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  1. Ryokumuji

    Black Lily

    Soapy, green, very pretty flower scent. I've seen people use the term soapy in a negative sort of context but I think it's actually very pretty in this scent. Sometimes, lily can be super grossly sweet on my skin, to the point that it makes me kinda feel sick. When I saw this imp I was thinking, "This probably won't work out too well!" Nope, this scent is actually extremely nice! There is something sort of "darker" lurking beneath the surface. This is very feminine and nice. It goes ever so slightly powdery on my skin, but I'd rather that than the super sickly sweet I usually get from lily! I could imagine myself getting a bottle of this.
  2. Ryokumuji

    Dorian in the Pumpkin Patch

    All pumpkin in the bottle, but on my skin, the Dorian really comes out. This scent strikes me as being quite foody. The pumpkin in this one is different than what's found in Jack, the only other pumpkin scent I've really tried. I think the reason I didn't like Jack was because of the clove, which I honestly do not detect at all in this scent. I don't detect any typical pumpkin spices in this scent actually. The pumpkin is buttery and sweet, almost syrup like, so I'd say it's more like a baked pumpkin sort of scent. The scent of Dorian's musky vanilla tea blends extremely well in this. This is a great fall/winter scent. If you like foody blends, then this is a great choice.
  3. Ryokumuji

    The Green Apple Of Venus

    Out of the bottle this is ALL pomegranate and it greatly reminded me of Persephone... But once it hits my skin, it's a different story. It's fruity, sweet and candy like. This doesn't say there's anything like lemon in it but it reminds me of lemon drops coated in sugar. I do wish the pomegranate had stuck around because I love that note. If you're looking for something pleasantly candy like that isn't going to give you a stomach ache, TGAoV is for you.
  4. Ryokumuji

    Mag Mell

    Oh wow! This one has really surprised me. It smells so grassy, which I didn't think I'd like that much but... It's really nice! As it stays on my skin a bit of citrus comes out too. I didn't think I'd like something like this but I think it's so pretty. Reminds me of Embalming Fluid a bit actually. They're both different enough from each other that I'd keep and wear both though. This would be a wonderful spring/summer scent.
  5. Ryokumuji

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    I was a little worried this would be overwhelmingly sweet but... It's not bad. I can tell there is a drop of cinnamon in there but the fruit that I'm smelling the most is grape. The pomegranate comes out as it stays on my skin. I like this enough to use my imp but if I wanted a grapey scent, I'd reach for Titania before this one.
  6. Ryokumuji

    The Ghost

    I really wanted this to work on me but I'm sort of undecided. I like the notes, I like the name, the concept, but... Someone upthread said it reminded them of Lysol which I can totally see. It also reminds me of the Clorox wipes I use to clean my kitchen. I don't think I can wear this with those associations in my head.
  7. Ryokumuji


    This is all bubblegum on my skin and in the bottle. The super sugary sweet pink kind with a drop of... mint???? Now I know there can't be any mint in this but it smells an awful lot like some mint gum a co-worker gave me the other day. Actually this is making me feel kinda ill in the pit of my stomach. Regardless of that, this is just so not me. Jailbait definitely does smell childish... Not the type of image I want to project to the world.
  8. Ryokumuji


    How did I not post a review for this one?! I just love it. Initially, Dorian is very lemony smelling with and underlying hint of soapiness that at first I was worried about. Once on my skin though, the soapiness goes away leaving sweet musky lemon and vanilla scent with a hint of tea. I didn't really expect this one to be such a winner. Definitely worthy of a bottle.
  9. Ryokumuji


    This is all cake at first. But as it dries down, it does go oatmeal cookie! A spiciness comes out on the dry down that does make me think of oatmeal cookies with cinnamon and nutmeg. It doesn't seem very boozy at all. It's all cake, milk, and honey that reminds me of tasty oatmeal cookies. I like this a lot. Delicious~ Edit: After testing this out for a day, this blend gets syrupy sweet and gross on me. No more oatmeal cookies, just a gross, sweet, rotten mess. Whhhhhhhhy!?
  10. Ryokumuji

    The Knave of Hearts

    Buttery pastries with roses! I swear there might even be a little honey drizzled into this. I don't detect any blackcurrant or fruit in this scent at all. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's almost to the point of being too sweet and too buttery, but the rose keeps it in check. The combination of the pastries and roses also makes this perfume unique, which I like. It's not a combo I've smelt or a pairing I would have come up with. I could see myself wearing my imp, but I don't think I would use up a bottle of this one. Not a scent I'd want to slather because on me, it has a lot of throw. Edit: After doing a long skin test of this, I don't think I can even see myself wearing the imp. It just gets so syrupy, sickly, sweet after awhile.
  11. Ryokumuji


    This was terribly butter like in the imp and initially on my skin. Once applied, the spices and peach totally drown out that butter scent, and I can still smell the pumpkin on my skin. The spices totally remind me of apple cider. Actually, this would be more comparable to a sweet peachy pumpkin bread that's super moist, fresh out of the oven, with just a little butter spread on top. An awesome fall scent but I think foodies would like this too. I could imagine wearing this at other times of the year too because it's so tasty.
  12. Ryokumuji

    Eat Me

    Eat Me in the imp has a fruity vanilla buttery cake smell. Matches the description perfectly! Once on my skin, the buttery cake note backs down considerably. It's still there, but it's not "BUUUUUUUUUUTTER LOL~" like it was on the intial application. The currant note fades back too. It turns into a slightly fruity, slightly cakey, vanilla musk. The vanilla note is pretty sweet. Gives me visions of a sweet little angel food cake smothered in vanilla frosting topped with a handful of berries! I'm pretty sure the vanilla note in this one is the same as the one used in Zephyr, although I'm enjoying Eat Me more than Zephyr. Final Thought: Like it! I really like the slight muskiness that it has to it that I wasn't expecting. I don't know if that's just a skin chemistry thing but I've seen people say as Eat Me ages, a red musk note seems to pop out. Funny because I thought red musk didn't work on me, but perhaps I must stand corrected!
  13. Ryokumuji

    Old Demons of the First Class

    Woody and spicy with a strange untone of sweetness. I'm not sure about how most of the notes in this one smell on an individual level, unforunately. This scent is not me at all.
  14. Ryokumuji


    Frimp from the lab... This is super SWEET. Doesn't seem aquatic to me at all, just has a super funky, gross, sweet floral scent. Gotta wash this off.
  15. Ryokumuji


    Frimp from the lab. This is a dark resinous floral scent. And totally not me.