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    Treat #2, Snow Angel, Lick It, and Shub Niggurath are my four can't-decide-between-them favorites. I also like Pumpkin Patch #5, Siren, Dana O'Shee, Eden, Harvest Moon (2005), Mi-Go Brain Canister, Fruit Moon, Hungry Ghost Moon, Eat Me, and Dorian. Fig is a particular favorite, and smells great on my skin. I like sweet florals and anything with pumpkin. Milk and honey are great notes for me, as are roses, violets, and pear. I love tea scents but they sometimes smell like Lemon Pledge on me. I like red musk and light musks a lot, but it's hit or miss if it smells good on my skin. White musk usually does. Darker musks sometimes work, but usually don't. Alice, Two, Five & Seven, and Maiden all depressed me when they didn't work. Leather, grass, carnation, tobacco leaf, chocolate/cocoa, and patchouli are all bad notes, especially the first two - leather smells like rotting cow and grass smells like chemically treated lawn on my skin. :(


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  1. ktesedale

    Pure Applesauce

    In the bottle, this smells very strongly of apples, with just a bit of something else. On me, the tobacco scent comes out incredibly strongly, with a bit of sweetness and apple over it. No tea at all, and the tobacco is definitely the main scent, not the apples. Sadly, not a fit for me, I was really hoping for more apple.
  2. I'm very out of practice with reading notes, but I just got this scent and had to leave a review. I had a very different experience - in the bottle, the rosemary was the primary scent, very sharp. Wet, still almost pure rosemary, with maybe a bit of the lavender. It might have given me a headache if it'd stayed like that. After a few minutes, it was a gorgeous sweet floral, very complicated - a mix of rosemary, lavender, and a bit of blackberry. The bergamot was undetectable. I couldn't directly pinpoint the musk, but I'm pretty sure it gave a nice base to it, keeping the scent from going too sharp. It was honestly a terrific floral scent, I really liked it. I wish it'd stayed like this for the rest of the time, but it quickly morphed after about a half hour to a bitter floral with a hint of baby powder and soap. Very disappointing, because I loved the just-dry stage quite a bit. Apparently a bad match for my skin.
  3. Hey all - I'm mainly on LJ, instead of here, but I kind of felt like I should post something since I'm participating in the Switch Witch for Spring 2007. I'm a total geek and dork - I love computers, roleplaying games, crafts, and pets. I have three cats, and I hope to get a dog soon. I love the community here - it really impresses me, how kind everyone can be, despite the occasional bad apple. I'm high strung and nervous a lot of the time, but I like to relax, too. I plan to fill out some of those quizes in the Switch Witch thread, but I haven't really had a chance yet!
  4. ktesedale


    Like shelldoo said, this violet is very similar to Sybaris on me at first, but slowly the sugar starts to come out and takes it the scent in a different direction. Faith is light, sweet, and girly, and I think I might have to get a bottle, despite not normally loving florals - there's something about this scent that makes me happy and wistful. I highly recommend it, if you like sweet scents or violets.
  5. ktesedale

    White Moon

    Huh, I'm not much of a floral fan (there are only a few that I really like), but I'm surprised at how much I like White Moon! It's a sweet and light floral, not heavy or heady like some of the others. There's a faint touch of greenery in there, too. When it's wet, it smells powdery and a little bitter, but when it dries the sweetness comes out. I'm not sure I'd ever wear this, at least day-to-day - but I could easily see wearing this to a posh play or a funeral - something you get dressed up for, but is serious. Since I don't go to those sorts of things often, I think White Moon will have to find another owner. I'm glad I got to try it, though, and I love the label (and matching t-shirt, which I got!) of it.
  6. ktesedale

    Dragon's Blood

    Dragon's blood usually smells like a flowery-cherry combination on me, and the scent Dragon's Blood was no exception. It's a lovely scent, and I'm happy with my imp of it - I sometimes use it to give a kick to other scents - but it's not something I would ever buy a bottle of. Still, it's very nice to get to try it on its own, and if you're new to BPAL and dragon's blood, I really recommend trying it out!
  7. ktesedale

    Kuang Shi

    In the vial, this is a bright, sparkling orange scent. Wet, the orange and mango really are prominent. Dry, musk comes out a lot on me, so that was the primary note in this one. But the orange and mango kept it from being too musky, and the sandalwood added a nice bit of grounding. This is a lovely scent, in the same category as Fae (though more fruity than floral), for me. I like them both, but I'm not sure I need bottles of both of them. Hmm. I'll have to determine which one I want to get a bottle of!
  8. ktesedale

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    In the vial, this is a delicious sweet vanilla/amber. I can just barely smell the sweet pea, but I think it adds to the overall sweetness. Wet, this is waaaay too sweet. It's almost sickening. This only lasts about five minutes. Dry, I very briefly get a lovely mix of amber, vanilla, and faint floral, before it turns into a sweet baby powder. *sigh* I was hoping this amber wouldn't do that, since it smells so good in the vial! Not a huge surprise, but not what I was hoping, either. People who can wear amber might still love this, though!
  9. ktesedale

