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    Fortunately just went for an imp of this - wasn't for me! Starts out quite leathery, which is all good, but then just faded into a dusty, pale floral a lot like Shroud..which i find boring and very definately 'not me'! Off to swaps!
  2. n0thing


    07 version This is GORGEOUS! I went slightly nuts for the Halloween update, and i'm loving everything, but this is far and away my favourite. It's a bit like Devil's Night, but not so over the top sweet & foody. It's a bit like last year's Samhainophobia but less mossy and masculine. It starts out like leaves and cold crisp air, and dries down to sweet, spicey, apply, comforting..autumn smell! Hard to pick out individual notes, but it does exactly as it says on the tin - full marks, and it's got good throw too!
  3. n0thing

    Pumpkin II (2007)

    Initially - the bright orange, glowy pumpkin of Jack. But fortunately - no butter! (i swapped mine on after someone informed me i stank of popcorn!) Wierdly the tonka doesn't show it's face much, but the carnation's really nice (this shocks me, i'm not a floral person AT ALL but carnation i love!). Edit to add - sticks around a good long time on me too - bonus Overall it's beautifully sweet, very pumpkiny, but interestingly sweet and spicy - loving this, glad i went for a whole bottle! (and the bottle is totally cute too )
  4. n0thing

    Bonfire Night

    It starts out HEAVY on the treacle, and it's proper..treacly, not that nasty dusty smell that pops up in Misk Uni and a few others. Then the smoke creeps in, followed by the beer (which sadly doesn't last on me - i wish it did, i LOVE the beer note! ) It then fades to treacly gunpowder..i like it a lot, has a proper 'bonfie night at a fair' feel to it, but i wish the sweet beeryness stuck around longer. Definately a keeper though!
  5. n0thing

    All Night Long

    I think there must be something wrong with me! I had this as a frimp a while back, and now reading all the review of clove, cinnamon and sandalwood it should've been perfect..buuut, bizarrely, i got... CELERY SOUP!! All the way through, i got vegetable soup, heavy on the celery. Didn't make me horny, but my god it made me hungry
  6. n0thing

    Tiresias, the Androgyne

    This is my current favourite BPAL, and i'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bottle before i use my imp up completely! Initially i got pure caramel - a sort of hazlenutty, incensey, dusty caramel, but NOT like the dusty-sweet smell in Miskatonic Uni, that i hated, this is more like Gluttony. After a few uses though, I've started to notice the patchouli more too, and it's become this gorgeous mix of dusty, hazlenut-caramel, patchouli and incense, and it lasts AGES, and just gets more smoky & lovely smelling. Interestingly, sandalwood blends usually smell the same on me (boriiing!), and blackcurrant is usually a BIG no-no, just goes cold & wierd smelling, but for some reason Tiresias really works
  7. n0thing

    The Winter of Our Discontent

    I *really* hope this returns this Xmas! Clove was the note that appealed to me, anything christmas clovey smelling is a winner! I was initially unsure of how heavy/soapy/perfumey this smelled along with the clove, it seemed quite depressing and too traditionally perfumey-heavy for me, but it's really grown on me, and now i love it (maybe something to do with proper winter weather having now descended here!) It's not a sweet smell at all, 'bitter' isn't quite the word though.. It is quite perfumey and dark, and it's certainly not got the same 'woohoo it's christmas!!' vibe that things like Lick It and Yule seem to give off, but to me it's a very cosy, indoor by the fire late at night christmassy smell - nutmeg off the top of eggnog, clove studded oranges.. LOVE!! (although my mum seems determined to steal it!)
  8. n0thing

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    I *really* love this, and sadly only have about half an imp left From the bottle & on initial application, i get pure sherry! Then the pipe tobacco comes through somewhat, but as with most scents, no leather ever shows itself on me. The overall effect is warm & cosy, a real 'evening in curled up with the fire, a good book and a glass of wine' sort of smell
  9. n0thing

