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    Vanilla, Rose... I like foody and clean scents, and I love soft florals that aren't too "perfumey".

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  1. MUST HAVE an It's A Date fragrance. Suggestions?
  2. AllyKat

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I love vanilla scents. To give you a reference, I ADORE Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie scent. Anyone have any scent recommendations? I also love LUSH's All That Jas, so please let me know if you have any recs for that one, too. Thanks!
  3. Okay, folks... What about It's A Date? I would absolutely immerse myself in that scent if I could replicate it. It fades too quickly after the bath. :-( Please tell me someone knows a similar scent!
  4. Oh, man... I would DIE for an It's A Date/Plum Duff equivalent. I would douse myself in it! Any suggestions?
  5. Someone, PLEASE tell me what can go with Silky Underwear/All That Jas. Also, any matches for Candy Fluff and/or Sakura?
  6. Okay, I HAVE to ask. What will go well with Snow Fairy? I'm absolutely addicted to this new shower gel!
  7. Thanks. For some reason, I've had a lot of these times of extreme depression and loneliness this year. I wonder if it's jut in my stars for awhile?
  8. Does anyone have any recs for oils to help with depression, loneliness, and bringing more happiness and love into one's life? I REALLY need something like that. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  9. AllyKat

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Is there anything that's similar to Tarot: the Star? I have ordered an imp, but have not received it yet. I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and order a 10 mL of it.
  10. I have an imp of Old London and like it. My question is will I like Rose Red better? I am trying to decide which to buy a 5 mL of. Thanks!
  11. Oh, one more thing... If you don't have any Pain handy and can't wait to receive it, go to Bath and Body Works and get one peppermint and one lavendar oil. Mix them together, and it's almost exactly what Pain is. I had to get creative while waiting for my 10 mL....
  12. Oh, now here's something I know a lot about.... finally! In all seriousness, I have migraines a lot, too, and I have found that Pain works wonders. It's a combination of mint and lavendar, and it works like a charm. Plus, it's relaxing yet focusing, if that makes sense. I would definitely give it a try if I were you. I went ahead and bought a 10 mL, so I can always keep some with me!
  13. AllyKat

    How long do bottles & imps last?

    How long do 5 mL's usually last for you all? I'm trying to figure out how many to order of the LE's.
  14. I have gotten numerous male compliments on Snake Oil, but I want to try some other scents. Any suggestions on one that will just knock men off of their feet? Something that's not too "headache-perfumey", but is sexy as hell?
  15. My two faves thus far are Snake Oil and Hollywood Babylon. Any suggestions as to what I should try next?