    Strangler Fig

    In the vial, this is a rich green scent, with a faint touch of sweetness. Wet, this is a gorgeous sweet herbal. It's like sap. Dry, the fig comes out. Usually I love fig, but this came on very, very strong - and not that complex. The lovely greenness disappeared, and all I was left with was the sweet fig. I liked it well enough, but it's nothing spectacular. If it kept some of that greenness on my skin, I'd want a bottle, but this imp is off to swaps! Still, any new fig blend is good in my book!
  10. ktesedale

    Black Opal

    I'm a bit surprised how much I like this scent! In the vial, it's sharp and metallic-smelling - and mineral-like. Wet, I can still smell that sharpness, but I also smell a strong vanilla. Dry, this turns into a gorgeous creamy scent. This is what I'd hoped Antique Lace would smell like - creamy and rich and warm, instead of the cooler, more plasticky (on my skin) Antique Lace. Despite that warmth, though, it's not foody at all. I think it's the 'mineral' like scent that grounds it. It has surprisingly good throw, too, despite being a 'gentle' scent. I think I'm going to have to get a bottle of this one!
  11. ktesedale


    I love this scent! It's the scent taught me just how fantastic fig is. In the vial, this smells very sweet - the honey and coconut come out a lot. Wet, it's like being hit in the face with fig. I've since discovered that fig amps up really strongly for the first half hour or so, but the first time I wore this, I thought it would go straight into the swaps - fig is nice (well, great!), but it's a little overwhelming to have nothing but fig. After it dries and settles a bit (as I said, about a half hour), it turns into this lovely sweet fig scent, with a clear coconut topping and a green/spiced scent holding it down and keeping it from being cloying. It morphs a bit, too, sometimes the coconut comes out more, sometimes a bit of almond or sandalwood instead. I love this scent, and I always forget how much I love it. I really need to get myself a bottle of it. It's definitely in the top ten general catalog for me, and is the second best fig scent I've ever tried (Treat #2 is the best). But it's very foody, so if you're not a foody person, I do not recommend it.
  12. ktesedale


    Hmmm... I usually do well with all of the notes listed in this scent, but it just doesn't work for me. I think the jasmine might actually be night-blooming jasmine? Because it smells like that harsh scent night-blooming jasmine has, and I really dislike it. In the bottle, this smells sharply of (what I think is) night-blooming jasmine and lemon. I shudder, but try it anyway, because no one else mentioned they thought it might be night-blooming. Wet, this is pure lemon - I was worried I'd get the Pledge scent, but thankfully, it died down. Dry, the florals come out - I really, really swear it's night-blooming! Really! I can't smell the sandalwood, and only barely smell the lemon or bergamot. It's mainly jasmine on me. I didn't like it - I prefer my jasmine to be sweeter. Still, I'm very grateful this scent came back, because I really, really wanted to try it!
  13. ktesedale

    The Coiled Serpent

    I can't stand patchouli - in fact, it's one of the notes that will completely kill a blend for me, and I never really order anything that has patchouli in it. I might have to revise that decision, though, because for some strange, crazy reason, I love this scent! Thank you, Lab, for the frimp! The patchouli doesn't really stand out as an individual note, on my skin - it blends in with the 'earthy' fragrance others have mentioned. It's a very, very well blended scent, to my nose, and it is indeed very grounding. As others have said, it's not really a 'going to a party' scent - but it works perfectly as a 'Saturday with the friends' scent. I am utterly shocked at how much I like this scent. Now I have to decide if I'm willing to try other stuff with this note...
  14. ktesedale


    All flash and glam: white wine, heliotrope, d’Anjou pear, and lotus. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I was very happy to see this scent come back - I love sweet scents, and many people said it was a terrific sweet scent, but I started buying from BPAL just after it was discontinued. In the bottle, I can really smell the pear, and a sort of general sweetness, but not individual notes. Wet, bubble gum! Pure bubble gum, in fact. Ugh. Dry, though, this changes and is wonderful! It's still very sweet, but now the pear comes out, with a faint, faint floral touch. No alcohol scent (which isn't a huge surprise with my chemistry). It lasts forever, too! I love this one, though the wet stage is a bit too strong. I'm also looking forward to aging it a bit and seeing if it will take the edge off a tad. Still, an excellent scent, and I'm very grateful that it came back briefly!
  15. ktesedale


    I like almost all the notes in this, but I didn't have very high hopes, unfortunately, as green tea tends to go very much like a sharp almost herbal lemon on my skin, and that's what I got from F5. Very, very citrusy, very lemony, very little anything else. It's nice enough, but it's nothing I would wear often. Also, I had a hard time telling the difference between this scent and Embalming Fluid in either the bottle or on my skin, and they have a *lot* of notes in common. So fans of either should try the other one.