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  1. lauriebeth

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    My first thought was Anne Bonny. Wild, assertive and a real strong female power scent. Because of your classic goth influence however, Mourning Lace? Maybe Mad Sweeney might be a good one- although it's a kick of whisky, it's another really strong power scent.
  2. lauriebeth


    I'm SO glad I got a chance to try this out. Lola Montez has always intrigued me and I was really interested to see what Beth has matched up to her, scent-wise. In the bottle: Very, very appley. How odd, I could have sworn there was no apple listed. This smells like a really juicy green cooking apple that's just been put from the tree. On, wet. Right, the jasmine here is definitely coming out. This has absolutely no hint of clove so far, which is such a shame as that's my favorite note. It's gone from very girly and sweet to a little more subtle and sexy. mmm. On, dry. Oh, this is quite nice. I'm not quite sold on the apple which my skin seems to amp like it's going out of fashion, but it's toned down and smells quite delicate and fragile on my skin. Possibly a keeper- I won't be wearing this in place of my Marie/Ophelia though.
  3. lauriebeth


    At first when I tried this, I was so disappointed. In the bottle, it smells like cheap disinfectant and that awful handsoap you get in petrol station bathrooms *shudder* However, it calmed down really nicely on my skin. This was perhaps the BPAL GC scent I was looking forward most to trying, and I suppose it was always going to be a slight letdown as Lolita is my favorite book of all time. However, it's sweet and girly and it seems to like my skin chemistry, so I think this is going to be a keeper! (despite the fact that I think a more bubble-gummy scent would have matched up with Lo a little more nicely)