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  1. Hazel Dormouse

    Traveling with BPAL

    I've only ever taken imps with me traveling, so I can't comment on bottles or massive stash relocations. But even on long international flights between Japan and the US, I've had no problem with leakage either checking them with my luggage, or taking them in a plastic baggie in my carry-on. Honestly I think sometimes I've had them floating around in my purse and forgotten to put them in a baggie, and still didn't have any trouble.
  2. Hazel Dormouse


    I had such hopes for Vixen, but alas it didn't work for me. Actually the reason I bought my first batch of BPAL was because I was nostalgic for the orange blossom scent of the orchards back home. Expectation: Fresh orange blossom with a sparkling twist of ginger, and patchouli to ground the scent, adding earthy spice. Reality: Ugh! Sharp biting stink. I get no orange or orange blossom out of this. The sharpness must be coming from the ginger, but as much as I love intense ginger tea or spicy ginger soup, I'm not getting the fragrance of ginger here, just the burn. Even after drydown it's only better because it's less potent. I aged my imp for about a year and tried again, but still no dice. Fortunately a friend of mine said she loves the scent, so it's off to a better home. Similar scents: Siren
  3. Hazel Dormouse

    The Grave-Pig

    So this is my first review, but I've worn this scent often enough (including today), so I hope I can do it justice. I ordered this one because it sounded so different from anything else on my list. I wanted to try something earthy, but was scared of the rose note in Zombi. I'm so glad I added this one to my order, because it's become one of my top ten go-to scents. In the imp: I mostly get an earthy spiciness that must be patchouli. But this is not an in-your-face patchouli. It actually smells smooth and creamy. Creamy spicy dirt. On wet: The fig surfaces, and I never really noticed before, but this must be where the mushroom comes out on me. I'm not sure what oakmoss smells like, but perhaps it's blending in with the others. Overall very round and mellow, although low on through. Dry: Ahh, this settles into such a comforting earthy smell. I've found I *love* Beth's fig note. But whereas Molly Grue is a nutty foody fig, and Eden is coconuty sweet, in The Grave-Pig I don't get any of the sweetness. Instead it maintains this faint earthy spice... Not like cinnamon spice, but more like dried figs kept in wooden barrels if that makes sense. After a little while this grounds itself into a second-skin scent on me. While it's low on throw, it lasts all day, and 10 hours later I can still sniff my wrist for a whiff. Overall Impression: Mellow. This is the kind of scent that I can wear to bed and snuggle into. It stays close to the skin, so you wouldn't wear this to get attention. But this was the first scent that Mr. Dormouse noticed on me, and when he leaned in it was with a sigh of, "Mmmm, you smell good." Also recommended: Molly Grue, Death Cap, Eden