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  1. ShinoTenshi

    Galvanic Goggles

    OOOOOOh, WOW! This is drop-dead sexy gorgeous in a bottle. I'm just going to sit quietly in the corner and huff my wrist until I pass out. Someone had mentioned that this is what James Bond would wear? YES. Both in the bottle and on me, I get a beautiful warm metallic with a spicy edge that makes you want to swoon into someone's conveniently-placed arms. And hopefully that someone is wearing Galvanic Goggles too.... It's definitely not an exclusively male scent, but it would be smoking on a guy. It makes me feel sexy, strong and powerful when I wear it.
  2. ShinoTenshi

    Psychological Horror

    I have been dying to get this since I sniffed a friend's bottle and fell in love. The scent in the bottle is a little sweet, a little fresh, but with a bit of a sharp undercurrent. I can't seem to find specific notes, but almost a foody note in there somewhere? I actually get the tiniest bit of Dorian in the mix too, don't know why, but YUM! I happily applied and went to work. This is where the "psychological horror" really started to hit... All day I kept catching a whiff of something rancid, something disturbing, and I couldn't figure out what it was. I would sniff my wrist just in case and only caught the sweet freshness I loved so much from the bottle. At a loss, I finally re-sniffed the bottle and caught the same sharp acrid scent chuckling manically from the oil within. Oh, horrors, noooooooooo!!!! Yup, this happens to be one of the few scents that turns to cat pee on me I am very nearly devastated, but nonetheless, impressed with how well the oil lived up to its name....