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  1. GoddessChaos


    ... Their scent is the crisp, inviting bittersweet tang of cranberry with smoky dark lilies, heady, sensual musk, a tingle of ginger and a brush of Mediterranean spices. Lampades starts out on me as a very lovely musky cranberry. Over time the cranberry fades a bit, becoming spicier and a little more floral. Eventually it vanishes altogether unless one tries very hard to find it, leaving behind sweet spices with a gust of floral underneath. I do like it very much, whether it's bottle-worthy requires further testing.
  2. GoddessChaos


    In the imp: Citrusy and fresh. Wet on skin: Holy crap, lemon candy. Drying: It's turning more sweet and musky, a little more grapefruit than lemon. After a while it becomes mostly musk. Dry: Lemon musk, with a slightly herbal accent. This is like 51's citrusier, greener, almost wetter cousin. I don't think I like it as well as 51, and I think this could easily remind someone distressingly of lemon pledge, so I don't think I need a bottle. Edit: It seems to be calming and losing that sharp, floor cleaner edge, leaving behind lemongrass and musk. I still don't think I need a bottle but I will certainly use up the imp.
  3. GoddessChaos


    Frimp from the Lab, which was lovely as I so wanted to try this. In the imp it's pretty indistinguishable from Eclipse. On, it's sweeter, with the neroli preventing it from being as foody as Eclipse is. Sadly, on drydown the almond and neroli fade out almost completely, and I'm left with cinnamon gum or red-hots. Plus a nice red patch where I applied the oil, which Eclipse didn't do. They're very similar at first, but I think Eclipse wins this one.
  4. GoddessChaos

    Grand Guignol

    I hated this in the imp, but I tried it on anyway. In the imp and wet, it's all booze, all the time. It smells like sniffing straight out of a bottle of alcohol. Yuk. As it dries though, it turns more fruity, and the apricot takes over the booze smell, ending up as dried, sugary apricot. It's much nicer than it was when I first put it on, but I don't think I need a bottle of it.
  5. GoddessChaos


    Ordered for my sister's (who likes fruity scents) birthday, tried on because I wanted it too! Wet: Orange, mostly, with a hint of something sweeter behind it. I can't tell if it's just blood orange or if the raspberry is peeking through. Drydown: Definitely blood orange, and the raspberry is becoming stronger. It smells almost like candy, except the neroli adds a tinge of bitterness that keeps it from being overpoweringly sweet. SweetTarts, maybe; sweetness with some bite. The throw is great, too! I only put a tiny smidge on and I can smell it just fine while sitting here typing! Fully dry: Sweet and much softer. There is virtually no citrus bite at all. It does smell very much like a tart, fruity candy, or maybe a summer drink with an orange slice on the glass. I'm not 100% sure it's for me, but I'd like to test again in hot weather to be sure. Definitely need to buy an imp for my friend who says that girls should "smell like fruit and candy", haha. Edit: Oh my, new page! Scent description added.
  6. GoddessChaos


    I got this imp for my sister's birthday, as she likes fruity scents, but it was one I was interested in trying too so I stole a small bit to test! (shh, don't tell...) I ended up with about four different scents on, because a lot of the ones I ordered for her were ones I hadn't gotten around to trying yet... In the imp: Peach, with a green-gold sparkle underneath. Wet: ZOMG PEACH! I actually don't like the wet stage, as it's far too overpowering a peachy smell. Drydown: Which one of these smells so lovely?! *sniff sniff* Ohh, it's Fae! The Attack of the 50-Foot Peach backs off some, and I can smell the heliotrope and bergamot coming through. It's actually quite lovely. I think heliotrope might be a win note for me, based on Fae and Eclipse. Fully dry: Fae has faded to a dark green mossy scent, with flashes of peach, bergamot, and heliotrope peeking through the background. It's very sparkly, like sunlight through foliage. It would be beautiful in hot weather, but it's very faint, hardly any throw and I have to sniff hard to smell it. I'm not sure if it's because it's a light scent, or because I didn't put much on (only enough to test). Either way, I think this warrants my own imp, if not a bottle.
  7. GoddessChaos

