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    Dana O'Shee
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    Currently the 2004 Samhain has captured my heart but Jack always has one of the top spots.

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  1. TrayLynn


    This is my favorite of the Yule blends. It smells like all the best things from Christmas. I love the piney spicy scent of this oil! I worship at the Lab's feet for this oil blend.
  2. TrayLynn

    All Saints'

    My All Saint's is really nice and spicy. I get more of the Autumn fragrance kick from this oil than the florals. I can only smell the floral notes at the very beginning of the application. After the drydown I get a yummy incense and spice medley. I really like this one.
  3. TrayLynn

    Sugar Skull

    I agree with the above posters about how strong this one is. When I first put on Sugar Skull I get maple sugar, but more like maple sugar candy on snow. After a while the maple sugar smell dies down and I get a creamy buttery brown sugar. I really want to lick it off my arm it smells so nice. Why am I such a sugar freak!!
  4. TrayLynn


    I am so in love with my 2004 Samhain. I'm so glad I got two bottles of this lovely stuff. I've never been a big fan of patchouli before but I love it in this. It just adds a bit of earthyness to the spicy apple smell. It doesn't smell foody to me at all either, just like warm homeyness in a bottle. This is the fall comfort scent that I've been looking for. Cooler weather in Louisiana accompanied by the arrival of Samhain...coincidence...I think not.
  5. TrayLynn

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    I have always used an umlaut type of pronunciation like "sow in", but with a very nasal "w". Now I'm going to have to try pronouncing it with the voiced bilabial fricative method like Witch's Dagger suggested making a sound in between a "w" and a "v'.
  6. TrayLynn

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    I agree and I would have never thought of that until you pointed it out. It does make sense and explain the different pronunciations.
  7. TrayLynn


    I love these deep scents where I can smell all the different layers. My Decadence seems to have honey, almond, cream something a little winey and a dash of orange. It doesn't last that long on me but that doesn't matter too much since I'm a slather it on kinda girl. I can't wait to get a 5ml of this one!
  8. My husband really likes haitian lover (I know it's for men but he likes it on me), JackI and II (he says it smells like caramel), Queen (hehe I love me some voodoo oils), Bordello and finally Dana O'Shee. I think he likes Dana O'Shee because I wear it when I'm just hanging around and being comfy. I think it puts me in a soft mood.
  9. TrayLynn

    Queen of Spades

    Where the King is a lighter scent the Queen is darker and more sophisticated. It starts off very fruity on me but the wood notes seem to tone it down. It's a long lasting scent on me that only gets slightly powdery after many hours of wear. Finally it turns into a really lovely fruity/resiny/floral that I'm just in olfactory heaven with.
  10. TrayLynn

    King of Spades

    Oh my God the King is all regal goodness. My skin latches on to the fruit in this oil and kicks it up a notch. Luckily I love it. The plum and blackberry mix with the vanilla and coconut to soften it and make it a warm deep scent. I really like vanilla notes and this one blends so well I couldn't have asked for more. I could never have given this one to my husband, it's all miiiiinnnne!
  11. TrayLynn

    Mabon 2004

    I was getting the cherry sucrets thing at first too. After a good drydown I am getting the more apple and blackberry notes shining through. I love all the different types of blackberries we got with this round of LE's. Finally my skin developed the apple blackberry cider with a dash of woods that some have described. It's very Autumn to me so I'm really loving it right now.
  12. TrayLynn


    At first application I got the soapiness that some were describing. I could also smell the Juniper in the background. After letting the scent develop I ended up with a lovely smoky rose. It's a delicate smell on me and almost smells golden if that makes any sense. I'm really glad I got this one!
  13. TrayLynn

    Mata Hari

    I got this as a freebie and I had to swipe it on when I got it. At first I was really surprised by the coffee smell. I wasn't too sure it was going to die down or not. After a bit of a drydown the floral and vanilla started to come out on me. Now I only smell the floral with just a bitter bit of coffee in the background. The coffee seems to ground the smell and make it deeper in my opinion. I'm glad that Beth wrote a post about it though because I'm not sure if I would have given it a chance at first sniff.
  14. TrayLynn

    Formula 54

    I got my pretty bottle today and I'm in love! At first Formula 54 was fruity, I could definitely smell the cherries in this one. As the night wore on I got the smoky, sensual smell that I've always looked for in a perfume. This one just smells like sex on me and I like it! I swear I've been looking for this perfume forever. I'm so glad I got this one I would have paid double the price for F54.
  15. TrayLynn

    June Gloom 2004

    I smell the lemon at first but after it's been on my skin I get straight monoi de tahiti fragrance wafting up. I don't know what's wrong with my skin chemistry but I swear it turns June Gloom to Monoi de Tahiti oil in 30 minutes. I love the lemon and wanted it to last longer, Oh well can't win them all.