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  1. Kaidan (Boom!/Irredeemable - Rosehip, plum blossom, white sandalwood, jonquil, and amber-laden incense) has been the best "floral" for me - plum blossom is gentler and more herbaceous than other florals I've tried, the rosehip gives a floral quality without becoming too OMG ROSE, and jonquil is a bit more earthy/musky than overtly floral (at least on me). En Eski Ask Siiri (Lupers - juniper, tamarisk, almond, lavender honey, sesame, myrrh, olive oil, cedar, and rose) was also pleasant - the rose is heavily tempered by earthier notes like sesame, cedar, and almond. It also has a creamy/nuttiness that might appeal if you like "cozy" scents. Cherry blossom scents like Kyoto (cherry blossom, white sandalwood and star anise) and Kabuki (cherry, red musk, and star anise) have worked well for me too, since they're not the kind of high-pitched, white floral or perfume-y rose kind of scents that usually give me a headache. ETA scent notes - also, Kumari Kandam (Thick incense, clay, stone, and hothouse blooms with a spike of frost, a hint of decay, and heavy, dolorous aquatic notes) - according to my long-ago review, what I got was "Kind of a smoky/candle herbal floral with a little bit of sweetness and just a hint of something acrid."
  2. fufu_berry

    Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's Tea Leaves

    This came off as a very floral Earl Grey to me - I definitely get the citrus-y scent of bergamot, but maybe also a touch of jasmine? It bothered my nose a little, and I'm allergic to jasmine, so that may have been the culprit.
  3. fufu_berry

    A Sudden Invitation

    On wet: PLUMMITY PLUM PLUM? Have I mentioned lately that I am plum? Drydown: Still basically plum SN - this plum is super fruity and sweet too. Dry: Just a hint of sandalwood. I was hoping the sandalwood would keep in the plum under control (I like plum, but I amp it waaay up), but not so far. Not a hint of mint anywhere. +15 min: Whew, ok, the plum is getting under control and more woods are coming out. Still no sign of mint. I'll have to see what this is like after a couple hours -- the plum blast opening was really intense and unpleasant, but if this keeps getting woodsier it might be a keeper.
  4. fufu_berry


    In the decant: Worn leather. On wet: Worn leather. Drydown: Some of the balsam coming out; still no cinnamon. Dry: Pretty much the same. I didn't really get any cinnamon from this, but the leather and balsam are a nice combination. It's a pretty simple scent, but the balsam adds a lot of warmth to the leather.
  5. fufu_berry

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    Gotta be purple for Marie! Purple Phoenix, Bruised Violet Compound (which also works with her being a doctor), White Chocolate and Sugared Violets might be possibilities. The GC scent Marie also has violet in it which is kind of a fun coincidence. I've been pondering my friend and my Buffy/Faith costume scents some more...I'm thinking maybe Black Temple Burlesque Troupe (sexy, dark, tobacco, a little dangerous) for Faith and perhaps Blood Amber (like the idea of blood + something quintessentially feminine) for Buffy?
  6. fufu_berry

    Ginger scents & the different types of ginger notes

    Another one of the box of chocolates one time was Dark Chocolate, Tulsi, Turmeric and White Ginger, which sounds like it might fit the bill!
  7. fufu_berry

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    I think Tombstone would be a great choice. Fighter from the RPGs (Leather, musk, blood, and steel) might also be a good choice (or an addition to Tombstone, for a little bit more "hard edge" that I associate with Jayne).
  8. fufu_berry

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    It's that time of the year again...since this thread was so helpful last year for my Halloween costume (No. 93 Engine for my Drive costume) I thought I'd bump it up and solicit some advice for this year for me as well. A friend and I are doing Buffy and Faith, which has been a costume dream of mine for a while (I'm Faith, she's Buffy). I saw some ideas for Buffy characters in another thread, but most of them were scents I either don't have or didn't work for me. Thoughts? My likes and dislikes can be found in my signature wishlist link; my friend likes amber, sandalwood, musks, doesn't like cocoa or vanilla.
  9. fufu_berry

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    It sounds like some of the things from Lilith's Pickman Gallery might fit the bill. I'm thinking particularly of Cykranosh (Sour gummi bears, cherry cordial, and apricot preserves), Love (Marshmallows and rose sugar with whipped vanilla cream and a hint of strawberry) and Uncle Brian (Raspberry sherbet dotted with orangesicle, merlot gelato, pink cotton candy, and iced lime).
  10. fufu_berry

    Blue Fire

    I really wanted to love this -- gin is a note I like a lot, and the idea of a fruity scent appeals to me, especially for summer -- but the blueberry and papaya amped way up and drowned out the gin and lemongrass. It just got too sweet and heavy for me.
  11. fufu_berry


    I have a decant of the 2008. This one had promise (copal, spice, woods, tobacco) but all I got was roses and hairspray the whole way through. :/ Won't be getting any of this year's.
  12. fufu_berry


    Something in this went really wrong on me. From wet to dry, I mostly got an overwhelming high-pitched smell, something like ammonia. Not pleasant! Most of the notes in this I know are good on me, so I suspect either the petitgrain (which I haven't tried before) or some combination that hasn't been in my other scents. Bummersauce
  13. fufu_berry

    Hand of Glory

    Realized I hadn't review this! Wet: Oak and nutmeg - woodsy spicy. Drydown: Beeswax amps way up. Beeswax tends to go vanillic on me (which I don't like, but may be a plus for others), but the sandalwood and leather seem to help keep this a bit more earthy and not too sweet. Dry plus: Leather comes out, still very creamy from the beeswax and a little sweet with the nutmeg. I would probably like this a little drier, but I still enjoy it when I can handle a bit of sweetness.
  14. fufu_berry

    Scents similar to/complimentary to Cocoa Butter lotion

    Obatala is coconut and shea, which I think would go with cocoa butter.
  15. fufu_berry

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Haha, I have the opposite problem. Wand caps put way too much oil on for me! I have to use toothpicks with the wand capped bottles I have to avoid od-ing.