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    The Antikythera Mechanism is mostly wood, with an undercurrent of vanilla, a whiff of tobacco, and something that hints at the glint of polished metal. It smells like well-oiled gears turning inside a polished wooden box. The tobacco and what I think is the teak are most prominent at first, but as it dries down the vanilla becomes more prominent, softening the scent, and then after several hours fades into soft wood. Throw is very good, staying power is one of the best so far. I bought this bottle unsniffed and I'm glad I did! It also smells divine on the boy-thing and it's one of the first ones he's expressed interest in wearing himself (yay!) ...although if he keeps it up, I might need another one... >.>
  8. GoddessChaos

    Dragon's Bone

    In the bottle, it's lovely dragon's blood with a sharp edge. On drydown, it turns into baby powder. GACK. And I'm at work so I can't wash it off. This is the one of the only BPAL I've tried that I actively dislike. I don't know if it's the sandalwood or the orris, but sandalwood usually does okay on me so I'm guessing orris is the culprit here.
  9. GoddessChaos


    In the bottle: Honey and peppers. Wet: SPICES! Drydown: Spices and the pepper makes its return. Whoof. This is like bell pepper/chili pepper, not black pepper. Fully dry: The honey comes to the forefront once again, calming down that pepper. It's now just a sharpness balancing out the sweet honey. It smells like chai tea, with no milk. After a bit: The spices are back, with a hint of sweetness from the honey and sharpness from the pepper. It's like sweet cinnamony musk. The first time I tried this I dabbed it on with a bunch of other things (in different spots) at the same time and I thought I smelled a weird plasticky note... but it must have been the pepper not been playing well with something else. I like it; once I get past the drydown phase, it's very nice. I'm not sure yet if I need a bottle. I'll definitely use up the imp though!
  10. GoddessChaos


    In the bottle: Heavy cinnamon scent, with a note of almond and a hint of something that I think is the frankincense. Wet: CINNAMON ALMOND. Drydown: Still spicy, but the almond is becoming more pronounced. Fully dry: WOW. The throw on this is AMAZING. I had my coat on and my hands stuck in the pockets, and I could still smell waves of Eclipse coming off my wrists. It smells mostly of almond, with a warm, almost foody glow behind it. It's lovely. After a while: It's calmed down on the cinnamon front a lot. The almond has faded from the spotlight, mingling much more quietly with something ambery or vanilla-y. It's very warm, almost comforting. It's nothing at all like I expected, but I think I need a bottle of this.
  11. GoddessChaos


    In the bottle: Fruity melon, very green. Wet: Melon-y, very bright, with what I think is the freesia poking its head out. Drydown: Turning very citrus-y. After a minute I can smell the salt coming out, with a little bit of musky dry wood. Fully dry: Salty wood and light musk, with a backdrop of citrus and melon. Very light and bright; I can see why the Lab description says "glowing". I think this would be a beautiful hot weather scent; it reminds me a little of Bath & Body Works' White Citrus scent, but with the melon adding a little more depth. I think I need a bottle. It's light and cool without being obviously perfumey; the musk blends well with my skin and the fruit adds just a little sweetness. Yeah, I think I need a bottle, unless it somehow turns awful or disappears on me in a bit. Just after I wrote that: Whoa, what is happening? The scent just turned much colder and I SWEAR it smells just like the night air in the description. I thought that was just flavor... but it really does smell like cool night air with dry woodsy musk on the breeze, just a hint of sweetness left now. Holy crap, this will be amazing on hot summer nights. Lab, how do you do it? Magic? NEED.
  12. GoddessChaos

    Dragon's Hide

    In the bottle: Sweet leather and smoke. Wet: Smoky! Very dry. Almost ashy. Drydown: Still lots of smoke, though now there's a leathery tang to it and the sweetness of the dragon's blood is coming out. Fully dry: OMG. Spicy-sweet leathery goodness. I think I'm in love. Most of the smoke is gone, and now it just smells like a leather jacket with some kind of amazing cologne on it. It's almost comforting, like wearing your boyfriend's coat. However, I think my skin might amp dragon's blood, as that's the most prominent note, as it tends to be in Wrath. We'll have to see. An hour later: Mostly dragon's blood The leather & smoke are still there somewhere under it but I have to concentrate pretty hard to distinguish it from Wrath. I'm so disappointed, I was looking forward to the lovely leathery goodness! Ah well, I suppose this will teach me to be careful with dragon's blood from now on... I'll definitely use up the imp, we'll have to see about a whole bottle...