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  1. aritei

    Are there plans for a BPAL gift registry?

    oh, that would be AWESOME. I did some stealth tracking for my sister when she was trying to figure out what a friend would want for Christmas. My sister is not into BPAL at all, so she balked at the price for such a tiny bottle. Finally, when we settled on Dorian, she goes, "oh, that's perfect. She LOVES Scrubs (the tv show)!"
  2. aritei

    Does BPAL stain?

    I haven't had problems with staining per se, but I did accidentally spill a bottle of Dorian on a text book once. THAT was not fun. It smeared the ink all over the page.
  3. aritei

    Temperature and BPAL

    just the thought of heat near my babies sends shivers down my spine!
  4. aritei

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    as far as I know, there are no longer any authorized resellers.
  5. aritei

    How full is full?

    i think it varies from bottle to bottle. When I line 'em up after a huge order, the volumes seem to vary.
  6. aritei


    This is one gloriously, sexy scent! I should get a 5 mL in the next order. . .
  7. aritei


    what a sexy scent! it's a shame the clove started to irritate my skin after an hour or so. i should get a locket for this one.
  8. aritei


    A celebration of the Bone Church of Prague. Frankincense, rosewood, lily, and geranium rose. Though I've never seen the bone church, this is how I'd imagine it to smell. Amazing!
  9. aritei


    This is perfect for a man! Fresh, clean, sexy. . . reminds me of polo sport for some reason.
  10. aritei

    Black Annis

    licorice! Not me at all, but fun to try anyway.
  11. aritei


    Alice is the scent of tea and flowers. While I can't always arrange a proper afternoon tea, I can easily slather on a little Alice oil. lovely.
  12. aritei

    The Caterpillar

    Lovely incense smell in the imp, but the vetivert goes sour on my skin.
  13. aritei


    Many years ago, I went canoeing down a river with a friend. There was a mossy grove with funny grey fish and smooth pebbles on the bottom of the river. I think this captures the scent of that day perfectly.
  14. aritei


    I love the story of Scherezade. However, I don't think the spicy scent really suits my personality, if that makes sense. Maybe I'll save it for a day I need to feel confident.
  15. aritei


    Such a lovely, sparkly scent. I love pomegranates, and this worked better on me than Persephone did. Unfortunately, my mom said, "who's been eating cherry lifesavers again?" Some people have no taste.