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  1. I would have to say: 1. Temple Viper 2. Habu 3. Green Tree Viper 4. King Cobra 5. Coral Snake 6. Australian Copperhead The ones that really didn't work for me were Boomslang (it smelled like pure nuts on me and turned kind of bitter), Saw Scaled Viper ( I can't do cinnamon at all) and Western Diamondback because of the leather. Coral Snake on me is really fruity and Temple Viper is pure love.
  2. elspeth

    The Unheavenly City

    This is a very creamy floral. As it dries it gets to be really more of a musk than a floral. I think that this might be a really good floral for me. Usually florals don't work well at all. I think the musk must balance out the florals and keep them in line. I really have to find some of this!
  3. elspeth

    Shanghai Tunnel

    This reminds me of walking in the woods over one of those old wooden bridges. The little ones that run over creeks. The water however smells more like ocean than fresh water. It's spicy but not like the spices I don't care for. I agree that it really doesn't smell like stones to me. It settles down to a really warm woodsy scent. Absolutely great!
  4. elspeth


    Definitely jasmine. It's like walking through a flower garden. It becomes less sharp as it dries down and becomes a much softer flower scent. Unfortunately it seems to be right on the edge of being soapy. I can smell the flowers still but I can really smell the soap as well.
  5. elspeth


    I too got lemons from this and had to double check the description. Unfortunately my skin amps lemon past the point of no return and I end up smelling like I bathed in Pledge. It would be perfect for a summer day I think however because of how bright it is.
  6. elspeth

    Werewolf scents?

    If you could find Wolf Moon thats a great one. It was one of my early favorites and it still ranks really high for me. Oops sorry didn't see the GC part.
  7. elspeth


    I can smell the flowers in this one right away but it is the lovely night blooming flowers that work so well for me. I don't really get any violet from it. At least violet in the sense that usually comes around with a headache. Its really bright and has an almost crisp edge that is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I didn't like this the first time I tried it. I think this is one of the ones that require a bit of patience and reapplication. With a bit of time between though.
  8. elspeth


    This scent is just what I was looking for when I was searching for honeysuckle. There is a dark wood note in it that keeps the flower from being very overpowering and the flower keeps the wood from being too heavy. This is a floral that I would probably wear in fall because it would be a bit heavy for spring. Even the non floral people should try this one.
  9. elspeth

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    MLIV This one smells like grape to me. A very sweet grape like the cough medicine I used to take when I was little. To be honest the smell makes me remember all the times I was sick so I couldn't even try it on. MLV This smells like coffee to me. It is really warm and almost reminds me of the coffee note I got from Misk U. It gets a little too strong for me after putting it on. But the coffee was what I didn't like about Misk U so this sadly is not for me.
  10. elspeth

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Dark chocolate with a heavy cream undertone. I absolutely love this! No chocolate seems to work on me but this is the chosen one! It starts off really smelling of cocoa and then morphs into a sugary, creamy chocolate that is warm and inviting. It keeps making me sniff in glee and then shove my wrist under the boy's nose demanding he smell as well. He asks if I'm going to make him smell it every two minutes. I definitely need another bottle or three!
  11. elspeth

    Midwinter's Eve

    To me this smelled like sugared berries. I didn't really get plum from it. It is very sweet and invokes a purple pink color in my mind when I sniff it. I really would like a candy that tastes like this smells. The sweetness in the drydown is wonderfully full bodied.
  12. elspeth

    Dead Man's Hand

    This scent is like truly walking into a tack store full of leather saddles and reins. It reminds me of working in a stable. It is a very strong almost manly scent that stays very true. Not something that i can wear because leather doesn't like me but it is a great oil for those that leather does like.
  13. elspeth

    The Scales of Deprivation

    I can smell the lavender underneath in this scent.But there is something in it that actually overpowers the lavender which really surprises me. Maybe the labdanum? I really don't smell any of the other notes that are in it. It smells golden and kind of like amber. I really like this one. I saw the lavender listed and thought it would be another headache but it seems to be the lavender for those who normally can't wear it.
  14. elspeth


    I can really smell the lavender in this. I think the pennyroyal makes it smell kind of minty in a way. I agree with other posters who have said that it reminds them of Demon in the Dark soap. It has that sharpness to it but it isn't an unpleasant smell. I can't imagine wearing this everyday but it seems like it would be a cool scent to wear in hot weather.
  15. elspeth

    Tiger Lily

    I was really looking forward to this one as I love lilies. And it didn't disappoint me at all. I love this scent! It smells exactly as I imagined it would reading the reviews. It reminds me of a warm day in a field of lilies. I might have to get a bottle of this.