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  1. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Peppery, VETIVER! Oh, vetiver, how I love you! Tangerine. Let's go slather some of this ooooooon! Wet: Vetiver, pepper, cedar and tangerine making it all wearable. No amber, thankfully. There is some saffron, but that's a good thing. Drydown: I personally, don't think that this is very much a "screeching" scent. It is almost hot in nature, though. Like the Sahara bathed in the noonday sun. Saffron and vetiver. Slight cedar. I would love to smell this on a man. I'm positive that he would them be glomped by every female within a 5 mile radius. Medium-low throw. 5/5
  2. sisi33

    Dragon's Bone

    In the Bottle: Dradon's blood, sandalwood and spices, with a slight floral. Very pleasant. Wet: Sandalwood, dry smelling, with blondewood? It does smell slightly like lumber. Drydown: This is a very non-pretentious scent. Dy, but warm. The Dragon's blood is starting to come out more. Still getting wood, and the orris is turning up. Slightly floral. Medium throw. All in all, on me, this is a highly forgettable scent. 3/5
  3. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Oh, wow. This is such a beautiful color. Like really high quality maple syrup. And yes, it does smell as nice as it looks. Civet and opium. Yurmy! Wet: I love civet. Clean yet deep. A hint of musk. Wowza! Does stain my pasty-pale skin, though. Drydown: This comes down to a dry, sunny scent. This is what I would wear if I were going to go into a desert. Civet is still the main note, with a muskiness in the background. High throw on my skin. I really love this. 5/5
  4. sisi33

    Blood Countess

    In the Bottle: Plum, lilac, gardenia! So nice! Wet: Plum, lilac, rose and opium. Already deeply toned. Drydown: Plum and opium, mainly. Rose in the background, hanging out with gardenia. Dry and slightly dusty. Medium throw on me. The depth to her is much more than I expected to find- a very complicated scent on my skin. Although floral-y, I wouldn't count this as a floral- the plum make that impossible to say. This is defiantly something I could see as being "vain". But vain- in this instance- is a very good thing! 5/5
  5. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Spices and lavender. Wet: Lotus and lavender. close to the skin you can smell the spices slightly. Noramally, I'm not much of a lavender fan, but this is nice! Drydown: Still lavender and louts, but it's turned... funky. Bad funky. It's like really bad boutique soap covering BO. Nuck. 1/5
  6. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Apple and lemon. Wet: Rose and lemon- you would think this would smell heavenly, but you'd be mistaken. Drydown: Lemon, rose and apple are actually each discernible from one another. Low throw. Sadly, this goes majorly soapy on me- and now in a good way. 1/5
  7. sisi33

    Black Phoenix

    In the Bottle: Almond! Again! Musk. Some sort of berry? Wet: Almonds, musk, and honey? Almost medicinal. Drydown: Blackberry? What the heck is my nose trying to tell me? Almond-y still- it seems to not be fading at all! Still slightly medicinal. All in all, I cannot imagine why this is the Lab's signature scent. I have no desire to ever wear this again. Medium/high throw. 2/5
  8. sisi33

    The Great Sword of War

    In the Bottle: Tonka- mmm, vanilla-ish!- cocoa, red musk. Edible! Wet: Cocoa, tonka, spices (must be those "herbs of conflict") and slight tobacco. Can I live in this? Drydown: Tobacco leaf is coming into it's own. This is turning out to be glorious. Cocoa and tonka are still prominent, but they're not overwhelming everything else. Medium throw, so I don't have to constantly have my nose pressed against my wrist (like that's not happening anyways). Not a foodie scent by any means, strangely enough, considering the notes. 5/5
  9. sisi33


    In the Bottle: I so want to be swimming in this! Wet: Blackberry, musk, and a slight sage. Let's put some more of these babies! :yum: Drdown: Do I really have to say it? This is so many different kinds of delicious! Sweet, but not numbingly so, and cramy. The sage and white tea- which is now coming through- give her a nice depth. Total date night scent! Lurve it! Medium/low throw. 5/5
  10. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Violets. Lots and lots of violets. Frankincense slightly darkens them, but it's no a big player by any means. Wet: Violets and frank. Seems to, sadly, be a one-dimensional scent on me. Drydown: Medium throw. Violet have taken completely over frank, and are attempting to rule the world from my arm. And that's it- no magical transformation that I've gotten form other BPAls in the past. So disappointing. 2/5
  11. sisi33

    Beer from the Marsh Woman's Brewery

    In the Bottle: Growing things. That's literally what this smells like in the imp. Happy I'm not getting hops! Wet: I'm still getting green growing things- this actually does smell "marsh" like. Drydown: Hmmmm... I don't think that I'm liking this. It's not like anything that I've tried from the Lab before. I think that this could be a really nice, "home-y" scent on someone else, but it's just not liking my skin chemistry. 2.5/5
  12. sisi33

    L'Ecole des Filles

    In the Bottle: Orange and lemon. With something else that I cannot pinpoint. Wet: Orange and rose, as well as an earthy note. Drydown: Now, I was expecting this to go soapy on me- and thankfully it doens't. He's turning into dirt that I want to eat. Low throw, a true skin scent on me. He's very pretty, but not something that I would wear. I might see if my cousin likes it though! 3.5/5
  13. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Light floral, with a hint of incense. Wet: Sandalwood? and violets. Slightly creamy. Pretty. Maybe a hint of loam under there. Drydown: Low throw. Mossy goodness is coming through. Still getting violets, and citronella in food form? Does that make any sense? Is there such a thing? No, there isn't. Sadly, this is turning out to be nothing special on me. 3/5
  14. sisi33


    In the Bottle: Gawd! What does this have in it?! *shudder* It's so think in the imp- a horrible thing to be unleashed upon the world. Can you tell that I'm suspicious of this? Smells exactly like those honey-eucalyptus cough-drops. EXACTLY! And there is neither honey nor eucalyptus in this. Wet: Oh, I really don't want to... -Suck it up! Grow some lady balls! But I *really* don't want to- just look at it, just sitting there... Waiting... -NOW! *cuffs over head* Okay, okay, no need to get violent. Anyways, where was I? Wet: I'm still getting Eu... Wait. WAIT! Something sweet. I have no idea what. I'm still looking at my arm like it's going to strangle me. Drydown: ARRRRRRRGHH! Cat pee! Get it offff! And this time I'm not overreacting in the slightest. I did have to wash this off as it was putrid on me- absolutely horrific. 0/5
  15. sisi33


    In the Bottle: AMMMMMBER! ALLLLLMOND! Everywhere! *panic* It's an assault on the senses! Wet: (I'm vaguely afraid of doing this...) Almond! Gack! And... Saffron? Nope, that's cardamon. Yummiery! And the musk is coming out now, too! Drydown: There was absolutely no reason for the aforementioned panic attack. She's turning into something more than a little wearable, and not just almond wafer cookies. Card's coming around in a very nice way, as is the golden lotus- and it is "golden". In fact, this whole scent is completely golden in color. You can easily see a goddess longing in the sun, waiting for her suppilcant to return to her. In a word: Lovely. Big bottle worthy! 5/5