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    Usher, Dorian, Holiday Moon, Sleepy Moon, Peony Moon, Shadwell, Val Sans Retour, March Hare, Creepy, Pumpkin Queen, MB:Underbed, Tokyo Stomp, The Jersey Devil, CT III MXXXI, cherry blossom hates me... lotus + me = bubblegum.... I'm beginning to have the suspicion that hazelnut goes horribly wrong Honey and beeswax are always no's I am Vegan so if sending extras unless your are sure of the ingredients it's better not to send food. I love tea though!


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  1. tindome

    Scent for Halloween?

    Every July I wear my imp of the original Midway. For test days I wear my chaos theory. At least some point on Halloween I will wear Creepy F5 is worn for update nights.
  2. tindome

    The Great Sword of War

    hmm. I could have sworn I reviewed this already. Oh well This is a review of the aged bottle. Probably at least two years old? It's in a blue bottle and I bought it from someone else when I first joined the forum. I don't even remember what it smelled like originally, I only remember it didn't quite work for me so I thought I see how it aged. -The result: It aged really well. Most blends I try with red musk seem to. Really, looking at other reviews it doesn't seem to have changed much from the original. In the bottle: light Cocoa and maybe a bit of tobacco leaf. No citrus at all. On Wet: Immediately I get some mandarin which considering the age I thought would have faded but nope still there. It's sweet and slightly spicy, grounded by the tobacco. The cocoa has disappeared for the moment but I think it will make an appearance in a bit. Dry down: Still no cocoa or at least none that stands out. I think I'm getting the musk and tea in the backround now, it's hard to pick out an individual note for me because this has become much smoother and everything is blending together. The mandarin spice is still there. Dry: A spicy musk with a hint of mandarin I still don't know what to think of this. It smells good, certainly interesting and is not unpleasant in any way. Maybe a tad masculine although I don''t have a problem with it. Even though it's not something I've ever picked to wear I haven't been able to part with it. There is this feeling that the moment I let it go I'll want to wear it. Maybe I'll just hold onto it another two years.
  3. tindome

    Robin Goodfellow

    This starts out all mossy woods. Not a new forest growth but an established wood. Light filters in but there are plenty of shadows and the ground is still moist. I can smell wood and something else. It is not a feral scent but there is a wildness to it. Perfect match for the name. If only it would stay like this I would smother my blankets in it and dream of romping through half-tamed forest. However it soon fades on me and the moss and woods dissolve into a musky deodorant smell. Not fair, bring back my half naked forest spirit.
  4. tindome

    Mechanical Phoenix

    Wet: Hmm more ozone than metallic but not bad. kind of hard for me to describe. Dry down: The ozone is still there but I am getting the metallic feel. Not in the smell so much as in my mouth. Whenever I smell it I get a blood taste in my mouth that I associate with iron. Wierd Dry. It fades really fast, which is sad because it was an interesting smell. Unfortunately I hate the taste of blood and iron and the taste in my mouth makes this one a no go. ... I need to go eat something to get rid of the taste.
  5. tindome

    Green Phoenix

    This is pretty much the same from wet to dry down on me. It is basically holiday moon on my skin with a touch of mint. Now I love holiday moon so I love this but I don't know if I need two of the same scent. I think I'll try it a few more times and see if I can get the mint to exert itself. It is a lovely clean scent and does make me think of the color green.
  6. tindome


    Wet: I love this, I love ginger and this is ginger. Drydown: As it dries it gets sweeter, ginger candy. There may be some musk in the backround but its so faint I may be imagining it. Dry: This is very similar to shub on me but a tad sweeter. Shub has it's days where it hates me and wants to smell sweaty so this should sub nicely.
  7. tindome

    Agnes Nutter

    Smokey, and more smokey. in a good way. kinda like mesquite when you smoke tofu (or whatever you smoke) it has that clingy smell like the fire is gone but the smell remains. It makes me hungry.
  8. tindome


    in the imp this is one of the best smelling oils, A rich root beer. I don't know how I'm getting root beer but I am. On: The patchouli hasn't taken over which is a good sign. I get a sweet musky blend and the vanilla is coming through for me better than most blends. It reminds me of somthing I've tried before. Drydown: This is one sexy scent. There is maybe a touch of cologne but mostly I have the most delectable blend of vanilla and musk with leather padding and patchouli sideboarding. I don't find it too masculine at all.
  9. tindome


    in the imp: Well I'm not sure what this smells like but it's not bad. Something slightly sweet. On: This is creamy sweet grass. There is a smokiness too it that must be the tocacco. I can see where the mildew might come from but this is a very idealized wonderful version of mildew that I would invite to infect all of my raincoats. I think the grassy smell must be the tea. When this dries it is throws a sweet creamy scent, while up close you get whiffs of the tea. To me this is very comforting, like hugging someone who was in a cafe and has picked up bit of the smells and you're getting hints of them. My favorite of the new scents so far.
  10. tindome


    Oh this is perfect. It makes me think of sparkling and playfulness. Meadows under the moon and fireflies. This meadow is all lavender lined with magnolia, only this lavender doesn't overwhelm anything. It blends with the magnolia accenting rather than overpowering. There is a chiliness to it that does invoke the pale glow of stars.
  11. tindome


    This starts out woody, mostly rosewood,. Patchouli quickly comes to the fore and fights for dominance. As it dries the patchouli and wood mellow out and perhaps a hint of tonka in the smoothness. No lemon or mint ever came to play. It smells like a wooden chest that someone spilled patchouli in years ago. Everything faded together into a nice comforting smell. Not my normal thing but not bad.
  12. tindome

    Choosing a BPAL for your dog

    I probably wouldn't put it on the cat because they lick themselves unlike dogs and ingest the oil.
  13. tindome

    Les Anges Déchus

    I really liked this one which is good because it is one of my favorite paintings and I would be heartbroken if it didn't work. Ok The first thing I thought when I smelled this was Usher. Not that it smells the same but it gives me the same clean guy smell that I get from Usher. This is perfumey like others have mentioned and usually that would make it an automatic no for me but something about this makes it work. I think because I don't get any florals that the perfumey quality doesn't bother me as much. Although I wouldn't have realized it until I saw someone on here say it, there is a quality reminscent of a high quality salon. When it dries down some of the perfume aspects fade leaving tobacco and moss with something else I can't quite identify. The currant maybe? Overall I really like this, It's something I'll wear when I want a nice clean gender neutral scent.
  14. tindome

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    mmmmmm.... this scent is fluffy vanilla clouds with chocolate and mint raindrops. In the bottle: Cookies!! Thin Mint Cookies!! When I first put it on it was a straight up vanilla mint, lovely just as is. as it started to dry for a few minutes it seemed to want to turn into plastic of doom but luckily it never crossed the line and seems to be drying to a more muted and creamy vanilla. Not too sweet and balanced by the mint which keeps it fresh and cooling for summer. I can't decide if there is some kind of chocolate in here or if my mind is filling it in, then again it's there so does it matter how? On full drydown it is a teensy bit plastic right next to the skin but get an inch away and so lovely with a great throw the chocolate has unfortuately faded out but I still love it.
  15. tindome

    The Dodo

    This is a wonderful brown scent with the perfect amont of spice. The cassia didn't amp too much and while I didn't detect the fruit outright there was something adding a little lightness to that kept this from being overwhelmingly heavy. As it dried it reminded me vaugely of rootbeer, go figure. I little masculine but I like masculine scents. My intial thought was big bottle, but the scent ended up fading pretty quickly so I might wait and see if I can't get it to last longer if I apply more.