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    Hexennacht 2005, Red Phoenix, Hellion, Jester, Bordello, Brisingamen, Sweetgrass, Dublin, Swank, biggerCritters, Mania, Tanin'iver, Schwarzer Mond, Ecstasy of Passion, Melisande the Puppet Mistress, Mlle Moriaty, Pirate Moon

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    getting out of debt, massage, reiki, witchness, live music, good sex, reading, writing, sleeping (because I'm an insomniac)
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    AstroText Portrait - Short Edition for Melissa (female) born on 6 July 1977 local time 04:11 am in Fairfax, VA (US) U.T. 08:11 77w18, 38n51 sid. time 21:58:36 Planetary positions planet sign degree house motion Sun Cancer 14°08'29 02 direct Moon Pisces 22°35'29 10 direct Mercury Cancer 21°37'30 02 direct Venus Taurus 29°41'29 12 direct Mars Taurus 22°02'18 12 direct Jupiter Gemini 20°57'29 01 direct Saturn Leo 15°41'52 03 direct Uranus Scorpio 07°43'48 05 retrograde Neptune Sagittarius 13°59'16 06 retrograde Pluto Libra 11°27'36 05 direct True Node Libra 20°16'58 05 retrograde House positions (Placidus) Ascendant Gemini 20°34'38 2nd House Cancer 11°52'51 3rd House Leo 02°53'19 Imum Coeli Leo 27°27'09 5th House Virgo 29°33'58 6th House Scorpio 10°19'21 Descendant Sagittarius 20°34'38 8th House Capricorn 11°52'51 9th House Aquarius 02°53'19 Medium Coeli Aquarius 27°27'09 11th House Pisces 29°33'58 12th House Taurus 10°19'21 Major aspects Sun Conjunction Mercury 7°29 Sun Sextile Mars 7°54 Sun Trine Uranus 6°25 Sun Quincunx Neptune 0°09 Sun Square Pluto 2°41 Moon Trine Mercury 0°58 Moon Sextile Venus 7°06 Moon Sextile Mars 0°33 Moon Square Jupiter 1°38 Moon Square Ascendant 2°01 Mercury Sextile Mars 0°25 Jupiter Sextile Saturn 5°16 Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant 0°23 Saturn Trine Neptune 1°43 Saturn Sextile Pluto 4°14 Saturn Sextile Ascendant 4°53 Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°32 Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).
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  1. melissadragon

    Priala, the Human Phoenix (2006)

    Imp: Wow, this is a nice surprise. Well-blended. - applied to far side of right forearm Wet: More cinnamon comes out, still likeable though. Dry: Back to the nice blend of myrrhs, smoke and cinnamon 1 hour later: Mmm, myrrhs. Verdict: Keeper.
  2. melissadragon

    Tiresias, the Androgyne

    Imp: Damn, the caramel comes through strongly. I have no hope for this one. - applied to middle of right forearm Wet: all caramel Dry: caramel with a hint of cinnamon, damnit. 1 hour later: damn caramel. One stupid note blocks the currant, patchouli, tobacco, cinnamon, sandalwood and whatever tf muguet is. Verdict: Not a keeper. I don't like foody scents but since it was only one note in a blend with so many other notes I love, I hoped it would be drowned out. Nope.
  3. melissadragon

    Meskhenet, the Vulture Maiden

    Imp: Green and floral - applied to side of right wrist Wet: brown sweet flowers Dry: brown sugar sweet, soft floral background 1 hour later: Same as dry. I like it, it's different Verdict: Keeper
  4. melissadragon

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    Imp: Smoky sweetness - applied to rightside of the back of the right hand Wet: Still sweet and smokey Dry: Nice, very soft, mostly I can pick up the vanilla and ginger. 1 hour later: Quite faded, I do like it though. Verdict: Keeper.
  5. melissadragon

    Arachnina, The Spider Girl (2006)

    Imp: tobacco flower and patchouli - - applied to left side of right hand Wet: more musk and patchouli Dry: sad, mostly powder 1 hour later:lilies and power Such a disappointment, it has a slew of notes that I love. Verdict: Not a keeper.
  6. melissadragon

