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  1. opaleyes

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    Here's another cinnamon person. This smells amazing in the bottle. Mmm baked goods, cocoa, and all around deliciousness. It stayed like this on my skin while wet, but then it morphed into red hots candies. Red hots all over, or maybe big red gum. Ick. After about half an hour or so it softens back to something sweet and baked good-like, but at this point the throw is absolutely nil, so it doesn't do me much good. I love it so much when it's wet though that I think I'll maybe sell a decant or two and then use the rest in my oil burner or scent locket.
  2. opaleyes

    Knecht Ruprecht

    Knect Ruprecht is lovely. And powerful! I took a big whiff of it from the bottle and was smelling it for quite a while. It stays pretty much exactly the same on me in all forms. Wet, dry, hours later, etc. Pure evergreen Christmas tree. I'm afraid I don't really get any almond or apple, but that cold Christmas tree is definitely there. It makes me think of going to the tents full of trees with my family, reaching an arm deep into the tree to grab the trunk and stand it, to see how tall it was. That mixed with the chill of the winter air. You'd pick a tree finally, nose frozen, and tie it to the roof of the car. Then you'd get home and dad would swear a lot while putting it into the tree stand. Mom would keep you busy sweeping up all of the needles, and then when it was finally up (I still say it leans to the left!) you'd all gather for cocoa. I'm horrid at picking out notes. But that, is how Knecht Ruprecht smells on me.
  3. opaleyes

    Trick or Treat

    Candy Corn is my favorite Halloween candy. Sadly, this smelled nothing like candy corn to me. In the vial it was pure, thick sugar. Kind of like the sugary goop you get at the bottom of a glass of sweet tea that hasn't been mixed well. Once on, it quickly burst out with cinnamon. I smelled a good deal like Big Red gum. As it dried, it smelled like light cinnamon with a slightly smoky undertone. Now, hours later, there is a faint sweet smell on my wrists. I have to really sniff to smell it though. Pity, that's the smell I wanted all along, and now it's too light to smell. *sigh* Off to the sale post or swap pile.
  4. opaleyes

    Miskatonic University

    As lovely as this is in the vial, I'm really glad I didn't buy this when it was so rare and expensive. In the vial it is all lovely coffee. Wet on my skin, it's coffee and hazelnut. But once it dries, yech! A Butterscotch note comes out and sours immediately. My wrists smell like a spicy rottenwood. Into the sell box with this one.
  5. opaleyes

    Treat #2

    Mmmm. When I first opened the bottle, I was a little concerned. This was SWEET, thick, delicious buttercream. It smelled exactly like the frosting on the cupcakes that my favorite old fashioned bakery makes. You know the type. You eat one, and the frosting is so decadent that eating another makes you feel sick to your stomach. This was troubling because I recently learned that sugar goes sour on me when it dries. Then I was concerned because citruses, particularly oranges, amp up on me, so that I smell like a household cleaner. No chocolates work on me either. Worries all around. And yet, when I die, they will be prying this bottle from my cold, dead, fingers. Once on, this scent is soft. Not in the sense that it's hard to smell, but rather in feeling. It's smooth, elegant, creamy, WOW. The orange, true to form, comes out most on me, but it's gentle and gorgeous. You know when you get a dark chocolate truffle with the orange cream inside, and you bite it, and the shell of chocolate crunches and crisps slightly, and then you're into the semi-solid cream? This scent is that moment. The delightful second when the tart sweetness of the creme melds with the bittersweet of the chocolate and you are in heaven. I don't really ever get the mint, but all of the other stages are there at varying times. The majority of the time for me it was a soft orange with hints of cocoa. A few hours after application it is a quiet coconut. Weirdly enough, at moments I get a whiff of it, and it smells exactly like Candy Corn. Trick or Treat doesn't smell like candy corn to me, but with this I keep getting little snatches of that smell. It's not so much the candy corn, but the little mallowsweet pumpkins that come in the autumn mix. God, I love that smell.
  6. opaleyes

