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  1. Ancientgirl

    Gold Phoenix

    I ordered this scent because I love amber, but the ambers are a little bit shy. When I first put it on, it smells like a lemon lollipop, but in a good way. It's a light, sunny scent that I think will be terrific for the summer time. After having it on for an hour or so, the amber comes out, a little bit powdery but nice. It's more complex than a straight verbena, though that is the scent that comes on the strongest. It doesn't have a lot of throw, but that will make it a good choice for when I'm self-conscious about wearing something too strong. Pretty, if not quite what I expected. Ancientgirl
  2. Ancientgirl


    This was a freebie imp that I've had for awhile, but only tested now. I'm glad I did! There is something about this scent that just makes me feel happy when I catch a whiff of it. Normally I don't get along with florals, but the fruity and incense notes in this one seem to balance it out. It definitely reminds me of some commercial perfume I can't remember (I never really wore them, so I'm not familiar with many names), but without the alcoholic sharpness. The florals (plumeria, I guess) make their presence known first, then mellow out to a very sunny creaminess. This is a scent I would wear to dine al fresco, at a mother's day brunch or a hot summer date. It's sophisticated and subtle, yet long wearing. Might end up being a big bottle. Ancientgirl
  3. Ancientgirl


    I got this as a frimp, although it sounds like something I would have chosen to order. Peach is a lovely scent, and amber is one of my favorites. Just on: I'm getting peach wine, and a little incense. There's also some note that strikes me as corn-like or grainy (like Frito breath)---but maybe that's just my skin. I've smelled it in other scents, but have yet to identify the culprit. 15 minutes later: Still peachy, and the myrtle is coming out now. But where is the amber? After two hours, the scent all but disappears. This will probably be added to my swap pile, but my sniffer has been a bit unreliable as of late---I'll probably give it another try irst. Ancientgirl
  4. Ancientgirl

    Hymn to Proserpine

    I had to order this one for two reasons: 1. Amber = love (for me) and 2. I have a certain affinity for Persephone/Proserpine. Oh, and the poem is beautiful, too! In the bottle: amber and fruits. I'd guess pomegranate to go with the theme, but it doesn't seem tart enough. I'd almost go with grapes, which would explain the wine note people are commenting on. On me: I am mostly getting amber, although this is more complex than straight amber. The fruit note disappears pretty quickly, although there is something a little bit more "fresh" than amber usually is. This is one of those complicated yet seamless scents that Beth seems to excel at---absolutely gorgeous! It lasted through dinner and a movie for me. Hymn to Proserpine seems to very similar to The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, without the floral note. I'll probably get a bottle of one of the two; they are both lovely! Ancientgirl
  5. Ancientgirl

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    I just had to order an imp of this one, and boy, am I glad I did. Amber and vanilla are probably my two favorite notes, and The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale doesn't disappoint. I'm seriously thinking this will be my next bottle (and I have too many already!). In the bottle: I have a hard time smelling this. I don't know what's up with me lately; seems like I have a hard time smelling anything just out of the bottle these days. On me: The vanilla is creamy, and the amber is powdery (but in a good way, on me), and the sweet pea. . .well, I don't really know what it smells like, but it adds a definite complexity to the mix. It's sweet without being foody; feminine, delicate, angelic. My words can't do it justice: definitely a new fave! Ancientgirl
  6. Ancientgirl

    Leanan Sidhe

    Some scents I order because of the notes they have, and others I order because of the concept. Leanan Sidhe is definitely the latter, because I have had mixed luck with florals. So far, it isn't doing any of the obnoxious things other florals do, like making me sneeze. In the bottle: aquatic florals. I mostly picture white or yellow flowers, though my nose is still learning to distinguish such things. Just on: green in the sense of springlike and leafy. I don't really get much herbiness, just a pretty, fresh floral. Dry down: Pretty flowers. There's something soft about it that I guess evokes the mist mentioned in the description. Overall impressions: Leanan Sidhe does remind me of more conventional perfumes (like you would find at a department store or boutique) without the sharpness or alcoholic bite. It's a lot more innocent than I would associate with its inspiration, but that's okay. A good scent for springtime, a wedding, or high tea. Ancientgirl
  7. Ancientgirl


    This was a freebie from the LC Sampler box,and I'm glad. I wouldn't have picked it for myself, but I am enjoying it now that I have it, and it will make a nice complement to my imp of Yemaya when it comes. My first thought when smelling this was "tropical." I don't see Olokun as gloomy at all, although it does make me think of coral reefs and the exotic fish that might hang out in the ocean deep. I'm glad a couple people mentioned melon in their reviews; there was this fruity note I just couldn't identify until I read them. This is a very fresh scent, and I think it is fairly gender neutral. It seems like something I'll turn to on those days when I need a little boost. To me it's energizing, and would be a good "first day of work" scent. I like it! Ancientgirl
  8. Ancientgirl