    Agnes Nutter

    Loves it! Got an decanted imp, now seeking out other rejected decanted imps.. *hoardes* Gunpowdery smoke & campfires, the latter smells a bit like Lapsang Souchong tea, which i also love. Smells like Glastonbury late at night, with all the candles & incense & campfires THIS is exactly how all the firey blends *should've* smelled - Djinn, Brimstone etc - i just got vix inhalers off those, and that to me is a COLD smell, not a hot one. There's no hint of eucalyptusyness in Agnes, she's all real smoke, and we love her! (that said, i'm addicted to anything smokey smelling. Smoked cheese, smoked fish, the above mentioned smokey tea that makes my mother thing i've set something on fire everytime i have a cup.. When i first tried Malediction i thought it made me smell like a smoked sausage, but i'm still contemplating getting a bottle. I am quite mad )
  10. n0thing

    Thirteen (13): July 2007

    I've got imps of the previous 2 versions of 13 (the first one is absolute Sex, it's so gorgeous it's in the 'special occasions use only pile'. The second one is also absolutely lovely & i'll be gutted when it's gone, but not *quite* as astoundingly awesome as the first. I get white chocolate & lemon fondant fancies, basically. Byoootiful!), so ifugred i'd pounce on a bit of this, thought it'd be a safe bet. Would've gone for a bottle if i'd had any money at the time. ..and thank god i didn't! This year's version, although i hate to say it - without a doubt in the top 5 most horrible BPALs i've ever smelled! ..there's things i don't LIKE, but understand they just aren't me, and there's voodoo blends that smell decided unwearable, but may have their purposes. This though - eww nononNO, i couldn't see anyone getting on with ever (although obviously above reviews prove me wrong, or maybe mine was an odd batch..) It smells of uber offensive artificial chocolate with a waft of bright, clashing artificial citrus. It reminds me of the stinky, over-sweet, cheap smelling Eyeko chocolate scent pen i used to have, but WORSE. And the smell took a lot of washing off. Definately no second trial for this one, it was a definate Nope. Bugger. Wanted more of the old stuff
  11. n0thing

    Temple Viper

    This is my favourite snake of the 4 i've tried In the bottle - thought i was going to hate it! Wierd, confusing herbalness On skin - HIPPIE SHOP!! When dry - sweet, smokey, sexy incense. My friend thought i'd been burning nag champa, and is now demanding a bottle too. I LOVE THIS SNAKEY!
  12. n0thing

    Western Diamondback

    I *love* this!! Initially it's a sweet, cold, almost slightly minty, vanilla-y leather, and it stays much the same on (hurrah!), just a really lovely, clean, leather smell. Reminds me of the smell of a white leather purse i got in Spain when i was ickle Heh, that's a terrible description for such a beautiful scent!
  13. n0thing

    Death Adder

    This was the thing that smelled the most orgasmic from my last order - but only while in the bottle! Initially it's this sweet yet dark coconutty snake oily..SEXY blend.. Unfortunately the minute i put it on the sweetness disappears, and i just get dusty old coconut. Given more time i get that nasty raw potato smell that Centzon Tototchtin used to morph into on me Fortunately it wasn't the only snake i bought, and i'm getting on beautifully with the other two!
  14. n0thing


    Decant arrived today, and sadly it's directly off to swaps! On initial opening - Really pretty, pale, 'fresh seaside air' aquatic - oooh, promising! On me - Gradually turned into the smell of a grandma's bathroom ..just the exact clone of all blue/oceanus toilet cleaner-esque fragrances. Poop..i'll stick with Jolly Roger!
  15. n0thing


    Oh. My. God. Think i may have found my favourite BPAL ever! Smell-wise - freshly cut into orange/orange tic-tacs/like snorting orangina, heh.. Stayed around a while on my skin, if not as long as i'd have liked, but the bit in my hair is still going strong Effects-wise - hehehe..As a BIG stimulant freak (although rocking on nothing but the Moxie today!), i am utterly, utterly loving this! Wore it to an interview today, and Moxie combined with my SCAD* tendancies & Hardcore Euphoria on the CD player caused some exciting sideways skids round islands *lol* & unbroken streams of giggling & insults at everyone else on the road. Basically i was off my tits bouncing round the car Interview went fantastically though, much confident babbling, and i managed to babble on useful subjects rather than going off on not espescially eloquent tangents! Bottle. Want. Now! I can't believe i'm this ridiculously bouncy/happy/energetic on something that isn't bad for me *Small Car, Aggressively Driven