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  1. Funny story Beth! I always get a reaction to Snake Oil. O and Dana O'Shee seem to get me more attention from the opposite sex as well.
  2. bootso'rourk

    Cinnamon girl...

    Umbra is great. Totally doesn't work on my skin, but I just smell it once in a while and can't seem to bring myself to put it up for swap. Boots
  3. I am an echo too. Hydration for many ills. Sex for many ills, including cramps. (Goes off looking for the spouse)
  4. bootso'rourk

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    Eeek! I never heard this before. I moisturize head to toe after showering every day (gotta keep my Victorian pallor smooth) and I just bought some Johnson's "softlotion" which, I think, is lotion mixed with baby oil...it feels great. What exactly is it doing to me? Actually, I've read in a few places that it ages your skin faster. I will try to find one of the articles but this could take some time. Mineral oil does not allow your skin access to air. Apparently, that has something to do with it Diabolique is right about sun exposure as well. Any dermologist will tell you that tans are signs of sun damage and age your skin. Mineral oil is just no damn good. And we all know how nasty it is on hair...(shudder) Boots
  5. bootso'rourk

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    A tiny bit of O or Snake Oil lasts a long time on me--until I wake up the next morning sometimes. Dana O'Shee, which is light, lasts a few hours on me. Chemistry is a factor as is heat and moisture. If you perspire, the oils will get wiped off more quickly and will also evaporate more quickly. They will also evaporate more quickly if you have dry skin (as opposed to normal skin).* I put moisturizer on and then put on the perfume oil while the moisturizer is still pretty new. That seems to help them last longer. I've also read that somewhere as a hint to make perfume last. I would advise avoiding anything with mineral oil (baby oil) in it. Not good for your skin. Makes your skin age faster and seems to do bad things to perfumes. Anyway, my suggestions for what they're worth. Boots * I have pale delicate skin that would be dry if I didn't dip myself in moisturizer every day.
  6. I received a click n ship around then and received my imps a couple of days after that.
  7. bootso'rourk

    Water of Notre Dame

    It is a very watery clean scent, like sitting near a fresh pond with waterlillies nearby. It is strong. It also has a calming influence. I have had a really rough week in the office and after I put WoND today, I found myself able to disassociate myself from crap that was going on--until later when it wore down pretty far. I took a personal attack badly but I stayed very calm. How unIrish of me! Boots
  8. Another vote for Dana O'Shee and I also recommend Zephyr. Fifth House, Try swapping the ones that are too strong for you for lighter ones. You may find one you like that way. Then you can order a BIG bottle. Boots
  9. bootso'rourk

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Alice. Lovely. The rose is "cushioned" by the other scent to keep it from going sour like rose scents tend to on me. It's a lovely scent. Boots
  10. bootso'rourk

    Oil recommendations for studying, learning, exams

    Crucible of Courage is a good one. You need confidence around that situation. Anyone could use extra for sitting for the bar. Which bar are you taking?
  11. bootso'rourk


    Oh. I've been waiting for this one to arrive at my home. I use Lavendar and Jasmine to help me sleep and this should be even better with Beth's expertise. In the vial, it smells basically like lavendar with a hint of jasmine. On the wrist, wet, the Jasmine comes out more with the other notes grounding it. The lavendar comes out sometimes in all its strong personality on only some sniffs. On the wrist, dry, it smells like something entirely different. Hard to describe. It reminds me of the way the air clears after a fierce thunderstorm. It makes me feel like curling up with a good book and not coming back out. Love It!!! This is exactly what I wanted/needed! Boots
  12. bootso'rourk


    Ooh! This is an exciting scent! In imp vial It smells sweet and syrupy, with a bit of the powdery smell I associate with an incense counter at a store when all the scents mingle. Wet on wrist The syrupy incense is suddenly having some personality kicked into it by the ginger. Sweet and refreshing by turns. Dry The ginger is blending into the powdery scent. The sweetness and light would be too innocent without it. This is a scent for a woman who is lovely to the senses and very dangerous. Works for me!
  13. bootso'rourk

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I have sensitive skin. I put moisturizer on the area first and let it soak in for a few minutes. Works for me.
  14. bootso'rourk


    Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot. In the imp: The rose was peeking out the most, just a little sweetness behind. Wet: The rose and carnation are having a party. It is a very sweet and innocent floral. Reminded me of me when I was 7 for some reason--dressed up in that white lace and veil for my First Communion. Such a spotless pure scent bursting with potential--like a sweet little girl. Dry: Now the milk and honey and bergamot have mellowed the scent to be the little girl realizing the world is not all it seems but very interesting nonetheless. There seems to be a cinnamon note in there--a bit of unexpected mischief from Beth? This scent is growing up a little right in front of my nose! I'm so glad Misanthropy decanted some of this for me. I really like this scent. I'm not a big fan of florals and rose usually goes sour on me but this one is just lovely! edited for typos
  15. bootso'rourk

    March Hare

    A twisted teatime tart: apricot and sweet clove. Upon opening the imp the impression was strong--apricot jam! The same as I applied it to my wrist. I was thinking "Is this going to be like being hit in the face with an apricot pie?" Turns out--no. As it dried down, the clove swooped in and changed the personality of the scent entirely. The clove is not cloying or mediciny. It actually sparkles. I had to recheck the description because the clove seemed to lighten up the scent and add a friendly uplifting attitude. It came out almost like ginger. Then my husband (who is tired of smelling my wrist, unless it's got snake oil on it) actually leaned into me and said it smelled really good. "That one I like." It's been an hour now and it has now mellowed into a happy sweet scent. Really liking it. Edited to add a thank you to JJ_J who threw this in as a freebie in a swap. Thanks Babe!