    Blood Pearl

    This was among a gift of freebies from my last Switch Witch---thanks, Tsarina! In the bottle: Heady musk, plus that uniquely BPAL coconut aura. I'm not good with florals, so I'm not sure I'd know orris from any other note. In any case, I don't get much floral at first. Just on: The coconut mellows a bit and lets the musk take center stage. I don't so much get "soapy," but there is a bit of a "waxy" feel to this scent. It's not unpleasant, just an odd association I have with certain fragrances, especially those containing vetiver. Dry down: This is a very sophisticated scent, almost too sophisticated for my tastes, if there weren't that subtle note of coconut. The scent reminds me of a Gauguin painting. 3+ hours later: Now that it's mellowed some, the floral finally comes out, and the fragrance becomes much sweeter. This phase lasts really long on me; I wore it to bed, and still smelled of it in the morning. Verdict: it's not my best scent, but worth hanging onto. Ancientgirl
  9. Ancientgirl

    The Unicorn

    This is a very delicate, fresh, and youthful scent. I have a hard time picking out specific notes, but it's floral without being overwhelming, and watery without being obvious; reminds me of dew. The feeling is both innocent and mystical, like a garland of white flowers. This seems like a perfect scent for a young girl to wear on a special occasion, maybe a first dance or a bat mitzvah or something. I'll save the imp for my girliest days, or for those occasions when subtle is best. I am another of those for whom this doesn't last too long. Ancientgirl
  10. Ancientgirl

    Sea of Glass

    So this is what an aquatic is like! I'm really liking Sea of Glass. When I first put it on, I got that citrussy note some people have mentioned along with the aquatic freshness. After a couple hours, the saltiness comes out, and the scent goes more diffuse---less like I'm smelling it than feeling it. A good choice for summertime or close quarters, when you want to smell fresh but not overwhelming. I am not experiencing the allergic reaction other have mentioned, but then I've already been so congested these days that I don't think I could tell. Ancientgirl
  11. Ancientgirl


    Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet! I got the imp ages ago, and liiked it enough to get a big bottle! Anyway, this is a lovely and sophisticated (though not conservative) scent. Like sweet and spicy wine to me, and I can definitely smell the ripe juniper berries. The dragon's blood is also quite prominent, and I agree with whoever said there was a touch of something similar to Jailbait in it. although this was most noticeable to me when I first applied it. I don't know if anyone else associates scents with colors, or even clothing, but this definitely smells like burgundy velvet to me. Oh, and it lasts a very long time for me as well; I must have applied it around noonish, and I'm sure I was smelling it until around 7:00 or 8:00. That's with only two drops applied on my wrists. Ancientgirl
  12. Ancientgirl

    Sri Lanka

    This was a freebie thrown in with my last order---thanks! This is one of those scents that, not only would I not have ordered for myself, I probably would not have chosen it based upon my initial sniff (there seems to be something syntactically wrong with that sentence, but, oh well). The cedar comes on very strong at first---ironically, not like a cedar chest, but rather adding a sharpness to the sandalwood and spice. Luckily, it does mellow a bit with wear. It really does remind me of curry, though not unpleasantly so. It starts out spicy, but then it gradually gets greener, softer, and some how sweet. This isn't a big bottle for me, but the imp is a keeper---something to have around when I'm in a "spicy" mood! Ancientgirl
  13. Ancientgirl


    This was a freebie from the Lab---thank you! This is the odd example of a scent which shouldn't work on me, but somehow sort of does. It helps that it isn't very heavy on me, so any headache (smoke) or sneeze (floral) inducing qualities are mellowed down. My first impression is a smoky and spicey narcissus, and then the lily and tuberose come out (the latter in particular adds a delightfully creamy note). This may not be something I reach for all the time, but I think I'll hang onto it for awhile. ---Ancientgirl
  14. Ancientgirl

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    This was a freebie from the lab. This scent is a green, fruity floral. I don't know how to identify pomegranate, but I definitely get the peach, which is one of my favorite fruit scents but can be overwhelming. In fact, it impresses me how wonderfully the fruits and florals blend together on this. Despite the reference to "autumn breezes" in the description, this scent seems much more "spring-like" to me. In fact, it reminds me of Botticelli's "La Primavera" for some reason; like this is the scent she might wear. I can picture wearing this on Easter Sunday, in a pastel dress and a straw hat. Very genteel and pretty. It doesn't call my name the way some other scents do, but I will probably use up the imp. Ancientgirl
  15. Ancientgirl


    This was a freebie the Lab sent in my last order. Thanks guys! I have good news and bad news about this one. The good news is that my nose is becoming more educated. I thought that this scent reminded me of both Malice and Malevolence, and it has some of the same notes as both of those, especially Malice. The bad news: it isn't working for me. From the bottle: Very heavy and earthy. Funny thing for a hippie chick like me, but I guess I don't enjoy patchouli much. Something about the scent seems waxy and smoky, like a burnt out candle. Just on: I smell a lot of patchouli and musk, seamlessly blended. I can't pick out myrrh, but I don't know if that is just that I don't know how to identify it. I have some frankincense and myrrh soap that I haven't started yet, so I may give Lust another try after I've opened it, to see whether I can pick out the myrrh then. Who knows, maybe they will be a nice combination. 4-5 hours later: The scent has mellowed considerably, and I think I do get some ylang-ylang now. It's not soon enough, however. Overall impression: This just isn't me. I have no partner to test it on, but I suspect it wouldn't make me feel very sexy. Not to sound New Age-y, but I feel like I'm channeling the wrong element here. I'm more air and water, and this is an earth and fire scent. Sometimes I do need a "wickeder than I usually am" scent, something to get away from my everyday self. However, "Malice" already fills that need for me, so I suspect "Lust" will be added to the swap pile. Ancientgirl