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    Wine, Beer, Rum, Bourbon... the booze scents

    Hi all-- The search feature on the site is down, so I can't just search for which perfumes have strong red wine notes in them. I've tried Lady Macbeth and really liked the wine-y-ness of it, but what else is there with a dominant red wine note? Thanks!
  2. starrykitten


    PROPHECY This is an oracular oil that was created under the auspices of Apollo. It is used primarily for trance-induced prophesying, dreamwork, and ritual divination, and can also be used in healing magic, spells for poetic inspiration, and in rituals that help protect children from harm. It is also a very appropriate oil to use in Delphinios ritual and when honoring Apollo. This oil includes steam distilled bay essential oil, wild crafted bay laurel essential oil, organic Ringwood leaf essential oil, and Spanish aniseseed essential oil. This oil was created during the September 2011 lunation, and was finished on the full moon in October 2011. The aniseed stands out in this oil prominently, to talk about its scent. You would expect a Prophecy oil to smell very ethereal, but this one is actually earthy and grounded. I've mostly used this for creative inspiration, and I've liked it for that purpose. Nothing AMAZING has happened on it yet, but a lot of good work has.
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    Leo Stellium

    I got a bottle of this in a purchase from an awesome BPAL-er. i"m so blessed I was able to try it. I haven't yet spent much time with it, but, like others, I do get an herbal, lemon smell. Lemon verbena? Maybe. Not sure. Something citrus and something green. I burned this on a candle and wore it for its magickal properties, but I didn't notice any differences. When I anointed the candle, I was kind of vague in what I was asking, so I should try that again. ETA: I've been using this in conjunction with positive affirmations the past few days, and have noticed a shift in my thinking for the better. My mood is still a little rocky, but things feel like they're starting to come together.
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    Bright Fortune

    Scent-wise, Bright Fortune is a funny creature. When I first opened the bottle and used it, I got a strong astringent smell with some citrus peeking out underneath. The next day, it transformed into juicy melon with notes of lemon. I've used it twice. The first time I burned it on a candle for general luck, and I found $10 on the sidewalk that day. I didn't notice any other effects. The second time I used it, I was exhausted and still had to entertain a houseguest. I anointed my palms with it and charged it to help me enjoy the night rather than be worn out and cranky. I did enjoy the night, though who can say if it was the Bright Fortune or not? I'm going to keep playing with this and see how it works best. Will update with more results.
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    Dixie Love Perfume

    I seem to be one of the few who doesn't like this scent. I find it kind of syrupy, and the jasmine doesn't smell like the usual BPAL jasmine. The one time I wore it around a boyfriend, it was the only perfume he specifically asked me not to wear again. In terms of its effectiveness, I burned a candle with this and Blinding Glory of Love. It was a powerful combination to say the least. I was getting so many lustful looks and innuendoes from people that it was making me uncomfortable, which I never thought could happen.
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    Queen of the Nile

    I really love the scent of this. I can't remember if I ever used it in an all-out ritual, but I know I've worn it with its intent in mind. To be honest, I didn't notice much effect. I wore it once on a date and my date complimented how good I smelled and we went pretty quickly to making out, but I think that would have happened anyway.
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    Blinding Glory of Love

    Blinding Glory of Love is very sickly, sticky sweet. There's a note that's, hmmm, off? Maybe jasmine combined with red musk. It's not something that I would find attractive, but yet, this stuff is really effective. It didn't work every time I used it--though I think that'd be true of any oil--but I definitely noticed people looking at me, well, lustfully. I hadn't expected it to be quite so potent--it really does work without discretion.
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    Caliph's Beloved

    This is indeed very spicy as far as scent goes. The spice doesn't feel as nuanced as in Arabian Nights--it's just a big oomph of spice. I have to admit that it didn't do much for me as far as efficacy. I didn't notice any extra sexual energy in myself or others.
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    10ml bottles...Where did they go?

    Yes, I miss them. Now when I get my tiny 5 ml of O, I always think, "yeah, this will last me a day or so!" I think it'd be great if they offered, say, the 10 or so most popular scents in 10 ml bottles. It's just not the same pouring my favorites back into old 10 ml bottles.
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    When I put this on yesterday, I liked it but it didn't strike me as particularly special. It reminded me of some other BPAL, though I can't think of which one. But as the day went on, I found myself really loving it more. There aren't a lot of perfumes that really keep changing on my skin for a long time, but this is one of them. The spice notes have more throw than the rest, which get softer and more integrated as the day goes on. It became a really awesome comforting but still sexy scent.
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    BPAL for Working Around or With Animals?

    I had amazing results once while wearing the TAL blend Milk & Honey (go figure!). I walked outside and some stray kittens were so much more loving than usual. I don't remember the exact veterinary science behind it, but I do know that cats are really sensitive to perfumes and it can cause health problems for them if they come into too much contact with perfume. So I'd go lighter than usual on application and make sure you don't get any wet perfume on any of the kittehs.
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    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Try to track down some Thunder Moon. A LE, but recently shipped so some folks may be trying to get rid of it. The ozone is very strong in it, it's not a bad substitute for Neo-Tokyo.
  13. starrykitten

    Thunder Moon

    Thunder Moon has a lot of the "traditional lunar oils" quality that a lot of the Lunacy scents have. But it's more masculine, which I gets fits the idea of thunder. It's probably the ozone. It's still a pretty subtle scent with decent staying power.
  14. starrykitten

    Wolf's Heart

    Wolf's Heart is a funny blend. I love the way it smells and I think it's useful and effective. But yet I couldn't tell you anything that it's done for me. Everything in the description is good for me. I'm a writer and I often need courage to persevere through blocks and rejections and terrible experiences in workshops. I also go through extreme circumstances. I like anoiniting a Hand of Hermes conjure bag with it. I also like to rub some Wolf's Heart over my own heart. Things usually get better after I use it, but I can't quite place my finger on what it's done for me.
  15. starrykitten


    Spices, cardamom, nutmeg, and flowers I LOVE Mama-Ji! At first, it's a whiff of overpowering hippie store scent. All the spices and things together, and some champa (I think), and you can feel the flowers underneath it trying to come through. I love too how much it changes on my skin, going through all these lovely phases. It finally ends up softer and sweeter than it began, but not in a way that it becomes a sappy, simple floral. I find I slather it on so I can get the full effect and so all the stages last longer. But this one is definitely in my heavy rotation!
  16. starrykitten

    Scents like henna?

