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  1. gobbldygook

    Abolish ICE

    Abolish Ice is a sweet warm smell but not – not sticky sweet. It's warm and dry, like an old library that's warmed by a fireplace with the window cracked and cool dry air blowing in the scent of baked goods. I only smell the coffee in the bottle - it disappears almost instantly on my skin. This is an incredibly well blended scent, as I can imagine every note listed but they all morph together into a delicious warm scent. I'm not a huge fan of sticky foodie scents but this one lands perfectly on the "not sickly" side of the line - the patchouli grounds it with grit and darkness. After a few hours, the patchouli edge drops off a bit and at first sniff I just get delicious warmth. This is better and better as it ages on my arm. Compared to other BPAL oils I've tried, this one has a wonderful and long-lasting throw. I still smelled it on my work-phone a day after I'd worn it on my neck!
  2. gobbldygook

    The Lurid Library

    As a book lover I can't help but try as many of the bookish BPAL scents I can get my hands on... Imp: Spicy and full of incense-y deliciousness; I think I can smell the musk as well. Sniffing from the wand, there's something sharpish and acerbic that smells really familiar, though I can't place it. Wet: Sweetish incense and, oh dear... Drying/Dry: Powder, powder, powder. Further from my wrist I get a touch of musky sweetness but it's quite overpowered. I can smell the sharpness I smelled in the imp on my skin as well - it's not straight up baby powder, but sweet floral powder. Other reviewers mentioned florals - I wonder if there's carnation, my arch-nemesis, in this. Sadly, I don't get any incense or bookish smells at all; back to the imp box it goes.
  3. gobbldygook

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    I'm putting together my first imp order (yay!) and am having a hard time deciding on a fall scent. The #1 thing that makes me think of fall is warm wind (warm being 50-60 degrees) with a cold, crisp edge to it. The second thing I'd be looking for would be a wood smoke or leaf burning scent. Thoughts and suggestions? (Pumpkin, apple, and floral scents don't appeal to me, but I like an incense-y scent.)Thanks!