    The Carpathian Mountains

    Boy, I wish I got what the first commentor got. Snow scents are my absolute favorite, so I was very excited about this one. Sadly, it's my least favorite out of everything I ordered. In the bottle I got nothing but pure wintergreen. Wet, It's loads of wintergreen and moss. On the drydown it's wintergreen and... well, I really couldn't tell you. One of those florals/plants I suppose. I was hoping the honeysuckle, raspberry leaf, lily of the valley, snowdrop... any of them really would come out. But everything is overwhelmed by the mint. There's a creamy sort of undertone that runs through all of the snow scents, and that's what I love about them. I get none of that in this one. Very sad. If anyone is looking for a GC equivalent though, this smells exactly like Ulalume on me.
  7. opaleyes


    Mmm in the bottle I get lots of crisp cool lime. I wish it stayed that way! On me it gets a good deal warmer, and I smell a little bit like a household cleaner. However, my chemistry is a little whacked right now, so I'm going to test this again in a week. It's definitely refreshing though. I got a lot accomplished this morning while wearing it. It gave me a lot of get up and go. It lasted on me for about 4 hours before I had to reapply it. Not too bad. This seems like it would be a good scent for spring, which I suppose makes sense with spring cleaning and all. I just reapplied and I smell like Fantastik. Drrrry F5. Drrrry.
  8. opaleyes


    “The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth.” The Land of Plenty, also called Luilekkerland – the Lazy, Luscious Land: milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine. Oh wow, first! I hope I'm doing this right! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one when I read the description, and now it's arrived! My initial impression upon opening the vial was that it was just like Monster Bait: Underbed, but GC! Ee! This is delicious sweet cakes on me. It is distinctly different from Underbed once on because that wine note really comes out from underneath, but very gently. It's like eating a decadent dessert, and slowly slipping a glass of dark red wine. It's sweet, but sophisticated. I'm in love!
  9. opaleyes


    ::grins:: Devilish temptation is right. If there's something I buy almost as much as bpal, it's My Little Ponies. This smells like the ones I had as a kid. It's soft and sweet and fruity, without smelling like plastic. This is how my ponies smelled after hours of abuse with hair detanglers as I groomed their tails. I was worried I wouldn't like it when I first put it on. Wet, it was very very bitter on me. As it dried it was very bright and fruity, but now it's just soft, gentle, and sweet. I feel like I'm 8 again, laying on the floor of the playroom. I might need more of this.
  10. opaleyes

    Peony Moon

    This starts out as just pure straight peony when wet. A few hours later the woods have started to come out, and I get some sort of aquatic note as well- very crisp.
  11. opaleyes


    So peculiar! In the imp this was almost a little too strong for me, but once I put it on it mellowed into a perfectly delicious honey, almond, and hazlenut scent with just a wee bit of rum. Mmm! It lasted quite a while on me, but after a few hours it needed reapplying. Curiously, I got what smelled like... what is that? Currant? I had my friend sniff it, and she got potpourri. Not quite what I had been expecting due to the earlier application. I'll have to test this again on another day! I loved it at the beginning, but the evening was not quite to my liking.
  12. opaleyes


    Oof! The wet stage is painful. It's like a citronella candle. I don't smell the rose in this at all, and that's the note I was after. It dries to juniper on me.
  13. opaleyes


    mmm pencil shavings. Pass!
  14. opaleyes

    Phantom Queen

    This one just doesn't want to stick! The little bit I'm getting is apple blossom, with very sharp herbs. A bit of orchid peeks through. It's definitely a wild sort of scent. I may have to stick to the scent locket with this one though, as my skin just eats it alive.
  15. opaleyes


    Thalia is a complete heartbreaker. I put her on behind my ears, in my hair, on my wrists, in the crooks of my elbows, and on my neck and I STILL can't smell her. There's a faint floral coming from the imp, but that's it. I was sent this by a friend, and there's another coming from the lab. Perhaps that one will smell like something? Mine is quite literally unscented.