    I'd also suggest maybe Bengal or Sri Lanka for that weird sort of dirtspice thing henna has going on? I'd also look for champac (aka champa) for the Indian blossom note that might be a little similar. This isn't exactly related, but I'm not a big fan of the scent of henna, so when I henna my hair I always add lots of bpal to the goop. My favorite by far to use for that is Zombi because the moss blends really well. (And I love Zombi!) Mossy notes in general might help you out. I've also used Voodoo and Lampades, but didn't like those as much.
  17. starrykitten

    The Great Sword of War

    Mandarin, tonka, saffron, black tea, cocoa, tobacco leaf, sanguine red musk and five classical herbs of conflict. This feels powerful, energetic, and somehow very red. Masculine but not necessarily in a manly way. It smells like a sweet leather on me and lasts forever. I wear this when I want to feel really determined.
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    French Creole

    I've worn French Creole twice. The scent isn't as clove-y as I was afraid of. It's definitely clove, but sweeter than sniffing a spice jar or something. The scent isn't as potent as I'd like, but it stays close to the skin well. I haven't tried it on candles yet, but I've worn it on myself. Both nights I had really good nights and ended up getting free drinks at the bar I went to b/c the bartenders just didn't charge me. I didn't make any really extraordinary connections, but it was definitely a subtle, pleasant effect.
  19. starrykitten


    Wow! Based on the notes people mention in reviews, I expected to loathe this. But I don't. It's actually awesome and a little addictive. It's a great oil to chill out and feels nice when you're tired. I put it on and my thoughts quieted right down so I could work on a poem. It also seems to work well for issues of clarity.
  20. starrykitten


    Ourobouros smells very green and herby and not at all like a snake! I have a decant I bought from a forumite that I've used a few times. I feel like it helps me process through things faster, if that makes any sense. One time I used it and while it didn't change the real world problem I was having, I finally felt comfortable taking action. Another time I used it and had a dream that brought up a lot of unsettling fears--icky but things I think I'd been hiding. This weekend I was having a bad day and was slipping hard into bad places, and the Ourobouros helped me move that through my system and on its merry way.
  21. starrykitten

    Milk & Honey

    I've tried Milk & Honey on a couple of occasions so far from a decant I bought from a kind forumite. I like the scent--pretty much what you'd expect based on the reviews, I think. I haven't yet noticed any extraordinary happenings with this oil as far as getting results in love or prosperity. I have been pretty cranky lately, so I'll take blame there too. The biggest thing that I did notice was that this cat who lives in my complex went nuts for it! I walked outside and the kitten was there. She was unsually demanding of attention and rolled around looking really cute for a long time and managed to engage me in a game of chase and kept trying to distract me when I tried to leave. I don't know if it's her or me, but I'm guessing the milky note in the blend didn't hurt her opinion of me. I can only hope that I'll see similar results in people soon!
  22. starrykitten

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Mmm, yum. I've been wearing this all day. It's not so foody that I feel really conspicuous...there are some foody scents like Sugar Skull that are so foody I can see people sniffing to try to find the dessert or oven they assume is responsible. Candy Butcher is more perfumey than that, which I love, and a nice creamy chocolate. Yum.
  23. starrykitten

    Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder reminds me a bit of O or Brisingamen. There's the nice amber scent, but in Jacob's Ladder it has neither the sexiness of O nor the babyness of Brisingamen. It's really lovely, stays close to the skin, isn't too obtrustive. I like it very much.
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    I'm digging the Creepy. I normally don't really like foody scents that much (aside from ones with honey notes), but this one I like. Normally an hour or so after I put on something foody (like Sugar Skull or even Jack), I get tired of the foodyness. But this one is just crazy enough to work. It takes until a bit in the drydown for the apple to pop out, but there it is! The coconut rum takes even longer and is softer once it does, but it's all there.
  25. starrykitten

    Arabian Nights

    I tried this out today, expecting something sort of like Snake Oil. It wasn't that, but also wasn't quite like anything else. I can pick out the amber and the musk, the nice, warmed skin scent of it. A deep resin, gypsy-like, but not spices like in a kitchen. To further attest to its yummy warm skin-like qualities, I took a nap while wearing this and when I woke up, it smelled completely amazing. Something about my body's sleeping skin chemistry changed it into something that was much more intimate and true. When I put this on today, I thought it smelled yummy enough that I'd get attention. I didn't, however, think it was the sort of sexy smell that would get random hits from strangers. Maybe because it hugged my skin so well, maybe because it wasn't flashy, it seemed like something that would deepen connections rather than bring on new, casual things. I'd agree that it did just that. I had some good conversations with people at a reading tonight, and I felt like I was generally confident and gracious. I also got a lot of writing done today--maybe the Arabian Nights made me more attractive to myself as well as others? I was also more emotional, but in a way that felt genuine rather than hypochondriac-esque.