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    Black Rose(my sig fragrance), Eve, Come to Me, Snake Oil, Old London, O, Sugar Cookie, Bliss, Velvet, Morocco, Snow White, Eat Me, Ophelia

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  1. FireInCairo

    Drink Me

    This is lovely. It smells of a buttery tropical confection. It goes very sugary/sweet on my skin. GOREGOUS!
  2. FireInCairo

    Eat Me

    Absolutely stunning scent. It smells of cake and musk. I think it's very sexy. It lasts on my skin for ages as well. I just bought the 10 ML -I like it so much!!! Yum!
  3. FireInCairo


    Very very sexy! It is like Diet Snake Oil.... all the flavor with half the calories..if that makes sense. It is very musky, but it will not knock you over. I've already received lots of compliments on this one!
  4. FireInCairo

    Parlement of Foules

    I am totally in love with this fragrance. It is a smokey rose that lasts and lasts on my skin. I am transported to a Victorian tea house when I wear this. It is quickly becoming a BPAL standard of mine.... too bad it was limited edition. That alone makes me want to cry. GOREGOUS blend.........
  5. FireInCairo


    I find this to be very light and citrusy. A perfect blend for the first inklings of summer. Very fresh..clean..free-spirited.
  6. FireInCairo

    Thirteen (13)

    In our paean to all the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic number, there are thirteen lucky and unlucky components, including white chocolate, tangerine, currant, mandarin, white tea and iris. This reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange chocolate from England. It also has a lovely sofy muskiness about it too. I find it to be very charming and delicious! A must have!
  7. FireInCairo


    I agree with individuals suggesting that this fragrance is a mix between Ice Queen and Skadi. It seems a bit frostier to me though. It is softer than I expected too. It's a very clean, crisp scent.
  8. FireInCairo

    Devil's Night

    On my skin- Devil's night smells super creamy and rich. It's like wearing a warm, cozy chai spice tea. It's incredible and it stays on for ages. This scent is lovely on cold nights..
  9. FireInCairo


    I knew this was familiar-and I finally figured it out. It smells like White Linen from Estee Lauder. I really like it though.
  10. FireInCairo

    The Red Queen

    Ohhh... This is the smell of over-indulgence. It's so smooth....yet cherry heady. I can smell cedar here as well. Cherry woods.... and it's a very sudden fragrance...very sharp.
  11. FireInCairo

    Snake Charmer

    This scent is so sexy. It reminds me a bit of Snake Oil- but it is a bit headier. It lasts for hours and hours. It is spicy..and warm... and floral. I am going to buy another bottle!
  12. FireInCairo


    ohh... This is nice..and very spicy on my skin. I definately smell citrus in this blend. There are lots of resins present as well. It lasts for ages on my skin. Very enchanting indeed..
  13. FireInCairo


    Eden is a goregous fragrance. The fig notes are very prominent when I wear it. It is sort of an earthy floral. The dry down is a bit powdery. It is very light and can be worn easily in the day.
  14. FireInCairo

    The Hanging Gardens

    Super fruity..and..a little ferny? I don't know- but it smells a bit like the ferns my mom used to have in our house. It's a very uplifting scent..and very heady.
  15. FireInCairo

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    Ok, this is going to sound so bizzare... But- I love the way BPAL smells when it's mixed with sweat..like as your exercising ... On me anyway- it smells goregous. I tried it with "White Rabbit" and it was AMAZING.