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  1. ArsenicandOldLace


    Tombstone was one of the first BPAL bottles I ever purchased (eBay) back in 2010 after watching a scent review for it on YouTube. Sassafras and Vanilla were the only two words needed to reel me in (and of course the name itself!) I was lucky enough to find a full bottle up for auction on eBay at the time and from a UK seller nonetheless which meant delivery was quick! In my now aged bottle it has a definite foody scent! I quickly pick up on the vanilla and sassafras notes really well but there is also a dirty earthy undertone which I really like! When first applied to my skin the vanilla fades into the background and it smells like what I can only describe as walking through a dense forest on a hot day, it smells sweet and earthy and I can definitely smell what might be the cedar which gives it a pleasant green tang! I love it! After about 30 minutes of wearing the earthiness and vanilla balance out into perfect harmony, a warm comforting scent that reminds me of autumn for some reason! This is definitely one of my favourites! I also realised today after applying it that one of my soy candles from 'The Fragrant Temple' called 'Mists & Shadows' smells really similar to Tombstone though not as foody!
  2. ArsenicandOldLace


    I have a little chest overflowing with imps and because of this I have always found the prospect of rummaging through it very daunting and time consuming, especially when my bottles are within easy reach! After joining the forum a few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to sort through them and was very happily surprised to find an imp of Jack! I have been eyeing it up in the GC for a while now so to be able to sample it without ordering from the site was brilliant! In the imp it smells completely yummy, like a hot cross bun topped with lashings of cream and sprinkled with cinnamon but there is also something slightly herby singing in the background, maybe the clove.. On the skin it has a really strong throw and on me it smells much the same as it did in the imp but the clove is definitely much stronger now, like eating that cream topped hot cross bun in a cafe that smells of incense.. nice and spicy! I applied it post shower at around half 9 in the morning and I could still smell it on my wrists, although faintly, past midnight! I think this one is definitely going on my wish list!