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    almond, orange, lavender, gardenia, vanilla, patchouli when mixed with ylang ylang and myrrh Favorite BPAL: Lampades Lust Rose Red Lampades Lightning Lughnasah Pele Lampades Kitsune-Tsuki Aizen-Myoo

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  1. Vicious Mistress

    Budding Moon

    Budding Moon smells very similar to Dirty in my opinion. It's fresh, light, clean, and makes me think of warm weather. Imagine a slightly more floral Dirty, and you've got Budding Moon. Very pretty. Very appropriate.
  2. Vicious Mistress


    Naughty! In the bottle: Creamy, buttery, with a hint of mint. Wet on skin: The mint is coming out a bit more, but still creamy and buttery. Kind of like those soft after dinner mints you get at the store. Dry down: Seems to be the same, lovely vanilla mint. Very pretty!
  3. Vicious Mistress


    In the bottle: Beautiful red roses and spices. Something sweet too, like cherries maybe? On my skin: Wet, roses, roses, roses. I don't smell the spices or the cherries anymore. 10 minutes later: It's going soapy on me. The spices are starting to come out a little bit all mellow and slightly sweet, but I don't know if they will overpower the soapy smell of the rose. The soapy smell does mellow out a bit, but it still stays soapy on my skin. I love roses, but just can't wear them! This would be a lovely spicy, light rose for someone who can wear it well.
  4. Vicious Mistress


    Bottle: Lots and lots of white musk with something fruity/tangy--maybe the champagne?? I'm not getting the hairspray, but I don't use hairspray and my nose may not recognize it. Wet: Whooo! Made to stand out in da club! Very tangy, definitly smelling the champagne/booze now. Dry down: Sharp white musk and just a hint of the tanginess. I can see where this would evoke childhood memories for me, but I just can't see myself wearing it. Ah well, I know many will appreciated it more than me!
  5. Vicious Mistress

    Rose Red

    In the bottle: There seems to be more of a green note in the '05 blend versus the '04 blend, but still the fresh rose. Wet: Just like last year, fresh, fresh rose. I can smell the stems and the dew. Beautiful!!! On my skin: Doesn't seem to be turning soapy like most roses do. I wonder what the difference is? Definitely a keeper. A breath of spring on a dreary winter day.
  6. Vicious Mistress

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    In the bottle: Interesting. Reminds me of Hearth '04 but not as strong. Wet: Can you say maple syrup, boys and girls? Cuz that's what this is turning to on me. Dry: Still maple syrup. Very sweet. I'm guessing it's the cherry that's having this affect. I was hoping for more leather/tobacco, but I guess it's not to be. Stupid skin chemistry!!!!
  7. Vicious Mistress

    Sed Non Satiata

    Bottle: Smells faint, seems there's some amber here, and something nutty?? On my skin: There's a nuttiness I get in aged Sin that I'm getting here. However, unlike the sultriness that overpowers the nuttiness in Sin, all I'm getting is the nuts with this blend. Dry: Strange, but I can't smell anything but the nutty note. I wonder what it is because I'd like to avoid it in future. Talk about being in your scent blind spot, as I believe Clover once coined it. Off to someone who will better appreciate you, my lovely!
  8. Vicious Mistress

    Lick It

    In the bottle: alcohol and peppermint. Wow! Drunken candy cane! On my skin wet: Definitely a candy cane. Very sweet peppermint with a hint of vanilla. After an hour. Mostly vanilla now with a hint of peppermint. After 4 hours: Poof! Gone. As much as I like it, it's too sweet and vanilla-y for my skin. Off to the swap forum to find a better owner!
  9. Vicious Mistress

    Blood Moon 2005

    Blood Moon smells like sex to me There's a wonderful little sex shop in Portland, OR called the Crimson Phoenix, and I used to frequent it many, many moons ago. They used to have some originally mixed pheremone perfumes there, and this smells exactly like the one I selected for my man. I loved that scent on him. Anyway, so I'm working today, in SALES, and this box arrived. I snuck to my office for a quick sniff, and I've had sex on the brain ever since. My sales are up today too, so maybe it's the attitude. lol To the review! In the bottle: Red, musky, with something earthy. It kind of has the earthiness of Sin without being so heavy, so I'm guessing that's the patchouli I smell. I think there's rose in there too, but rose goes soapy on me and this doesn't on the skin. There's also an elusive bit of spice. I can't tell if it's cinnamon or cardamom, because the rosey note seems to be morphing it. Hmmm... Interesting. On the skin: Same warm, red smell, and we're talking THROW. It's a windy day today, and only a finger's dab is scenting the air around me. Seems to be lasting too, since I've had it on a good 3 hours and it hasn't seemed to fade any. It's getting a little muskier, and there's this yummy creamy note deep down that makes me want to lick my skin. This would be great on a guy too. (There's a neck I'd love to lick!) Sorry, sex on the brain.... Wonderful stuff. I'm glad I bought two bottles, but I really could use 6 or 8 more!
  10. Vicious Mistress