    Western Diamondback

    WESTERN DIAMONDBACK: Imp: Thankfully the leather is well-buried. - applied to middle of left forearm Wet: Mostly sandalwood + sage + Snake Oil Dry: Mostly sandalwood. Just nice and clean. A bit too squeaky clean to be Snake Oil, iykwim 1 hr later: It's faded a lot. I can pull out the leather, tonka, sage, sandalwood and Snake Oil. Verdict: Feh, not a keeper. There's too many snakes I like and this one just doesn't really appeal to me.
  7. melissadragon

    Temple Viper

    TEMPLE VIPER: Imp: A sweeter Hellion. - applied to side of left wrist Wet: Sugary ... cream of wheat? with flowers. Weird. the hell? Dry: I can still smell the random cream of wheat note. With a mix of floral Snake Oil. This is the weirdest damn thing BPAL has done on my skin yet. 1 hr later: Ohfuckyeah, cream of wheat is gone, this is just now well-blended sweet Hellion-flavored Snake Oil. Verdict: Keeper.
  8. melissadragon

    Saw-Scaled Viper

    SAW-SCALED VIPER: Imp: Just red ginger, that's it. - applied to back of left hand Wet: Yep, just ginger Dry: Hello ginger, meet your Top, cassia. Ladies, please, stop fighting. 1 hr later: Cassia, you won. Congrats. Go find a new home. Verdict: Not a keeper. I don't like Cassia single note which precisely what this approximates on my skin
  9. melissadragon

    King Cobra (2006)

    KING COBRA: Imp: Just spicy Snake Oil. Bad spicy (yeah, I wish I could pull out the notes but my nose is not that sophisticated ). - applied to middle of right forearm Wet: Yeah, it's not pretty. Dry: Ooo, this pretties up. Nice spicy now. 1 hr later: Huh. Now its just weirdly spicy. Verdict: Not a keeper.
  10. melissadragon


    HABU: Imp: Hmph, a woody Snake Oil. Different. I like it. - applied to side of right wrist Wet: More Snake Oil than woods Dry: Woody yet sexy. Hm. Perhaps a male scent. 1 hr later: Same as dry, slightly sexier. Verdict: Not a keeper. It's sexy but not my kind of sexy. If I had a man though, I'd be insisting he try it.
  11. melissadragon

    Green Tree Viper

    GREEN TREE VIPER: Snake Oil with four mints, bergamot, and green tea. Imp: Hello there, Andes mint candies. - applied to back of right hand Wet: Andes candies and green tea Dry: More Snake Oil, less mint - yay! 1 hr later: Mint is gone, now it is bergamot and green tea Snake Oil. Verdict: Not a keeper
  12. melissadragon

    Death Adder

    DEATH ADDER: Imp: The glory of black-n-white moving picture shows! The darkness of vetiver and opoponax against the cool smoothness of coconut and vanilla. I feel dirty sniffing this and I love it - applied to the middle of the left forearm Wet: Same, love it. Dry: Yep, Snake Oil, dark and dirty. 1hr later: Mm, the seedy side of Snake Oil. I really like this. Verdict: Keeper.
  13. melissadragon


    COTTONMOUTH: Imp: Pretty flowers! Synthenesia says Peach! like this - applied to left wrist Wet: Pretty flowers over Snake Oil, still getting the color Peach O.o Dry: Mostly the flowers. I wish I could place each of the noted flowers. I'm not sure which is the dominant note. I can barely detect any Snake Oil at all. 1hr later: Different top note, still a floral I can't identify though. Snake Oil is surfacing. Verdict: Keeper. I want to keep it until I figure it out!
  14. melissadragon

    Coral Snake (2006)

    CORAL SNAKE: Imp: All I'm getting is the plumeria and apples. - applied to back of left hand Wet: Okay, I'm getting some snake oil below those two notes, which is an interesting mix! Dry: Weird, I'm not getting lemon at all and normally I amp that. Still, mostly apple and plumeria (thank you, Bath & Bodyworks for enabling me to distinguish those notes! ). 1hr later: Apple is gone, now plumeria and gardenia are battling it out. Verdict: Not a keeper. This smells like something I would have picked up at B&BW, sniffed and put down. It's nice but not me.
  15. melissadragon

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    BANDED SEA SNAKE: Imp: Soft green, mossy Snake oil - nummy! - applied to middle of right forearm Wet: mm, mostly just snake oil but its a tempered snake oil, softer a bit and yes, greener. Dry: Yes, a softer, greener Snake Oil. 1hr later: Mm, this is the Snake Oil to curl up and cuddle with. After brushing teeth as I'm getting a vague mint note in here. Verdict: Keeper.