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  1. priscilla


    I got it as a frimp from the lab. Wet - first time I simply hated it. It just stunk and I have no idea why I put it on the wrist, but I did anyway. Oh my god, I was so glad that I did - once it dryed down, I was wrapped into the the sexy, delicate, woodsy and very worm shawle (made of a very expensive cashmere). Since then I do not judge the oils untill the "dry down" period. Later, I tried the snake oil - And as much as I love it wet, I do not like it when it's dry - turnes into odl lady smell. And, interestingly, now I love vixen wet or dry. Oh, and it is very similar to SO, but works better with my body chemistry. I htink it is a beautiful scent for the cold seasons.
  2. priscilla


    I love this scent - it is fresh, fruity and sweet, but not too much, just perfect. It is a wonderful sommer scent. It reminds me of Shango as well, but this is lighter and works better with my skin. I can't make out individual notes, but it smells exactly like if you place a bunch of very ripe fruits ( mangoes, peaches, pears....) out on the kitchen table for a while, truly fuity, not artificial fruity.
  3. priscilla


    I like it a lot. It smells very fruity, kind of like a hard candy. Lifesaver may be? I can't really separate the components but it is great for bright summer days when you feel like wearing something fruity on. I can't wear it all the time, though, I really have to be in the mood for it. It has a good staying power and the scent does not change with the time. My husband likes it, my my daighter says it smells " like a medicine" to her, although I don't get it at all. overall - 3.5/5
  4. priscilla


    thank's for the help. I will try the shango and Tzadikim Nistarim and wait for the babyaga to become available. Skindazzles? why not if you reccomend it. I will try them as well. Thank you all very much
  5. priscilla


    does BPAL have any scents that are pineapple like? I'm crazy about that scent, but the only one I can find is commercial - one and does not last.