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  1. titania

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    Not certain about the notes, but it smells like warmed-through strawberries, buttery cakey pastry, and foodie sugar/vanilla/amber? incense. I hit the JACKPOT.
  2. titania

    Who In the World Am I?

    What a snuggly scent! The lavender and sheer vanilla blend together well, making the lavender not so distinct. The cotton is wonderful and soft and cozy and not too laundry-like. It’s all the good parts of cotton smell. I even can imagine a sort of cotton texture. I also get something that my nose interprets as sugared lemon blossom. This part smells soooooo good. And this is coming from someone who is hit or miss with citrus. I think there is a hint of the hinoki wood and I do notice the bergamot. They add to the snuggly. I love this one.
  3. titania

    Recharging Station Bath Oil

    This is absolutely gorgeous. The central note for me is the pink lime. The little bit of eucalyptus makes it rejuvenating, the mint adds some cool freshness and nice smell, and the rosemary isn’t so distinct (which I like) but definitely adds to the overall feel, too. The notes are blended very well. The oil is good just rubbed into the skin, but its true potential is realized in a nice warm bath. Smells sooooooo good and doesn’t fade. The pink lime has this fullness to it that is delicious and comforting. It really feels like I can recharge in a bath like this. This is my new favourite bath oil. Wish it was GC (along with the whole Lavina set… they layer amazingly). I’ll enjoy using it.
  4. titania

    The Sleep Eternal

    The prominent notes on my skin are lavender and grave moss, and everything else softens the scent and adds to it and makes it dreamy wonderful. There's nothing sharp or medicinal. I was concerned about the tuberose, but it isn't giving me any problems here at all. The main reason I like this one so much is that it is a wonderful sleepytime scent. To me, it ranks up there with TKO. It doesn't force me to go to sleep, but rather puts me in a better space to do so. Also, this is one of the few scents that I could definitely smell when I woke up, and it was still really good. I don't usually get backups, but I may have to consider it for this one.
  5. titania

    White Chocolate with Mate, Hazelnut, and Banana Cream

    This is one of the few chocolate perfumes that actually smells like chocolate on me and doesn't go wrong. The creamy white chocolate ended up not even smelling so much like white chocolate as just chocolate, and the hazelnut added to that and rounded it out a bit. The banana was really nice and subtle in the cream, and there was almost a hint of custard cream there. The mate brightened it up nicely. I got something like a lemongrass mate, which the chocolate made creamier and yummier. Yay, a chocolate perfume for me!
  6. titania


    What can I say? It's rose and the best strawberry yet, blended with marshmallow vanilla cream with a bit of sugar coating the outside. Love is love. It is truly beautiful. Pillowy sweet goodness fit for a princess. I would love a tea like this, and desserts, and basically everything. I'll just have a whole room scented like this. This scent would be nice for a cute outing, making cupcakes (and smelling better than them), and falling asleep and having sweet dreams. Complete win.
  7. titania

    Rapunzel in Ballpoint

    I had high hopes for this one, and I was not disappointed. The apple in this was very definitively green apple. In the beginning the apple smell was very concentrated and not too sweet, and there was a bit of sparkle, sort of like a sparkling dessert beverage. Then it shifted and became a real, three-dimensional green apple. Or maybe bushels of them. it sort of alternated between the concentrated smell of apple peel and the sweeter smell of the inside. It was never bitter. I never really noticed the musk distinctly, or thought that this was a musky perfume in any way. I find myself reaching for this one quite a bit, especially when I can't decide which perfume to wear.
  8. titania

    Noh Mask and Maple Leaves

    Mmmm nice. Slightly wet fallen leaves in autumn, a little bit of spiciness from the clove, and something sort of like wood incense. Very much there, but sort of understated at the same time. This is fantastic.
  9. titania

    Body, Remember

    This one is dark coconut sugared incense. Really nice. The main issue with it is that it's really picky about skin chemistry. The coconut will sometimes go whiter and higher pitched even depending on where it is worn on the body. I had some on my wrist and some not that much higher up on my arm, and the arm one was the higher-pitched one. Give it enough time to settle down (at least an hour I'd say...) and it'll all settle into the darker, really good smell. This one is finicky, but it's amazing when it works. For some reason I had a thought that it was a more feminine Pinched with Four Aces, even though the notes are totally different.
  10. titania


    This one was a pleasant surprise. It was a soft, lace-like scent, very understated and formal. It was there but not the center of attention. I was imagining a quiet bodyguard smelling like this. It wasn't sweet, and I couldn't really pick out individual notes. After a while I noticed a slight spiciness that might have been the sandalwood. Later it smelled like a really good soap scent. I'm happy to have this in my collection. The smell did seem to be dependent on skin chemistry, though, and had subtle differences depending on when it was worn.
  11. titania


    This one was beautiful. It started out as a lush misty forest at night and candied lime (dark green and bright green), and slowly dried down into something more like the description, without the upturned earth. There were fir needles and gentle night air among the trees, wet forest mosses, and maybe just a hint of the lime. It wasn't too strong, either. Definite keeper.
  12. titania


    Omg yes. I can always count on this one to smell really good. It's like the ultimate cinnamon buns perfume without being too foody. It's yummy cinnamon and creamy sweet goodness. Major win and one of my favourites.
  13. titania

    The Phantom Wooer

    As the name implies, it smells like something one would wear to attract a ghost. It has an earthiness to it, like sweet soil or something, but not overpowering or bad. There are some flowers there -- dead flowers? I can smell something that is probably the bone dust. There is an overall ghostly aura to it that's hard to describe. It's not a strong scent, and it stays close to the skin. Almost a skin scent. It didn't last as long as some others have. I actually like this one a lot, even if I can't think of many occasions to use it. It seems like something to wear when visiting old buildings.
  14. titania

    Green Tree Viper

    It was very minty at the start. I noticed that there was more than one kind of mint. The Snake Oil was in the supporting role. When it settled down, the mint lost its coldness and became more candied, and it blended with the Snake Oil. I loved the combination of mint, green tea, and bergamot, and how it cut the Snake Oil's rwar to a much more manageable level for daily wear. After a while I stopped thinking about the various notes and just enjoyed how good it smelled. The minty tea aspect makes it great for most times of the year, I think. The sample I got has clearly been aged for quite a while so that may help with the level of amazingness.
  15. titania

    Sugar Skull

    There's a boozy aspect here, but it's subtle. Sugar booze with a hint of lemon. The candied fruits are sort of sugared dark fruit jellies dipped in the lemon booze. Then a dark, somehow not very sweet syrupy sugar is poured over that. It lightens up a bit over time. Kind of amazing.