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    Snake Oil, Haunted. Pele, Dirty, Stardust, Loviatar, Snow Bunny, Midnight Mass, Jacob's Ladder, Rosalind, Spellcound, Queen Mab & Endymion.

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    Aries Sun with Capricorn Rising & Virgo Moon... though eveyone mistakes me for a Scorpio, go figure? Year of the Ram in Chinese Astrology & I have a weakness for Sagittarian men. :)
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  1. Gothabillywench

    Snow Bunny

    We have an unexpected winner! Not my sort of fragrance but the name was so cute I just got swept up in Silly Season delerium. & I am so glad I did. Snow bunny has a wonderful crisp pine/cyprus note in the bottle & when 1st applied (like Swedish pine/cyprus - you can imagine big branches of it spanking your booty). This is lovely as it's fresh crispness is a great antidote to a sweltering Aussie X-mas. Then it morphs, & this is my fave bit. It develops into the softest, girliest powdery berry scent & it's utterly gorgeous & has MASSIVE staying power. Perfect for Southern hempisphere Christmas' as put it on in morning when it's stinking hot & the greeness of it cuts through the heat & wakes you out of your sweaty stupor. But nightfall when the sky turns vivid pinks & purples & the weather is more sultry, the perume changes to match it & is subtle, soft & very very "come sniff me" sexy. Snow Bunny Rocks
  2. Gothabillywench

    Ode on Melancholy

    Not sure what Wisteria smells like, but on me this went really gorgeously Neroli-like. Light, sweet (but not cloyingly) slightly citussy & fresh. I love this one. It's a good Spring/Summer smell.
  3. Gothabillywench

    In honor of John Lennon

    I'm so for this idea! I wore my St John medallion this week. My Mum, bored at school in Grade 6, took a little gold backed medallion of the Madonna (given to her for her confirmation by random Italian Aunt) painstakingly removed the glass, took out the pic of the Holy Mother & replaced it with this itty bitty pic of John Lennon. Nonna found it a year ago when cleaning the house & gave it back to Mum who gave it to me, being a massive Beatles & Lennon fan that I am Where she found such a small pic & how she did it I'll never know. But 40-45 years later it still looks new.
  4. Gothabillywench


    YUUUUUUUUM!!!!! After 2 amazingly stressful 12 hour days at work, with the mercury pushing close to 40 degrees Celcius this little beauty that arrived today was a godsend. Clean, white, fresh & comforting. I calmed down straight away. It was relaxing, just like your weary head hitting those crisp freshly off the line sheets on a balmy summer night (which is sure is now). You know when you've had a craptsatic day or night out & all that keeps you going is the thought of smelling clean sheets & hitting the hay? Well, this is that feeling bottled. The perfect antidote to an all-nighter? No, it's the perect antidote to a steamy, scorching Aussie summer. fabulous. I'm so glad i got a 5 ml unsniffed (which I never do). This is perfect for this heat as iIcan smell clean & nice rather than "hello I'm wearing perfume" which is nauseating when it's so hot it hurts to think. It's a scent that makes people say "you smell nice" rather than "your perfume smells nice". Slight hint of floral in there but it's a tropical floral (much like my precious Pele). I'm officially in love
  5. Gothabillywench

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Not sure what it is in it, but Vinland gave me an EXTREME reaction. Red raw rash & itching/burning. not fun
  6. Gothabillywench

    layering with Angel?

    Xiuhtecuhtli smells EXACTLY like Angel on me. maybe give it a whirl?
  7. Gothabillywench


    OOh! It's those lollies i loved as a child! Can't think of the name. This is sherbety orange. That's all I'm getting. In the bottle It was more mellow & sweet, caught a hint of maple 7 gentle flowers. But on my skin it's a super tart orange sherbert & I feel like I'm 4 at a b'day party eating my way to a diabetic coma! Not my kind of scent once on. If it smelled onme how it does in the bottle I'd love it. I love the novelty factor of it smelling like lollies, but not what I'd wear. Especially as it now appears to have given me a nasty rash that stings a wee bit.
  8. Gothabillywench

    Val Sans Retour

    I only get a feint lemon- I get carnation, green grass & very herby. Haven't tried it on yet, but out of the bottle, I like it.
  9. Gothabillywench


    Oh yeah, it's green. but a pale green, slightly aquatic fresh flowers. But the flowers i get when I smell this are the types a child would pick out of various neighbours gardens to give you. All those cute 7 sweet little flowers we forget about but are at child eye-level. little wee things that grow in amongst the big brash "oi smell me" flowers. Basically it's a very cute scent. Cute is the word for this one. I like.
  10. Gothabillywench

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    Why do i have no concept of what orris smells like yet it seems a match made in heaven with my skin? This smells powdery, fresh lineny, summery sophisticated white lady-ish. I like it alot. There's a hint of green-ness in it too which always sits well with me. This is a Mum perfume. I feel all maternal wearing it. not sure why- just my odd scent associations i think.
  11. Gothabillywench


    Got this yesterday as a freebie. Not my usual thing but... I smell lickable! I smell of buttery scrummy rum. I'm a walking bottle of 12 year old Bacardi! Very boozy, buttery (but not in a cake way if that makes sense?) & mildly spicy. It's a sunny rum There's something deeper in there I can't put my finger on. It's not spice but a deep warmth. Not one I'd have gone for myself as not into foody smells, but I'm almost tempted to nab a 5 ml of this.
  12. Gothabillywench

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Yeah - what she said Old London is very much a tea rose. Rose red smells like you've just cut a rich red rose out of your lightly rained on garden. it's the rose, stem. leaves & soil all rolled into the rosiest of rose scents ever. I love Rose Red (didn't order a bottle though as i love sniffing it but it's not a very 'me' scen to actually wear...mind you my Mum goes gaga for it. She loves Old london too.) Rose red's less of a girly rose than london. If London is a little girl rose, rose red is a teenage/young woman rose scent.
  13. Similar to Bordello- Bewitched, Kitsune Tsuki, Maiden, Morella, Seraphim & maybe give queen of hearts & viola a try
  14. Gothabillywench

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Pele for sure.
  15. Gothabillywench

    The Best Scents for Home, a Room, the Car...

    Thanks Gal's! I think Loviatar or Lust are the way to go. the scent pads fade after about 2 3 months so I can go for something lighter when it starts heating up. - Yes Ishtar, it's bloody freezing here at the moment! I thought maybe Queen of hearts in Summer. Mind you- Beth gave me a bottle of "Aries" as a freebie with my last order so given I am a ram & the car is red...... though it will be 'born' in late July/early August so will be a Leo by birth. Still a forey little thing though