    Looking for a BPAL similar to a Clinique Fragrance

    There's something in Kali that makes me think of Clinique Happy also. You might try that.
  11. Vicious Mistress

    Mi-Go Brain Canister

    In the bottle: Oh wow, this is strong! Lots of fruits and flowers, all screaming for attention. I somehow assumed this would be fruitier than it is, or maybe more tropical fruity. But the flowers seem to be demanding same billing as the fruit. On my skin: Oh, I can't wear this. My skin takes all those notes clamoring for attention and amplifies them tenfold. This is the scent of gluttony. So many beautiful notes doing their best to outshine the rest until my senses are overloaded and I can't take any of them. I need to go wipe this off. Definitely need to dilute this one a bit and see how it does.
  12. Vicious Mistress


    I recently got this in a swap from a fellow forumite. First sniff from bottle: Pele, is that you, but lighter? (In fact, I had to get out my bottle of Pele and compare.) But no, it's a little different. However, I think if you like one, you'd like the other. Imagine Pele without the tropical tanginess of what I think it Pikaki, and throw in a linen scent instead. It smells like my mom washed the sheets with Island Breeze Gain and hung them outside to dry in the sunshine. But it's not nearly as knock-you-over as Island Breeze Gain, so please don't let me turn you off by saying that. Wearing: Wow, Beth is a genius. I need bottles and bottles of this! She really has captured the smell of summer breezes and sunshine that only clean sheets hung out to dry seem to hold. Oh wow, this is pretty. And perfect for hot muggy days when all you long for is to go home and take a cool shower. This will also be perfect this winter when it's too rainy or too cold to hang clothes out to dry and I miss that summery scent when I get into bed at night. Edited to add that after a day wearing this, most of it spent outside, I can still smell the lovely clean smell, so it can take some abuse. Also, a faint bubble-gum note has popped out to join the sunshine-on-sheets scent. Kind of a hubba-bubba (do they still make that stuff?) or Extra bubble-gum kinda smell. I don't like wearing bubble gum scents but this doesn't bother me. It's fruity and light. Quite lovely.
  13. Vicious Mistress


    I first tried an imp of this over a year ago. It was too sweet and I didn't like it at all on my skin. I guess times change. I was sorting through my pile of imps about a week ago, randomly sniffing, trying to find something different, and Lust just jumped at me. It's all incensy and sweet in the vial. I had slightly over half a tarted imp left, so I diluted it in an ounce of carrier oil to make it last a while and to lighten up the scent a bit. WOW! Let me tell ya, I love this stuff now! I work with a lot of guys, and there was a noticable increase in the number of guys coming into my office the day I wore this to work. And they all wanted to know what smelled so good. So hang on to some of those imps you're not crazy about. In a few months you may be singing a whole different tune!
  14. Vicious Mistress


    I'm so glad I gave this a second chance. When I first tried Lampades, all it did was scream CRANBERRY!!!! at me. It seemed so close to mulberry on my skin that I decided it needed to be a holiday room scent more than a perfume. BUT, I woke up one night smelling cranberry (though there was nothing close in the house), and decided it was a sign that I needed to wear Lampades the next day. I rummaged around to see if I had an imp of it in the pile of imps I rarely wear, and sure enough, I found one. I fell in love. It starts out all tart and cranberry-ish, but after an hour or two the cranberry starts to fade into the background a bit, and this lovely creamy scent starts to emerge. I think it's the spices and lilies and musk. If my skin only did with musk what it does with this, I would wear nothing else. I get all kinds of compliments on it, from my grandmother to my boss to random men and women walking by. This may end up being my signature scent. I thought I might add that different sexes seem to detect different scents from Lampades, at least when I wear it. Women seem to be getting the berry scent, although most say it's a sweet tart cherry scent more than cranberry, and the guys smell something sweet and musky, but not berryish. Just FYI. ETA: Though the cranberry scent does fade after a few hours, the creamy smell lasts all day long. It's more subtle than the berry, but it's definitely there. My nose wants to stay glued to my wrist.
  15. Vicious Mistress

    Help with Jasmine scents, please!

    You might want to vary your choices a bit too, and not just get all jasmine scents. Why? Well, as much as I love jasmine, and love jasmine on myself, I just can't wear Beth's jasmine note. Everything I've tried that has it turns kinda soapy and thin on me. I don't know why. It's not nearly as full-blown-night-floral as the EO I have at home. Different sources, I guess. Besides, there are so many lovely scents to choose from. Why limit yourself to those that all have the same particular note?