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    Scents: Centzon Totochtin, Khephra, Embalming Fluid, Anne Bonny, Aizen-Myoo, Queen of Sheba, Nanshe, Red Lantern, The Pumpkin Patches Notes: Woods, light musks, ambers, citrus, coconut, foody stuff. Blends: Dia de los Muertos & Hearth 05. Red Lantern + Centzon Totochtin. Aizen-Myoo + Anne Bonny.

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  1. raaven


    Strangely, for me, the BPAL scent that this compares most closely with is Smut. It may have a little more root beer tendency, like Laudanum does on me. If I think hard about it, I can smell the tiniest bit of Snake Oil, but mostly, I smell Smut. Which sadly, is nice on other people, but way too overwhelming on me. ::sigh:: ETA: After about 2 hours, I started sneezing and got a headache. Washed as much off as I could, and about an hour later, found it smelled pleasantly almond, wood & ambery. If my skin amped this less extremely, I could love it, but...no. Not to be.
  2. raaven


    This was one of the more active blends I've ever tried. It changed more, and faster, with my body chemistry than any thing else ever has. It was almost hard to keep up! When I sniffed it in the bottle, it struck me as a very sweet floral, plus lemon tea. With maybe a tiny tang of bitterness underneath. When I put it on, the OMG floral hit me hard, overwhelmingly, even...but only for about 30 seconds. It then switched to mostly lemon tea, then a floral lemon tea (like jasmine tea, with lemon in it). That stuck around for a couple of minutes, before dying down to mostly lemon tea. It reminded me a lot of Embalming Fluid (which I love). Then it started getting a hint of...something. Play-doh (some of the vanillas do this on me)? Green clay? Acrid dust? Somewhere in there was the hint of bitterness I smelled in the bottle. That morphed into a bitter fruity smell, something citrusy, like yuzu, maybe. The citrus note grew until it turned into some other fruit...pear? While it was morphing at this stage, it really made me think of Aizen-Myoo. Then it went into the final stage, which was a sort of fruit candy kind of smell. Reminds me of what my chemistry does to Carnal - I think that "strawberry jolly rancher" was the phrase I used when I tried it (years ago, now). But it kept the bitter note, and the tiniest hint of lemon tea, which makes it much more interesting than Carnal for me. I couldn't stop sniffing. I don't think I'd wear this one a lot, but I am fascinated by it.