horn of Amalthea

    This starts off as very wet fruits/vegetables doused in cream on me. The pear and fig are dominant but I can also definitely smell carrot juice and a hint of the bergamot. I think the wet scent comes from the lettuce or the cucumber and it gets stronger as the initial pear/fig onslaught fades away. The pomegranate comes out to play a little later and finally the honey and cream are dominant on the late dry-down. I did get some staying power from that scent but most of the fruity goodness was gone at that point. Cream is not one of my preferred notes, but I still found this pleasant and evocative. It is nowhere near as milky as Milk Moon 07 which I was thankful for!
  24. Kimocean

    La Primavera Bath Oil

    I love fruity floral scents and this one is just gorgeous. I purchased this oil at the last west coast will call and I am so happy I did. I too have been using it as an in-shower moisturizer and I am loving how it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized and smelling fresh and beautiful. It has a gentle cloud of throw on me that lasts most of the day. I really couldn't be happier with this product. The scent itself is dominated by the citrusy lemon/orange/grapefruit scent at first with the gardenia and tuberose notably hovering behind. The mint, sandlewood and sugar cane notes are subtle players that seem to round the scent out so it doesn't get too brightly floral or sharply citrus. After a few hours the citrus scent fades on me but the florals stay soft and pretty. I really couldn't be happier with this scent!
  25. Kimocean

    Fearful Pleasure

    As so many of the reviews say, this is a perfect hot spiced cider scent. The orange peel is a gorgeous addition and it dries down eventually (8+ hours later) to a soft gentle sweet dried apple scent with just a hint of spice.