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    Ottawa, ON
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    So far, my favs are: Sudha Segara, Freak Show, Carnal, Vixen, Love Me, Bewitched, Delirium, Penitence, Lurid, and Intrigue. Fave notes: Ginger, Carnation, Cocoa, toffee/caramel, fig, anything fruity/foody, also like patchouli, spicey scents, earthy scents, and incense. Hated- PP2 and 4, Nuit, Tempest and Bess. Bleck! Dislike really strong florals, and Pumpkin doesn't work with my skin.

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    Music, Acting, Psychology, Ancient Civilizations, Lush, PIZZA, lol.
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    I'm an Aries. :)
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  1. Lizzie


    Hope you had a wonderful B-day!! Did you do anything exciting? I just turned 21 too...I felt sort if old. But that's being stupid, we're still spring chickens, right?
  2. Lizzie


    Smells all sweet and innocent in the imp, looking at you coyly, then you put it on and it gets kinda dirty and smacks you on the ass... I really like it. It keeps morphing on my skin. Sometimes it's raw cinnamon bark, got dry and sexy, and sometimes it's softer and sweeter, more like a cinnamon bun. It's somehow comforting yet flirty at the same time. A keeper. 8.9 out of 10.
  3. Lizzie

    Black Opal

    This blend is so unique on me...it's difficult to describe, but it smells a little like Vanilla, but mostly like clean wet gravel...it evokes thought of an underground lake in a cave somewhere...secret and mysterious. I like it. 8.5 out of 10.
  4. Lizzie

    Blood Pearl

    This smells EXACTLY like Black Pearl to me! For a minute I was confused and thought I had to Black Pearl. But nope, it's Blood Pearl. BPAL Coconut does some horrible things on me sometimes, and this is one of those times! Straight to the swap pile. I'd give it a 2 out of 10 on my skin....just icky, like salty wet cardboard.
  5. Lizzie


    Alice to me, smells quite a bit like Lush's Potion, and that's not a bad thing at all!! I do wish I could smell the milk more, as I really like Milk in other blends. But really all I get from Alice is Carnation Carnation Carnation!!! But I love Carnation, so it works! It's maybe a slightly sweeter Carnation (likely due to the honey) than Potion. Unfortunately, it disappears REALLY quickly. Or else I'd be buying a bottle. I'd give it an 8 out of 10.
  6. Lizzie


    I LOVE ginger and had such high hopes for this...but on my skin it's baby puke and burnt rubber. NOT good. I'll be swapping it. This was my first really horrible "get it off me!!" reaction. It was traumatizing.
  7. Lizzie


    I was in the mood for something coconutty tonight, so I decided to try out Eden. Sadly, though coconut is what I wanted, it is not what I got. I'm going to chalk it up to evil almond (which I know doesn't always like me) but my imp of Eden smells like Cherry cough syrup and...fried chicken?? I'm not even joking. This is just wrong all wrong on me. I think it's gotta go in the swap pile.
  8. Lizzie

    Black Pearl

    This was not at all what I was expecting!! I thought it would be a warm tropical coconut...but instead it's a fake smelling aquatic with only little bits of coconut here and there. I think my chemistry just doesn't like it. Makes me sad, because I love coconut. I think I'll have to swap it.
  9. Lizzie

    Black Phoenix

    Our signature oil. A dark, languid scent. Promotes hedonistic tendencies and extreme self-love. You won’t stop kissing mirrors for a month. In The Bottle Cherry!!! Whoever said cherry liquor was dead on. mmmm. Wet On Sort of incensey, but still very cherry. Dry I don't really know what to think. I really want to like it, since it's the signature scent, but..I don't think I like it. It such a strange mixture on me...I think it's just too sweet. But I'll keep it for a while and try again.
  10. Lizzie


    In The Bottle Sweet caramel!! Very yummy, and a bit boozy. I love caramel. Wet On Cherries?? That must be the almond, I think I've heard someone say almonds smelled like cherries to them, and that's what I'm getting from it, which is fine by me, as I loooovvee cherry. Dry Sweet yet sort of powdery..I think it reminds me of brown sugar or something. I really don't know. I'll think I'll keep it for now, but I can tell it has the potential to go musty on my skin as some foody scents will. So the jury is still out on this one. It may be one I have to use in a scent pendant.
  11. Lizzie


    In The Bottle Oiy!! Rose. I'm a little scared. Rose and I don't get along very well. Wet On Hmmm, that's not so bad, a little bit warm and spicy, still mostly rose... Dry It now smells like dirt and....soap? A bit of an oxymoron, but I swear on my skin this blend manages to smell like both dirt and soap at the same time. I think it'll need to go into the swap pile.
  12. Lizzie

    Red Devil

    In The Bottle very sweet but also astringent lemon. Strange. I was expecting spice I think, with a name like Red Devil. Wet On Lemon Candy. Yum!! Dry Wait, where did it go?? The smell totally disappeared. Ok, even after pretty much bathing in the stuff, it still disappears on me after minutes. Into the swap pile it goes! And I REALLY wanted to love this one!
  13. Lizzie

    The Hanging Gardens

    In The Bottle Cherry and Banana. What is wrong with me today?? Wet On I don't know. What IS that smell?? I just don't know. Maybe it's quince, because I don't know what a quince should smell like. Dry I don't know what to say. This scent, for me, is like walking through the Hanging Gardens...drugged. No clue what is going on. It smells good though. I think. But I'm totally confused. The most complex BPAL scent I've tried so far. I think I have to keep this imp. Even if I never wear it, I know I'm going to want to puzzle over this scent again, maybe another day my nose will be less confused.
  14. Lizzie


    In The Bottle Vanilla and....something. Wet On Vanilla fabric softener. Dry Oiy!! Yup, vanilla fabric softener. Mixed with other laundry smells, like laundry detergent. Eeek. Ok, well this one's not for me. Not that I don't like the scent of laundry. But uh, I don't wanna smell like it.
  15. Lizzie

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    In The Bottle Peachy aquatic Dry mmmm. mmmmm. That's good!! I have a hard time describing it, but it brings back memories of a forest stream behind my parents house, laying on the moss, eating peaches and being lazy.