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  1. isyche

    Deep in Earth

    I love the moss and dirt notes in this, but the rose geranium completely dominated on my skin and reminded me too much of this geranium-scented dish soap that we have at my house. So, I guess I'll have to stick to Zombi, Madeline, and Queen of Clubs for florals-plus-dirt.
  2. isyche

    The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

    I'm always tempted by the awesome descriptions of the aquatic/ocean scents and then most of them don't work on me. Sadly, the Fisherman's Wife was no exception. Seaweed, mint and honey sounded interesting, but all I got was that strong aquatic cologne/soap scent from it. Ah well.
  3. isyche


    Anactoria was very musky and ambery on me -- at first it was all heavy/sweet musk and traditional perfume-y, and then it dried down to mainly the resin notes. I was disappointed because I had been hoping to get more of the currant and honey, but I guess my skin really amps this particular musk.
  4. isyche

    Love's Philosophy

    Love's Philosophy on me smells exactly like storebought vanilla frosting, and it's really strong...I don't get mint or saffron out of it, just a buttery/chalky sweet vanilla. I like some foody scents, but this was too much FROSTING! for me...I tend to prefer more subtle/natural and less sweet things.
  5. isyche

    Lady Una

    On me, Lady Una is like a cross between Dorian and Bewitched with honey poured over it -- it starts out more Dorian-ish with tea and musk and then gets richer and sweeter with the blackberry and honey, but not too sweet. Blackberry notes sometimes go very odd on my skin, but this one seems to stay under control. It's a really lovely, sensual golden-purple wild-nature scent and my favorite from Stardust so far that I've tried. I want a bottle.
  6. isyche


    I could barely even open my decant of War because something in it smells so off to me. It's like a thin gingery sweetness over twisted evil. I put some on, but it didn't change -- whatever that bitter dark medicinal note is really does not like me and the feeling is mutual. I suppose it works for the character, though, since War isn't what you'd call nice. I shall send her on to someone who gets along with her better.
  7. isyche


    On me Shadwell starts as a strong cologne-aquatic smell, then a sweet tobacco scent comes out under it, like someone smoking outside in the rain. I don't get the milkiness or the tea. It's interesting and really works for the character; not sexy, but a comfortably eccentric guy smell. However, I am not a grumpy old Englishman, so I think I shall swap my decant.
  8. isyche

    Fairy Market

    Fairy Market was a pretty, delicate incense/grass/fruit combination when wet -- nicely evocative of the different scents of the market -- but it got sweeter and sweeter and more perfumey as it dried on my skin and ended up as something too strong and sickly sweet, rather like Hope did. I adore the book, and I thought this was the Stardust scent for me because I love the grassy/green/more natural BPAL herbal/florals, but it's just too sweet. I think I need to avoid "sugared" anything from now on.
  9. isyche

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    This was totally Evil!Alice on me -- like Alice amped up to 11 and twisted in a bad way -- overwhelmingly burnt and sharp. I thought I was really going to like it, but it turned on me (oddly appropriate for the character, though!). Maybe it's the orange blossom's fault. I already swapped my decant.
  10. isyche

    Asp Viper (2006)

    All strong almond at first, then almond + Snake Oil, then dries to just plain Snake Oil. I like the almond note, and it makes the Snake Oil a little sweeter/foodier/creamier, which is lovely and comforting. I really like this one, but I don't think I need a bottle because the drydown is just like regular Snake Oil on me.
  11. isyche

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    On me this is a thin, sharp red berry note (neroli + acai?) over Snake Oil, but a lot fainter than Snake Oil usually is -- I can't smell it unless I put my wrist right up to my nose. It's not bad, but Eat Me does the berry + vanilla combination better on me and dries down to something like Snake Oil, so I'll probably swap my decant of the Copperhead.
  12. isyche


    Haloa starts out as warm buttery cake, rich but not super-sweet, with a fruity/raisiny overtone that must be the wine grapes and a touch of incense smoke behind it. It gets to be less cake and more of a complex rich-olive-incensey combination as it dries, like getting up from the table and putting on olive crowns for the orgy. The first phase makes me hungry and the later phase has my nose stuck to my wrist because it's so unusual and weirdly sexy. Decadent and celebratory indeed. I'm not into the snow/ice/pine scents, so most of the Yules this year weren't my thing, but I adore this. I'm glad I went for a bottle.
  13. isyche

    Purple Phoenix

    I jumped on this one because I love a lot of the purple/dark-fruit-wine-incense scents like Queen of Spades. Alas, on my skin Purple Phoenix is a straight-up powdery sweet floral (violet/orris/wisteria, I think) and stays that way. It's purple, but more of a light pastel feeling than the deep dark purple I wanted. I'll give it another chance, but I might end up swapping it.
  14. isyche

    Carfax Abbey

    Carfax Abbey on me is immediately fresh green woodiness – smells like a hike in the forest, leaves and dirt and wood and grass and pine needles. Like I just rolled in a pile of leaves and got up with them stuck in my hair. I have Brides of Dracula on my other hand, and this is almost the opposite of that – outdoorsy and raw and fresh instead of delicate and refined and subtle. It gets more woody-piney and less green as it dries, and now I'm really getting the abandoned abbey feeling from it. I can't pick out the incense, but I think it makes the wood smokier. I like Carfax Abbey and I get interesting images from it, but I don't think I'd wear it enough for a bottle. I can see how it would be good on a man, or it would probably be a great, evocative room-scent.
  15. isyche

    The Brides of Dracula

    This is very light on me -- it practically sinks in and melds with my skin as soon as I put it on. I just get a floaty aura of warm, creamy-white lily-honey-skin musk and something that reminds me of Bastet, which might be saffron. I like it a lot more than some other lily scents I've tried, which have mostly gone to soap or been really heavy white florals. It definitely works with my idea of the Brides as elusive, silent, graceful, sexy creatures, and I like that it stays close to my skin, but it's not a very "me" scent, so I'll hang on to my decant but not go for a bottle.