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  1. Who knows if anyone will read these things, but I think jotting down my scented thoughts somewhere would help me better sort out what I really like and don't like. And why not post those thoughts online? Because thats always a good idea... I recently received a package from lorajc and inside she included two frimps from Possets. One is called Maryland, which I thought was cute because I currently live in Maryland Here's a link to the scent description - http://possets.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=299 Maryland is a very sweet, aquatic, ozone scent and I'm adoring the hell out of it right now. Its like a cool-sweet scent. I'm worried that it doesnt last long, and I have only had it on for about 45 minutes. I dont mind. I would reapply this throughout the day if necessary. Can you really judge throw based on a small swatch on the wrist? Idk. I'd say this could possibly have medium throw if I have it on my wrists and on my neck. Maybe just light though. I'm really loving Maryland, but I didn't expect to. I haven't tried many (any?) aquatic/ozone scents, but Maryland really has me thinking that I have stumbled upon an unexplored scent genre, a whole new world of sniff possibilities! The only blatantly aquatic/ozone scent I think I have is Lighting, which I have not tried yet. And hopefully having this little corner of the net to jot down my scented thoughts will push me to try the dozens (somewhere between 80-100+) of imps that I have not tried yet. I have a collectors mentality, which is fine, but not so productive or wise if I'm buying and buying without using my products. Thats what happened to me and makeup... I have only tried one Possets scent before, and I've seen relatively underwhelming reviews on average, but I will be trying more of their scents. I will buy a bottle of Maryland in the near future. I love BPAL, but its nice to have other resources for scents. (Not that you really need anything else, BPAL seems to have an infinite supply of awesomeness.) Plus, Possets has cheaper bottles. I believe this is because many of their scents are not pure essential oils like BPAL oils. (correct me if I'm wrong, someone) I've tried Solstice Scents in the past, I probably ordered 20 samples or so, and NONE of them lasted more than 5 minutes on me, if that. very disappointing. I'm thinking whatever their base formula is (?), it doesnt work for me. I will have to sell them. They smell absolutely delicious and awesome in the imps though. So yeah, Maryland is a winner for me.
  2. thanks for all suggestions! I just ordered a ton of imps so ill wait but im going to try many (or all?) of these scents! thanks I have tried Perversion. i love that scent, but its a bit darker than what im talking about. its still amazing to me though. I also love the smell of Bliss...in the tube, because it doesnt show up or last on my skin. It's so dead on, though. Pure chocolaty ecstasy *drool*
  3. The lab uses honey. This is from the FAQs page: "Are your oils vegan? Do you test on animals? With the exception of our honey-based products, everything that comes from BPAL is vegan, and we abhor animal testing. Black Phoenix does not test on animals, and we do not work with companies that utilize animal testing. Black Phoenix is entirely cruelty-free, as our four dogs, many fish, and resident cat will attest. All products are tested on staff, family, and friends." Yup, plus I did email them anyway. It is fact.
  4. I really want to find a sugary sweet scent that will show up on my skin. Some of the juicy/sweet ones I've tried like Kabuki, Jailbait, and Bordello simply do not last on my skin, if they show up at all. Pink Lace does show up on my skin nicely and last a little while. Its better when I dont have moisturizer on, but its good. What are some other suggestions? I avoid the honey scents, because im vegan not because i dont like them (i LOVE O). I like Pink Sugar from Solstice scents but none of their scents last on me and usually they barely show up. (I think maybe they use a carrier oil, that may be why). But just to give you an idea - Pink Sugar is a good example.
  5. takeawhiff

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I wanna try too lol I'm very loud and I like to talk to everyone, however, I'm not as *outgoing* as I'd like to be, in terms of being open to different experiences. (this is due to insecurities i have) I'm not the type who goes out and does tons of interesting things all the time, but I want to be. I'm just the conversational type, I like talking to different people, I'm not shy at all. I like discussions about things relating to my studies, like politics, history, sociology, psychology, etc. I like controversial topics the most. I value the search for knowledge, in talking things out instead of being defensively closed off to talking about things, I LOVE talking. I'm like a combination of sweet and offensive I guess. I'm funny, I love to make people laugh. I'm sarcastic. I'm a bit negative. I'm very affectionate, I love to touch people, hold hands, cuddle, etc. With one of my friends, I just walk around holding pinkies. I like touching peoples hands if they let me. I like to be close to people. I'm always trying to make connections, to really get to know people, which can be hard in general. I can get attached to people easily over time. I like having close friends. I can be difficult to deal with at times, but im always there for my close friends, to listen, to give advice, to tell them the truth when they need to hear it, to be a shoulder to cry on. I'm innocent with a dirty mind. I'm bisexual if that matters. I love food, I'm a vegan. I'm idealistic, a dreamer, but also pragmatic and realistic, sometimes to the point of negativity. I'm honest about my opinions and feelings. I'm compassionate and I think I see the world/people in a different way than many people do. i tend to make connections with history, psychology, politics, etc. on things that other people would just consider to be simple issues of here and now. I'm a pretty deep person. Not that I'm not shallow on some things, because I definitely am, but I'm pretty introspective and i always have been. I'm also good at understanding and evaluating situations other people may be going through. I'm very liberal about lifestyles, politics, and sexuality. I feel very in touch with the universe. I dont even know what that means but i find myself having dreams or thinking of things that coincidentally relate to something that happened to someone else in my life. I always joke around that I'm psychic, because things like that happen to me a lot. i dont believe in things of that nature, but it does happen a lot lol i just think i pay attention to signs. and i believe in coincidence - im an atheist, so that should sum it up. lol I like arguing, reading, talking, talking, making people laugh, talking, music, the topics i mentioned above, etc. I'm loud, funny, argumentative, extroverted, affectionate, compassionate. Oh well if physical appearances help. I'm african american, I have a dark tan/light brown/goldeny complexion. black-brown, big eyes with long eyelashes, i have big, crazy kinky-curly hair. think scary spice kind of I'm really interested to see what people have to recommend based on this. i just laid out my life for you haha
  6. Oh the names dont bother me. Now, what is "overboard" on application? I applied on both wrists, both sides of neck and whatever was left on the stick thing, i rubbed behind my ears. Perhaps I'll just apply to wrists next time? Hmm...
  7. Which scents do you think are appropriate for daily wear, if you go to school everyday? Or which ones do you wear? I wore Snake Oil to class the other day and I wonder if its too strong? I love it though! O is nice too, but seeing as people think it reminds them of sex, I dunno if I want to wear it to class lol Thoughts and opinions?
  8. takeawhiff

    Are BPAL Scents Vegan?

    I did, they are made from real honey. Im not freaking out as much. I thought snake oil had honey in it, but it doesnt. Of the twenty samples i have, only one has honey so its not as crazy as i thought it was ha
  9. takeawhiff

    Are BPAL Scents Vegan?

    yeah. ill be going through withdrawal now, lots of twitching and spasms in store for me.
  10. takeawhiff

    Are BPAL Scents Vegan?

    I assumed for a while that they were synthetic until I read the FAQ section carefully and saw that it says the honey based oils arent vegan. I think I confused them with solstice scents and thought that they had other body products that are honey based, but that their perfume oils used a synthetic source. Now I'm sad. Being vegan sucks, man. Are we absolutely sure the notes are from real honey? *cries*